Friday, May 29, 2009

Bud Light Lime and other very important news...

Winnie: Morning!
Barbie: hey there......we made it!! Friday!
Barbie: so....I am very excited about about the news of the release of "Bud light Lime" in it is a good drink for "chicks"...
Winnie: have you not anything else to talk about today?
Barbie: also big news in my life....I am seriously considering joining a gym....first time I would PAY to belong to one (used to be a personal trainer)
Winnie: I’m so lazy this week....i did my stretching in bed...before i got up lol
Winnie: this rain is killing me
Barbie: I haven't been exercising lately used to be my release from frustration of my ex...but now that I am alone, I am perfectly content and find that my work out regime has been
Winnie: got to get back into it hun...nothing like it
Barbie: yep, so either I start getting strict with myself again, or I join the gym....we'll see...
Winnie: but yet I suppose too ...if I had nothing to vent about, my runs wouldn't be as intense lol
Barbie: this is what I'm saying....I used to have the best runs of my life when my life was in
Winnie: buy a DVD...much cheaper
Barbie: yes, but some of the ladies from work belong to a gym here and it might give me some more social I hate work out videos and I'm not much for classes either...
Winnie: as long as it's not at Curves....
Winnie: something about that place makes me feel old and fat lol
Winnie: and there are no men there to look at
Barbie: LOL!! I'm still qualified as a personal trainer for God's sake, as IF I'd go to Curves...LOL
Winnie: ;)
Winnie: OK...time for my crisis
Winnie: it's "Date day" and I have a HUGE pimple on my cheek.....
Barbie: LMAO!!!!!!!!
Winnie: go *&(^% figure
Barbie: just the universe showing you who is really in control and keeping your ego in
Winnie: ya ya ya
Barbie: try cold compresses all day.....maybe it will keep it under wraps until at least tomorrow...
Winnie: I’m 30'sssssss something .... this should NOT be happening
Winnie: frig frig frigggggggggggggggg
Barbie: what a crock THAT is!!! I'm thinking the "no pimples after 30" thing is a big fat lie....
Winnie: I have more zits now that I did in High school...
Winnie: and here we thought back then that life was sooooooooooooooooooo stressfull
Winnie: reality check!
Barbie: God.....imagine if we could live life in reverse???? High school would be QUITE the party!!!!!!!!!
Barbie: we would all realize how hot we were back then and have wisdom and confidence to boot......look out!!!!
Winnie: and we wouldn’t have to worry about passing our classes and graduating...would have done it already !! lol
Barbie: man......this way was poorly planned I
Winnie: no shit
Barbie: then again, we would still end up helpless, dependant on our family and in diapers...
Barbie: lol
Winnie: talking to someone who may have to move back in with mom and dad!!!
Winnie: so I entered a bunch of contests this morning...went through my mags and found a whole bunch....If I win a "gettaway" will you come with me????
Barbie: sure! where are we going if you win?
Barbie: ps- I NEED to update my passport!!!! (working on it)
Winnie: ya me expired in May
Barbie: oops! what a pain.....and now you even need one to cross the border for pizza! DRAG!! Trombino's will go under!
Winnie: man...haven’t been there in a longgggggggggggggg time
Winnie: I'd like NewYork...but no beaches them maybe LA???
Barbie: I'd like to do some exploring in New York....I think I'm more of a New York girl than an LA girl....(prolly cuz I'm pale, educated and don't have
Winnie: lol
Winnie: New York is amazing
Barbie: I've been there a few times but haven't done any in depth site seeing...
Barbie: I basically just got yelled at by a lot of
Winnie: Im a NY gal myself....what I lack in chest size...I make up for shopping
Barbie: there you
Barbie: I have a great cousin who is an actor in NYC....he would love to host us...
Barbie: You would LOVE him....he also models...
Winnie: nothing like grrrrrrreat cousins...
Winnie: as long as they aren't your own lol
Winnie: so..let’s get our passports in order...and New we come!!!
Barbie: the world benefits from my gorgeous cousins....I just don't, lol
Winnie: ;)
Winnie: we'll just have to wait until one of us wins the lottery though hahaha
Barbie: my turn is coming watch...
Winnie: im watchin'
Barbie: PS Winnie….you actually have to BUY lottery tickets if you plan on winning…ahem…giggle.
Winnie: Ya, I guess that would help.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The "Archie" theory

Barbie says: k....breaking news....
Barbie says:
Barbie says: thoughts please?
Winnie says: I know...I can't believe it
Barbie says: Archie....what a goofball!!
Winnie says: he must be broke...needs the inheritance
Barbie says: So it just goes to show that men must love high maintenance women...
Winnie says: it’s a pity proposal
Barbie says: maybe I should start being more high maintenance....
Barbie says: lol
Winnie says: ya cuz your lack of admirers is starting to worry me ...
Barbie says: lol
Barbie says: look who's talkin' !
Winnie says: ya, well I'm not worried about me
Winnie says: ;)
Barbie says: then again, I used to think that maybe there was something to being high maintenance cuz Kate from John and Kate plus 8 used to be soooooo bitchy to her husband, but I was like,'s workin' for them...
Barbie says: but look what happened there....ooops!
Winnie says: ya saw that one coming
Barbie says: then again, I would be bitchy too if I had 8 freaking children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Winnie says: I'd be more than just bitchy
Winnie says: lol
Barbie says: think guys like demanding women...
Barbie says: I'm starting to think that you may be right, lol....
Winnie says: I’m always right
Winnie says: about what this time though?
Barbie says: about men liking demanding women.....sheesh....did you forget your Ritalin today?
Winnie says: what?
Barbie says: lol
Barbie says: stay with me here Winnie....
Winnie says: lots of men are lazy...they like it when someone tells them what to do, less thinking for them that way
Winnie says: that...or they are the COMPLETE opposite
Winnie says: they have to be the boss
Barbie says: hmmm.....I also think a lot of men like the "hunt" and they still feel like they haven't caught the girl if she is a little high maintenance...
Winnie says: funny enough, that's what makes them hunt in the first place...the "un-gettable"
Winnie says: I'm learning that just now, lol
Barbie says: maybe....but I know two things for sure....1- I don't want to be anybody's mother in a relationship and 2- I sure don't want anyone acting like my father, trying to tell me what to do 24/7 , giving me rules and orders
Barbie says: I think I'm all about the balance......a team
Barbie says: I know men and women are different (thank God) but why can't we be equals?
Barbie says: I think it is do-able.
Barbie says: I think what I mean is a balance of power in a relationship...
Winnie says: Im hoping for that one day...when things just fall into place. A relationship should never be one sided...and should not be too much work. I dont care what the experts say!
Barbie says: I agree. I mean, of course it is work, but not to the point that it rules your world and you constantly feel like you can't do anything right!
Winnie says: I'm thinking....
Barbie says: I know, I can smell the smoke....
Winnie says: Betty must be bad in bed...that's why Archie is picking Veronica!
Barbie says: hmmm.....I don't would think that Betty would be very accommodating "how can I make you happy" whereas Veronica would be more "it's all about pleasing me"
Winnie says: maybe that's what it always comes down too...
Barbie says: hmmmm..........
Winnie says: maybe that's what Archie likes....
Barbie says: you are saying that Veronica is a dominatrix?
Winnie says: he doesn’t have to think...she tells him what to
Barbie says: that, I could
Winnie says: see.......I WAS right again
Barbie says: not exactly sure when you were right the first time, but ok, whatever you say there chuckles...
Winnie says: ha
Barbie says: so....Archie likes to be spanked....who knew?
Winnie says: Why do you think Jughead sticks around?
Barbie says: I think he has a wishful "bromance" going on with Archie.....classic latent homosexuality...
Winnie says: i see it!!
Barbie says: ....and his love for Archie is unrequited so he substitutes with food...
Winnie says: it's got Creepy Guy written all over it
Barbie says: AAHHHHHHHHH!!! BINGO!!!!
Barbie says: maybe we should become therapists???
Winnie says: well you can.....i'll just keep making fun of people
Barbie says: ...or that. lol

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

boys 'n bars

Winnie: hey banana head!
Barbie: HEY!
Winnie: what's A-PEELing?
Winnie: hahaha, I kill myself
Barbie: BOOOO.......
Barbie: LOL
Winnie: I'm funnier
Barbie: lookin'
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Winnie: want to start a petition???? lol
Barbie: don't get into a verbal war with me sista cuz I will shred you to ribbons with my witty
Winnie: you scare me
Winnie: NOT
Barbie: so......what's new and exciting?
Winnie: life is dull as always ;)
Barbie: uh. ok. lol
Barbie: doodlebug's birthday is coming up and I am actually going out to a club this weekend....first time in like, way too many years to mention. I’m so not a club girl…lol
Barbie: ok, so the place we are going on Saturday night is an "adult" men under 28 allowed.....
Winnie: nicccccccccccccce
Winnie: I want to go with you ;(
Barbie: I certainly could not bring myself to go to a place where there could potentially be 22 year old gangsta wannabes bugging us all night.....that would be so tiresome...
Barbie: anyway, obviously I'm not going to pick anyone up, I just wanna dance with my gals!!
Winnie: don’t knock it till you've.......ah forget it! lol
Barbie: what? you wanna pick up 22 year olds? that's what you're saying?
Winnie: then what is the difference if the guys hitting on you are 22 or 32?
Barbie: frankly, I have so very little patience for little boys trying to be cool. ......
Winnie: I like the strong, mature, silent type
Barbie: you only like silent types so you can do most of the
Winnie: or long as he's over 30 lol
Winnie: of course....they all like the dirty talking anyways
Barbie: (sends winnie link to nightclub they are going to for doodlebug’s birthday)
Barbie: you ARE a bar star, aren’t you? lol
Barbie: so anyway, I know it is the style for older women to go for younger guys but frankly I have no interest...
Winnie: I don’t see the point...too much work
Barbie: I never dated younger guys even when I was younger so I don't see the point now, lol
Winnie: lol, you sound like "Harry" in "Something’s gotta Give"
Barbie: which character is that?
Winnie: "What's the matter, I've been dating girls under 30 for the last 20 years"
Barbie: lol....
Winnie: the movie with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson
Barbie: oh yeah....that was a good one!
Barbie: lots of good lines in that movie
Winnie: One of my fav movies
Barbie: I'm not AGAINST men dating much younger women...I get it, they are interested in the young bods and some men like being the "older, wiser" one in the relationship...but I just LOVE sitting back and watching the drama that they have to deal with...SO entertaining!
Winnie: ya cuz there is NO drama after 30!?????????
Barbie: I'm just sayin'....generally there is much less....
Barbie: not to sound overconfident, but I have to say I like myself much, much better at this age than I ever did...
Winnie: before 30 it’s about....ex girlfriends...ex best friends who slept with ex boyfriends...., suspicions, insecurities…blaablaa
Barbie: I know what I want and like now and don't have time for the drama of the rest...
Winnie: after 30 it’s about...ex husbands....ex mother in laws who you wish you could run over with a big yellow bus
Winnie: ( all those ex-mother in laws ) lol
Barbie: Let's just say that under 30 the drama rules your life but over 30 you have a better handle on the drama.
Winnie: I had no clue who I was before 30
Barbie: me neither....I actually am enjoying getting older...
Barbie: I'm much more confident and happier.
Winnie: right on sista...(HIGH 5)
Barbie: high five right back at ya girl, lol
Barbie: maybe you could say that now we don't NEED a man but rather enjoy the company of a man (if it is the right man)
Winnie: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I like that....I do
Winnie: does that include enjoying company in the hot tub?????
Winnie: haha
Barbie: wherever, lol
Winnie: ohhhhh yay!
Barbie: you sure do talk a good game winnie, lol
Winnie: ya i know
Barbie: you know what they say....the ones who talk about it the most....
Barbie: aren't getting
Winnie: I'll let you know what kinda games I played after Friday night
Winnie: ;)
Barbie: geez...(fingers in ears) too much, la, la.....
Winnie: ....then don't eggggg me on
Winnie: ...if you can't handle it
Winnie: square banana head
Barbie: "square banana head" ? really? that's the best you can do? what are you in grade 2?
Winnie: that's all I got, my mind is preoccupied
Barbie: You say that like there is a time when it ISN’T preoccupied…LOL!
Winnie: What? I was daydreaming....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bananas and Millionaires

Winnie says: hey sexy mama
Barbie says: hey!!
Winnie says: so you've inspired me
Barbie says: how?
Winnie says: Public Relations it is !
Barbie says: good for you!
Winnie says: looks even better now than when i first looked at it and it sounds fun
Barbie says: I think it is right for your personality...
Winnie says: what's that? Loud and in your face??? lol
Barbie says: ok....I have had the "banana phone song" in my head and it is driving me crazy
Winnie says: the what?
Barbie says: banana phone is like a virus it get's into your head and disturbs you for weeks...
Winnie says: dont know it something like "this is the song that doesn't end...and it goes on and on my friend..."
Barbie says: something like that, but more infiltrates your brain and the more you try to forget it, the more you sing it until, eventually, you are committed.
Winnie says: geeeeees..can’t wait to hear it!!!!
Barbie says: here's the straight up version....
Winnie says: ok ok
Winnie says: i stoped it after the coooookooooo whatever
Barbie says: ....ring, ring, ring, ring....banana phone.
Barbie says: what are ya...chicken? Scared to listen to a lil' ol' kiddy song?
Barbie says: wuss
Winnie says: did my time my friend
Winnie says: "clean up, clean up..everybody everywhere!"
Winnie says: Barny is DEAD...ya hear me DEAD!!!!!!
Barbie says: ya....thank God for that!!
Winnie says: hey my kids didn’t turn out that bad....they still can’t clean their rooms though…hmmmmmmmmmm figure that one out
Winnie says: Im thinking of joining do you think????
Barbie says: ya, cuz you KNOW everyone on THERE is being truthful, lol
Winnie says: i may not have to go back to school...
Barbie says: what? you wanna be a trophy wife?
Winnie says: just for a few years
Winnie says: and take off with half
Barbie says: what is the saying...find a husband with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel? lol
Barbie says: banana?
Winnie says: not that desperate
Barbie says: ring, ring, ring, ring...banana phone....
Barbie says: DANG!!
Winnie says: lol
Winnie says: still would have to be 30 and hot
Winnie says: and as long as i can still get away with being a trophy wife, why not? lol
Barbie says: me thinks we only have a few trophy wife years
Winnie says: all the guys on the webpage are hot!! lol
Winnie says: my point exactly
Winnie says: think it’s really them ???
Barbie says: if they were all hot millionaires, why would they have to be on the internet??
Winnie says: pressure my dear.....could you imagine???? all the women would be only after their money...geeeesshhhh
Barbie says: yes, and advertising yourself on the internet as a hot millionaire would CERTAINLY only get you GENUINE interest in your
Barbie says: Just go make your own millions...I'm gonna :)
Winnie says: well my interest would be genuine
Winnie says: LOL
Barbie says: yes, yes of course it would, lol
Winnie says: and I wouldn’t have to work for it LMAO !!!!!!
Winnie says: well maybe ;) (wink wink)
Barbie says: and you would be JUST as interested in a site called "poor jobless hot guys" right?
Winnie says: I one is hot there!
Barbie says: somehow they just aren't doing it for ya huh?
Barbie says: get into PR and you'll meet lots of upity men....
Winnie says: my plan my dear haha
Barbie says: I had the chance to go see David Suzuki tomorrow night and I turned it down.....
Winnie says: why? is Martha Stewart in town too?
Barbie says: my ex offered me the tickets and I didn't want to feel like I "owed" him sad, really, cuz I would have loved to see him...
Winnie says: well just give him the Martha Stewart tickets in return LOL
Barbie says: what? you think I'm a Martha Stewart fan? I cannot stand her...."ooo...look at me, I raise my own chickens and gather fresh eggs every morning for my fresh omelettes with my fresh herbs from the garden I started from seed and ploughed with my own cows" off.
Winnie says: well at least YOU don’t brag about it!!!!
Barbie says: ok, so I have a garden and I start things from seed but really, I hate cooking and I SURE am not as anal as Martha Stewart!!!!
Winnie says: if you say so :)
Barbie says: She individually wraps her shirts before she puts them away...come on, that is certifiable....
Winnie says: it works...try it, LOL
Barbie says: who is the anal one then?
Winnie says: well have to go to work , see ya later after your Herbalist meeting and yoga class!!!!! xo
Barbie says: ok....just one more thing...
Barbie says: ring, ring, ring, ring....BANANA PHONE!!!!
Barbie says: take that sucka...
Winnie says: nasty...ohhhhhhhh so nasty
Barbie says: (mumbling) call, ME a Martha Stewart fan...mumble, mumble....
Winnie says: if the apron fits........
Barbie says:'ll pay...oh yes....BANANA PHONE.....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sex and the Spelling

Winnie says: hey babe
Barbie says: hello
Winnie says: how are you this Friday morning???
Barbie says: great! Sleep does wonders for my mental stability, lol
Winnie says: Maybe I should try that then
Barbie says: apparently I'm funny that way....I need a minimum of five hours a night (averaged out over a week)....I remember the days before kids when sometimes (yes, it isn't an urban legend) would get 8 HOURS....IN A ROW!!!!! Imagine.
Winnie says: I don’t get it...where would we find time to chat then?
Winnie says: between school, jobs, kids and hockey playoffs...there would be no time left
Barbie says: this was before technology....remember the good ol' days of the dial telephones and typewriters? lol
Barbie says: not to worry, I would tap out Morse code messages in my sleep....
Winnie says: hey I still use a typewriter at work
Winnie says: and a Dot Matrix printer
Winnie says: do you believe they still make ink for that thing
Barbie says: k, this is the second time you have told me something disturbing about your work....that and you don't have the internet??????? What the???
Winnie says: yup
Barbie says: Next you'll tell me you do photocopies on that weird smelling mimeograph thingie...
Winnie says: Old School baby!!!
Winnie says: No...we bought a NEW photocopier this year
Winnie says: it even "sorts" paper yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Barbie says: getting tired of hiring scribes? lol
Winnie says: it was more like...when we made a copy...the whole building would shake lol
Barbie says: do you at least get pens or are you still going with the ol' ink and feather?
Winnie says: I bring my own pens
Barbie says: you're killing me here.
Winnie says: thank god my son works at Staples...I get a discount
Barbie says: do you at least get paid in cash or does your boss pay you in livestock?
Winnie says: furs and jewellery
Barbie says: well those are timeless really, lol
Winnie says: thank god there are lots of pond shops around here
Winnie says: pawn shops lol
Barbie says: I'm thinking you mean pawn shops (unless you are installing some type of goldfish pond in your yard?)
Winnie says: I type faster than I can think lol
Barbie says: double lol!
Winnie says: would you love me any less if I could spell?
Barbie says: no. but I might understand you once in awhile, lol
Winnie says: hey..maybe that should be on my resume?
Barbie says: what? Can't spell and proud?
Winnie says: ya!
Barbie says: list it as a disability and say that if they take action you will seek legal representation...
Winnie says: ohhhhhhhhh so funny
Barbie says: say you have "genetic spelling disorder"....but you are currently under spell-check treatment.
Winnie says: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbie says: of course, my spelling disorder isn't genetic but rather viral....I believe I may have caught it from you....
Barbie says: I used to be smarter.....I blame you.
Winnie says: sorry hun!
Winnie says: maybe you won’t be so square from now on
Barbie says: nope. That is unchangeable.
Winnie says: you'll see ;)
Barbie says: good luck with that, lol, you've been trying for decades and so far, no dice....
Barbie says: I'd say if we were Sex and the City Characters, You would definitely be doubt. I am Carrie with a touch of Charlotte.
Winnie says: ouchy
Barbie says: what? you disagree?
Winnie says: I like shoes too much
Winnie says: I want to be Carrie
Barbie says: geez...
Winnie says: with a touch of Samantha
Barbie says: are definitely not are 100% Samantha.....Carrie is a WRITER for God's just admitted that you can't spell!
Winnie says: watevr
Barbie says: lol
Winnie says: but I’m the funnier one
Barbie says: I don't think that is true. I think you are just drunk all the time and THINK you are funnier....
Winnie says: are harsh today! Try getting some sleep will ya! May help with that attitude xo
Winnie says: and I’m not drunk ALL the time
Winnie says: just on Saturdays
Barbie says: lol
Barbie says: sorry if I'm being bitchy....maybe I have some unresolved anger
Winnie says: really?????????????????? Who knew!
Barbie says: ahhh....exes......gotta love em....
Barbie says: ...actually, no. wait. You don't, that's the point isn't it?
Winnie says: took the words right out of my.....
Winnie says: watevr
Barbie says: LMAO!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who's Square?

Barbie says: whew…what a day!
Winnie says: uh oh just don’t kill me anytime soon ok???
Winnie says: there are still a Few I want to do....
Winnie says: wink wink!
Barbie says: a few what? Men? sheesh...
Winnie says: ya lol
Winnie says: was funny
Barbie says: you know....I
Winnie says: yaya...that's what I meant Instein
Winnie says: you may be funny...but you're slow
Barbie says: um. Hate to point this out, but ironically you spelled Einstein wrong...
Winnie says: LMAO!!!!!!!!
Barbie says: you were saying? lol
Winnie says: that was pure typo …
Winnie says: I swear
Barbie says: I'm sure. Of course. We'll go with that.
Winnie says: thanks
Barbie says: I'll cut you some slack...TODAY
Winnie says: geeeee how nice of you
Barbie says: I may be square (not a partygirl) but I'm also very nice.
Winnie says: is that what you call nice???
Barbie says: I'm fragile today....still making up sleep for last weekend. I was up waay past my bedtime.
Winnie says: not my fault
Winnie says: hmmm....not a partygirl eh?
Barbie says: um. ya. had NOTHING to do with it BAD INFLUENCE!
Winnie says: WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY THAT????????
Barbie says: hmmm....I wonder?
Winnie says: I’m going to get a complex soon
Barbie says: you SHOULD have a complex...maybe it will make you behave a little
Winnie says: brb, phone
Winnie says: The Ex...looking for his son
Winnie says: lol good luck
Barbie says: hmmmm...teens are hard to track down
Winnie says: thank God I pay for his cell phone that is always dead
Barbie says: so, did you get to enjoy the weather today?
Winnie says: nope, wanted to run but too windy
Winnie says: and lazy... lol
Barbie says: too hot to run here today!!
Winnie says: it’s hot too...
Barbie says: but I spent a teensy bit of time outdoors....
Winnie says: but cuz I’m on the river, wind is bad
Barbie says: ah...
Winnie says: wish I had a laptop; I could be sitting on my deck... maybe I should buy myself one instead of buying one for my son's graduation
Winnie says: OUCH...did I just say out loud that I have a son that old LOL
Barbie says: I have one and I never use it mobile anyway...too hard to see the screen in the sun.
Barbie says: ha, let the cat out of the bag
Winnie says: suffer and sit in the shade
Winnie says: I have to make a call, will you be around for a few minutes ?
Barbie says: no....Princess has a play date.
Winnie says: ah ok
Barbie says: I've got to shove a few perogies down everyone's pie hole and be off...
Winnie says: lol ok, will chat later?
Barbie says: tomorrow....when I get back I have the exciting task of washing and clipping my dog.....PAR-TAY!
Winnie says: ahhhhhhhh huhhhhhhhhhh
Winnie says: great, I’ll be on tomorrow then
Barbie says: I'm thinking the groomer would be worth it but who has the time in the day to be carting a spoiled dog off to the hairstylist when I can barely get there myself?
Barbie says: ok, chat tomorrow... see ya sista!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A 3'some

(hahaha..I knew it would make you look!)

Funnygirl: Hi Winnie, Did Barbie share any of the 'toys' that she got from the catalogue? She said she didn't get any, but I saw her MasterCard bill and..... let's just say she now needs a part time job - maybe she was shopping for birthday presents for her friends.....sorry Barbie, was that egging Winnie on again?
Great pics - looks like you ladies had a great weekend - looking forward to hearing more about it.

Barbie: well, we didn't name you "Funnygirl" for nothing....yep, great weekend...will be more on it on the blog. Not to worry Funnygirl, I picked up the "Bubba 3000" you asked me to get for should be getting it in the mail shortly

Winnie: When's mine coming??????

Barbie: geez....

Funnygirl: Touché Barbie - I laughed when I read your "Bubba 3000" comment ... just wondering if it will be too big to fit into the mail slots.... and hopefully the package it comes in is discreet ;o)Did you ruin the surprise for Winnie's b-day present? By the sounds of it, you should give it to her as an early present ;o)

Barbie: I'm sure Winnie already has one

Winnie: I don’t...maybe I should get one though...It could maybe stop me from chasing after all the boys who pay any amount of attention to me

Back from the Holy Hole...

Barbie: just sent you a message
Winnie: good or bad?
Barbie: just asking if we were going to chat today
Winnie: notice...good before bad...I am..the eternal optimist
Winnie: took a detour to BK...HMMMMMMMMMMM burger!!!!
Barbie: best cheat food.
Barbie: so today is the day you tell me what music you're into this week...
Winnie: Headly...Old School
Barbie: post the link...
Winnie: can I eat my burger first?
Barbie: no.
Winnie: Miss Bossy!!!
Barbie: Ya, ya...tell me something I don't know...
Barbie: I'm liking "Kings of Leon" ....anything by them really, but I'll go with "Use somebody"
Barbie: by the way, Phatboy sang this song really well on the weekend...
Winnie: ya I heard...he's pretty good for an old fart!
Barbie: lol, ya, and he killed that Journey song too...
Barbie: it was a great weekend! Thanks for all the fun Winnie....and I really liked meeting Keeya
Winnie: (Here’s my link: )
Winnie: good
Winnie: I’m happy you like I had no doubt
Winnie: how two square friends finally meet!!!!
Barbie:'s not hard to be square compared to you wild woman!
Winnie: not nice...I was very good this weekend
Barbie: So I had my usual boohoo leaving the "Hole" yesterday...
Winnie: he's such a sap
Barbie: who's such a sap?
Winnie: Prince Charming
Barbie: HE didn't boo hoo....I did....I always do when I am driving away from my hometown....
Winnie: oh..........wuss!
Barbie: even though it is a hole, I still love it.
Winnie: I know the feeling...I went for a run along the river before I left...was great. I can’t wait to be able to do it more often
Barbie: It is the kind of place where there is an unusually high ratio of men without shirts, riding ten speed bikes with the handlebars turned up and a case of beer balancing on them.
Barbie: ....yet I still like it....strange....
Barbie: must be all the memories and old friends there.
Winnie: its' in our blood
Barbie: yep.
Winnie: even though...where I live now, It's the women riding around topless on their bikes...doesn't affect me the same way...wonder why that is?
Barbie: LOL!
Barbie: So, Prince Charming got up and made me my killer breakfast as promised (sweetheart)... Barbie: and I also got my Seguin Patate Poutine....
Winnie: the Hole DOES have FAB poutine
Barbie: so....could you believe when Rowdy tried to bite your boob....I have never actually seen you shocked by someone's behaviour before....It was refreshing!!
Winnie: kidding
Winnie: I was, for real LOL
Winnie: Guess that was payback for me telling him to bite me!
Barbie: lol! he just took it literally!
Barbie: Bet you'll think twice before you tell another guy to bite you!
Winnie: YOU told him to bite me
Barbie: That's because you tried to bite Prince Charming's butt!!!! NOT cool!
Winnie: LOL ..oh ya ...
Winnie: so let's call it even
Barbie: deal.
Barbie: So what was up with that Random drunk guy sitting beside us?
Barbie: He was hilarious!
Barbie: Prince Charming said he is getting married in a few weeks....he looks 14!!
Winnie: ya... funny though...he pulled a Shyboy...
Winnie: as soon as Keeya started to talk back to him..he said " UHHHHHH...I’m getting married in two weeks!! lol
Barbie: ha, ha....little boys eh? they get so scared
Winnie: they should learn to stop flirting with older women then…
Winnie: so what is the rest of the gossip?
Barbie: hmmm....well, I learned on the weekend, if you have a massive muffin top....tattooing it doesn't make it
Winnie: doesn't even camouflage it…OR even make it look cool!
Barbie: You know how they have bouncers at the door...maybe they should have fashion police would save everyone a lot of embarrassment
Barbie: Instead of metal detectors...they could have "douche bag" detectors...
Winnie: well it would definitely save ME from having to see that again
Barbie: "I'm sorry Sir...but you'll have to button up your shirt a little, remove your necklaces and turn your collar down"
Winnie: please..........................................!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbie: newsflash: If a woman doesn't like you, putting up your collar doesn't help!!!!!
Winnie: nor does bringing your girlfriend around...
Barbie: ha, ha
Winnie: ;)
Winnie: so...on Monday morning I had a friend request on FB....from Daddyohs best friend
Barbie: ....really? Must be checking you out to see if you are suitable for his buddy...
Winnie: think he's checking up on him??? Or his wife told him too? lol
Barbie: snicker.
Barbie: maybe he is reading the blog too...uh oh!
Winnie: hope not LOL
Winnie: he won’t let me go out with him again LOL
Barbie: note to Daddyoh's friend: "please let daddyoh have a playdate with my Winnie....I can't promise that she'll behave but it will be fun for him"
Barbie: maybe daddyoh can teach you to behave....Lord knows I have tried without success for a couple of
Winnie: little do you know...He's the one you have to worry about !!!!
Barbie: Really? Daddyoh was always so appropriate around me...
Winnie: ya....I thought so too...but to my surprise...I'm finding out fast that men our age...well, they don't beat around the bush anymore ;)
Barbie: ...really.....note to daddyoh: "I am shocked!!"
Winnie: he he
Barbie: I think you are a filter behave very badly indeed around you and usually are on their best behaviour around me (must be the strict librarian vibes), so it is fun for me to watch the whole charade unravel....
Winnie: LOL...I doubt that very much
Barbie: what?
Winnie: that they behave that way just around me
Barbie: giggle...true that!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Spas and Martians

Winnie: good morning
Barbie: morning!
Barbie: I'm sooo tired....
Winnie: did he call u last night?
Barbie: yep....3:30 drunk dial....which woke up my son who then came into my bed and played "kick mommy in the kidneys" all night....
Winnie: ohhhhhhhh. I warned him not to call lol
Barbie: did you see him last night?
Winnie: ya, he didnt tell you?
Barbie: it was a short
Winnie: on my way home from my "just a bite and a beer" not a "date" LOL, I stopped at the Hut to wish the Prince a Happy Bday
Barbie: ahhh.....was he hurtin"?
Winnie: by the time I left ..yes LOL
Winnie: the gang was there
Winnie: every one is afraid of us
Winnie: worried that they will end up the butt of our conversations the next day lol
Barbie: bahhh....we're kind....
Barbie: ...usually, lol
Winnie: that's what I told them...I can keep a secret
Winnie: ;)
Barbie: so....any juicy gossip from last night?
Winnie: Prince Charming was getting hit on.....
Winnie: by Creepy Guy
Barbie: again??? Poor prince must be hard to be so irresistible to
Winnie: he gets right "in your face" when he talks to you...yuckkkkkkk
Barbie: creepy guy can apparently get quite flirtatious when he has been matter who you are or if you are a boy or
Barbie: close talkers.....yikes....I used to work with one of those....finally I had to explain the concept of personal space to him....
Winnie: ya...stay the "*&^%" away!!!!!!!!!
Barbie: really though, I guess it depends who is invading your personal
Barbie: how is twin 2 doing?
Barbie: don't tell me HE has read the blog???
Winnie: I don’t think so, but he's heard LOL
Winnie: I promised my "date" that I would keep him anonymous...for now LOL, so they bugged me like crazy
Barbie: LOL....Only I know the truth....
Barbie: was it good to catch up, by the way?
Winnie: he was afraid it would be all over the world by now. LOL, not that he cares ...he thinks we're celebrities
Barbie: LOL!! Hardly...
Winnie: was great...time has been good to him. We had a blast, laughed alot

Barbie: “HE” was always a good guy....I would prefer to see you with him than some of the other dolly boys you have been handling...
Winnie: oh hush
Barbie: LOL!
Winnie: I’m having fun
Barbie: it's all good baby
Winnie: so tonight is the night???
Barbie: yep....can't wait.....too bad my hometown wasn't closer...even by just a bit....I'm not looking forward to the drive...ESPECIALLY BEING AS TIRED AS I AM!!! AHEM.....
Winnie: it will be worth it
Barbie: will be an awesome weekend!!
Winnie: can’t wait to see you too :)
Winnie: will you find time for me???? lol
Barbie: did you get out of work, by the way? (can't wait to see you too sista!)
Winnie: ya, I’m all yours
Barbie: LOL! Then we'll have a good ol' fashioned "getting ready" party at Prince Charming’s place after supper on Sunday...
Winnie: i'll come down tomorrow night...while PC is working, you and I will hit the town
Barbie: OMG....I am out of it....I had my headphones on and I forgot that they were on and a song started playing (delayed play setting) and I just about had a will be an interesting day....
Winnie: you must look like a Martian....
Winnie: a cute one though
Barbie: yes....cute Martian.....a planet would like to be invaded by
Winnie: scary....
Barbie: LOL!!!
Winnie: imagine....a world of herbs and magic powders???????
Barbie: my planet would be a world of natural healing and ironically lots of
Winnie: negative calories lol
Barbie: I like it!
Winnie: and no creepy guys
Barbie: lots of libraries....which are fully stocked with junk magazines....lots of free spas....
Winnie: or two creepy guys. We do need someone to make fun of
Barbie: ha, ha....
Barbie: how would we know who the good guys were if there were no creepy guys to compare them to?
Winnie: no creepy guys working the spa though....hmmmmm
Barbie: definitely not.....actually, no guys at the spa....I have to say, that although I am all equal rights, I cannot relax while having a massage from a male massage is distracting....
Barbie: I also do not enjoy massage therapists who talk to you...
Winnie: speak for yourself hunny
Barbie: quelle
Winnie: yup yup yup...Im all about equal rights right to get seduced
Barbie: nobody is trying to deny you that right dear....
Winnie: you have my back? and I have yours???? Lol
Barbie: deal!! Wondertwins powers activate....form of a tiger, shape of an ice queen!!
Winnie: are you calling me an ice queen??
Barbie: yes, Winnie, of the two of use, YOU are definitely the ice queen, lol
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhhh how nice of you to notice !!! lol
Winnie: so I guess this will be it until next week...when we return with a shit load of fun !!! lol
Barbie: Oh, I'm sure there will be lots to tell.....stay tuned and have a safe and happy long weekend!!
Winnie: see ya babe... and please drive safe
Barbie: I'll try...I think I will have a coffee (yes, me, a coffee) before I hit the road.3
Winnie: try caffeine....may work :)
Winnie: lol...see how we think alike
Barbie: demented minds think alike!
Winnie: you got it

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quotes from Winnie and Barbie

"You can either COOK GOOD or LOOK GOOD but you can't do both, so baby, take me out for dinner"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cinnamon Buns

Winnie: Let's chat baby...
Barbie: what's on your mind today...?
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhh I’m good today
Barbie: why?
Winnie: meaning I’m a good girl today
Barbie: oh,
Winnie: too busy at work to think of anything else lol
Barbie: hey...Funnygirl suggested you text coach...I think that is a good idea...
Winnie: my thoughts have been so pure that all I had time to crave was a roast beef sandwich from the bakery lol
Barbie: lol
Winnie: ok...I confess...I did...
Barbie: you texted him?
Winnie: yesterday
Barbie: did he respond yet?
Winnie: no
Barbie: hmmm.....
Winnie: it's all good....more time to chat with everyone else lol
Barbie: it isn't like you aren't getting "textual intercourse" on a regular basis from other
Winnie: my point exactly!!!!! lol
Winnie: Thinking I’m going to have my hands full on Sunday night
Barbie: I can't wait to sit back and watch will be FU-NNY!!
Winnie: You'll have to help...
Barbie: run interference? Be your wing-girl?
Winnie says: we are going to edit this right??? lol
Barbie says: you can edit whatever you are the one posting it today
Winnie: if I have time...may not be until later...I’m tanning after work…groceries and my run
Barbie: FINE!! I will post the damn thing......(how DOES she get away with this?)
Winnie: whatever... I can do it..just not NOW!!! MISS BOSSY
Barbie: Ya, so I'm bossy, so what?'s not like it's something
Winnie: So...talking to Daddyoh last night...
Barbie: again huh?
Winnie: We were planning on seeing a few shows at the BluesFest this summer
Barbie: cool.
Barbie: well, I have to say that Daddyoh might be a better choice for a real date than
Winnie: I agree..for sure, Coach was never going to be "date material" for sure lol
Barbie: ya think? (sarcasm)
Barbie: lol
Winnie: You don’t have to spell's pretty obvious !!!!!!
Barbie: OK!
Barbie says: what band are you going to see at Bluesfest?
Winnie: not sure yet. I told him to pick.
Barbie: you are letting him choose what groups you go see?
Barbie: what if he chooses bluegrass fiddling?
Winnie: but KISS...
Barbie: ya, Gene Simmons sure ain't on my list....eeeewwwww!
Barbie: Who's on your list? (not real people...just stars)
Winnie: i wonder if they wheel him out BEFORE or AFTER they open the curtains????
Barbie: LOL!
Barbie: so...your list five
Winnie: of hotties?
Barbie: ya...celebrity hotties
Winnie: hmmmm...
Winnie: the guy who plays "Brady" on Days of our (dont know his name)
Barbie: don't watch the soaps....I'll have to ask Prince Charming, he
Winnie: i dont know...not into celebs..
Barbie: you suck at this...
Winnie: I would probably prefer singers...I like a guy who can sing
Barbie: I like Sting.....ooooo he is still on my list after all these years...
Barbie: Ryan Reynolds ain't too hard on the eyes either...
Winnie: I am awfull...never was a groupie......A Puck Bunny YES! Groupie NO!
Winnie: Who's Ryan Reynolds?
Barbie: groupie days are over...
Barbie: google him....
Winnie: like i have time to google him
Barbie: I'm just sayin', it is WORTH your time...
Barbie: Not a lot of hot singers these days....lots of beards out there (yuck!!) and swoopy hair too much to the side...
Winnie: Ok....i see your point. Ryan IS nice to look at
Barbie: Oh, I know who is hot....(and he is waayyy too young for me ) but Zack that wrong lol?
Winnie: LOL oh yes that is sooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong LOL
Winnie: hey my son has a few cute friends...want me to introduce you???? argggggggggggggggg
Barbie: I can't help it.....I am forced to watch the High School Musical movies over and over again by my kids....I think I have been
Winnie: I can find you help sweetie
Barbie: in real life I do not like younger guys as a general rule.
Winnie: Like I said...30 and over...and Hot! ;)
Barbie: Even 30 is a bit young for me.....
Winnie: Don't knock it t'ill you've.....forget it LOL
Barbie: I have only ever dated one guy younger than me and it was in high school for like, two weeks....
Winnie: Oh my, you never even gave the guy a chance lol
Barbie: That's true, but it was high school, what was I supposed to do, seek couples counselling?
Winnie: did you at least kiss him????
Barbie: duh.....
Winnie:'s YOU we’re talking about….
Barbie: well I wasn't a slut but I wasn't a nun either....of course I kissed him....that's what I'm saying....younger men.....not worth it, lol
Winnie: Does eating a cinnamon bun after a sandwich count as dessert even though it's kinda a breakfast thing???
Barbie: Cinnamon buns are good anytime...
Winnie: good
Barbie: I'll talk to ya later, enjoy those buns...
Winnie: mmm….buns….uh-oh, the bun is gone LOL...
Barbie: tramp.
Barbie: lol
Winnie: you love it!!!!
Barbie: Why does everyone keep saying that to me when I'm mad?
Winnie: hmmmmmmmmmmm go figure???
Winnie: xo
Barbie: k, I'll go on later and fix up the some of the
Winnie: *&^% U
Barbie: love
Winnie: why does everyone keep saying that to me??
Winnie: LOL
Barbie: go figure...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poutine talk!

Barbie: hey Winnie....
Winnie: allooo
Winnie: just getttin' on...hold your horses!!
Barbie: my horses are
Winnie: sure, but for how long?
Barbie: well, you know us virgos....
Barbie: so I have decided that on Tuesdays we are gonna have a treat confessional.....we will tell what is our junk food that we are obsessing on this week....
Winnie: well..funny you should ask that , LOL , You know since Ive had to fast for the last 16hrs...I'm treating myself (as we speak) to a Parasole Poutine....for those Westerners out there...its French fries, gravy, curd cheese, ground beef, onions and mushrooms (minus the green peppers, they don't like me) Poutine is my weakness, not just this week, but every week LOL, how do you think i stay in such great shape? LOL
Barbie: Well, I won't be one of those girls that say "oooo....I starve myself and work out two hours a day to stay thin" ...I will be fair to everyone who works their asses off to stay in shape, I'm lucky and have good genes. I do work out but I never diet, I just try to eat healthy....but sugar is my vice...I love candy....Gum drops, jujubes, licorice...candy of any kind...
Winnie: eye candy?
Winnie: hahaha
Barbie: (eye roll) ya..but this week I am sticking to chocolate popsicles cuz I know on the weekend PC will be treating me to a big greasy poutine from the stand in the ditch....and he also promised a HUGE trying to eat at least a little healthy before the big gorge....
Barbie: so, your favourite white trash food, besides poutine (we're of French Canadian blood so THAT's a given)
Winnie: that's it...really!
Winnie: everything else I can go without
Barbie: what??? how boring....
Winnie: ya, that's me....boring
Winnie: ;)
Barbie: you are telling me that the only food you crave and eat that is unhealthy or weird is poutine???
Winnie: pretty much...and ok, sometimes Lays Regular chips
Winnie: and a pepsi
Barbie: of course a pepsi....we're
Winnie: ohhhh...and for dessert...a Peach....LOL
Barbie: geez...
Barbie: remember when we were kids and they used to build a fort every year out of pepsi cases in the Zellers parking lot?
Winnie: oh ya ha ha, cases of pepsi
Barbie: I used to love that!!
Winnie: I remember once winning the radio statio contest...i won a case of Cherry Pepsi, when it just came out
Barbie: You remember how strict my parents were about sugar? but once a year they would buy a case of Pepsi cuz it was for charity...
Winnie: I was soooooooo happy...but man it was gross
Barbie: I like cherry coke so I'm sure I would like cherry pepsi
Winnie: you poor soul, i remember your parents...Seaweed shake anyone???? lol
Barbie: ya, but look at how I turned out, lol
Winnie: ya, true
Winnie: Miss...."I have a tea for that!!!!!!!!"
Barbie: but sadly, nobody ever wanted to come over to eat...."will your mother force me to eat rutabega? (sp?)"
Barbie: So, you have a tea for what?
Winnie: for whatever!
Barbie: I don't get it.
Winnie: forget it
Barbie: alrighty
Winnie: ...meaning you and your herbs and homeopathic, natural healing stuff lol
Winnie: guess all that tea doesnt work the brain!
Barbie: hippy food.....I get it....yes, I know....I got that from my parents...guilty....
Winnie: do they make hippy poutine?
Barbie: I really don't think there is ANY way to save that dish, lol
Winnie: why would you want to?
Winnie: hahah
Barbie: exactly....
Winnie: so...Fratboy messaged me yesterday
Barbie: oh ya?
Barbie: drunk again?
Winnie: Not unless he was at 6pm...wouldnt surprize me though LOL, he wanted to know how my weekend at the arena went and wanted to know what I got for MILF day!
Barbie: lol
Winnie: ok he said...Mother's day, I just added that lOL
Barbie: ah....the truth comes out egomaniac!!!
Winnie: admit it...its funny
Barbie: I'm surpised he isn't falling all over himself to be at the Hut on Sunday...
Barbie: ok, its vaguely humorous...
Barbie: lol
Winnie: funny....wait until we actualy meet...
Winnie: and Daddyoh too...
Winnie: no wonder I spend all my time on the computer and phone ...not enough time in the day :)
Barbie: what did daddyoh have to say?
Winnie: asked what my plans were for..thursday, friday,
Winnie: think he's keeping his options open?
Barbie: is he coming on Sunday?
Winnie: dont think so, he gets his kids on sunday night
Barbie: ah yes!
Barbie: you going to do something with him?
Winnie: probably not this week, I have tonnes to do....
Winnie: i may though, could be fun to hook up after all these years, get a bite to eat and a drink
Winnie: besides...Coach wanted to see me this week...hmmmm still waiting :)
Barbie: I'll be interested to see if he calls...
Winnie: he did send a text on sunday night...told me to tell him when I was free. I haven't done so yet.
Winnie: Don't want to sound too easy!!!!! LOL
Barbie: ok....LMAO!!!
Winnie: funny eh??? ;)
Barbie: um...yes.
Winnie: so what should I do? Call him?
Barbie: if you want....
Winnie: I'm tempted....
Winnie: Should ask everyone's advice.....Should I call him?????
Barbie: go for it....I can put up a poll for you....
Winnie: sounds fun

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bad Asses

Barbie says: hello???
Winnie says: hey chickie
Barbie: so....we missed the Fantasia party on Friday and I got a catalogue from one of the girls.....yowza!!
Winnie says: thinking of getting a new pet???
Winnie says: the way I’m going now, I don’t need one
Barbie says: na....don't need one but they have all kinds of crazy things....
Winnie says: it’s been years since I saw the stuff, I’m sure it is crazy
Barbie says: They had a few in particular that just made me LOL! the 169 dollar "G spot finder" made me laugh...
Winnie says: is that all it costs???
Barbie says: and to be honest, I would use this one as a filter....if ANY man I was dating expressed interest in the "vibrating anal pearls" I would be like....Uh Oh!!
Winnie says: for you or for him??? Lol What would be more scary?…if he brought his own for himself?
Winnie says: hey...some guys...enough said :)
Barbie says: We may have to heavily edit this
Winnie says: LOL, we always do
Barbie says: Ok, so every Monday from now on we will state our favourite song for the week....what have you been listening to obsessively this week?
Winnie says: S.E.X.
Barbie says: who sings that?
Winnie says: Nickelback
Barbie says: One song, with one favourite line....go:
Winnie says: Sex is always the answer
Winnie says: think my mind is pre-occupied
Barbie says: let's start again here gutterbrain....1-Song 2- Artist 3-Best line of the song
Winnie says: I just did
Winnie says: song: s.e.x, artist: nickelback, line: Sex is always the answer... this is like "who's on first"...

Barbie says: I'm humiliated to say mine....cuz frankly I would ridicule anyone who would like this group....
Winnie says: I won't laugh
Barbie says: It's New Kids On the Block.....2 o'clock in the morning....
Barbie says: best line: You know I like it when you've got your back to me, but not when you're mad at me...LOL!!

Winnie says: nice
Barbie says: I think they should change their names to "Hovering Near Middle Age Overgrown Adolescents on The Block"
Winnie says: ...can’t see my video without signing in...for some reason its not G-rated lol
Barbie says: Quelle suprise.....Winnie wants to see porn on
Winnie says: lol…. NO!!!
Barbie says: I'm just watching my video...Jordan, still hot....but sadly I fear he may be gay....women's loss, gay men's gain...
Barbie says: Your's is a good song....a bit heavy....I thought I was the metal head in high
Winnie says: its good, heavy yes...but i like :)
Barbie says: remember my Bon Jovi hair? LOL!! Note to self: just cuz you think someone is a hot singer doesn't mean you should have the same haircut as them...
Winnie says: loved were the only girl who could get away with it lol
Barbie says: And Twohandsfull's mohawk? We were bad
Winnie says: ya but she also made some of her own clothes. I wasn't a bad ass...I WAS and still am the "untouchable" LOL
Barbie says: we all did that.....sadly, we all LOOKED like we made some of our own clothes too...
Winnie says: I didn’t, you guys were crazy. I preferred Levis and Roots
Barbie says: (rolling eyes) the way...I'm not sure if you grasp the irony of calling yourself untouchable
Winnie says: LOL, “touché”. I was told that AGAIN on Saturday night
Barbie says: apparently whoever said that doesn't know you very well...
Winnie says: one of the twins lol
Barbie says: seriously??
Winnie says: ya…so funny
Barbie says: didn't you actually TOUCH one or both of the twins at some point? lol
Winnie says: no
Winnie says: never
Barbie says: LOL!!
Barbie says: k, I'm starting to get low self esteem here....
Winnie says: no one dared thinking about you ....
Barbie says: why?
Winnie says: they'd get their ass kicked lol
Barbie says: by?
Winnie says: PC
Barbie says:'re talking about
Winnie says: no then
Barbie says: LOL!!! yes, I guess that's true....
Winnie says: but im sure they did anyway, just would NEVER admit it LOL!!!!! Even now!!Barbie says: I guess people don't know that PC has had a little thing for me for some time now...
Winnie says: just a little
Winnie says: So..i got a call on sunday
Barbie says: from the coach?
Winnie says: nope
Barbie says: peach?
Winnie says: yup
Barbie says: ah ha!
Barbie says: what did he want (like I don't know)
Winnie says: he said he was going to call when he got up...i didn’t think he would
Barbie says: what did he have to say...the usual?
Winnie says: I stopped to see him on my way home
Winnie says: wasn’t as hard to leave this time, for some reason LOL
Barbie says: gee, I wonder
Barbie says: he probably sensed it and that's why he called you...
Barbie says: k, did you see the comment where someone asked us to describe ourselves? I'll describe you and you describe me...
Winnie says: sure
Barbie says: Winnie: (as described by Barbie)- Hot, Thin, tanned, stylish, brunette, loud and fun
Winnie says: oh and nice bubble but
Barbie says: ok, and nice bubble butt...(eye roll)
Winnie says: it’s my best "ass"et…hahaha
Barbie says: ok, ok...we get it, now on to other things...
Winnie says: Barbie(as described by Winnie)- Breathtaking, blond, blue eyed, smart, slim and exotic
Barbie says: works for me
Winnie says: ;)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shortest Fairytale

Winnie: Leave it to me...I have to be careful my head doesn't blow up! lolAt the arena yesterday, there was this guy that started chatting me up...really cute, tall, athletic and very nicely dresses. I figured he was a scout or coach. I kept catching him smiling at me. At one point I went to the bathroom and he cornered me on my way out. He said: "Just in case I dont get another chance this weekend to tell you, I think you are soooo sexy"

OMG All I could say was "thank you" lol. Im such a looser. Of course by the end the night at the meeting, he was introduced as part of one of the teams ..I’m gonna have fun today, I’m giving him my number ;)

Barbie: GO girl!! Good for you!! I'm sending you something from Funnygirl.

Winnie: has she red the blog
Winnie says: read lol
Winnie says: no java yet
Barbie says: yes...that's why she sent it to me....


Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl 'Will you marry me?' The girl said: 'NO!'
And the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping, dancing,
camping, drank martinis, ate chocolate, always had a clean house, never
had to cook, did whatever the hell she wanted, never argued, didn't get
fat, traveled more, had many lovers, didn't save money, and had all the
hot water to herself. She went to the theater, never watched sports,
never wore friggin' lacy lingerie that went up her ass, had high self
esteem, never cried or yelled, felt and looked fabulous in sweat pants
and was pleasant all the time.



Babrie says: Not long my dear, not long.....and by the sounds of it, you aren't suffering too much.....I cannot believe how many men come on to you!!!
Winnie says: I cant believe it either...I swear, its the first time in my life that has happened
Winnie says: i tried looking him up last night, I think i didnt get his name right LOL, i looked up the team and didnt see him
will get it today, im sure he's gonna be busy as hell
Babrie says: you GO girl!!
Barbie says: So what do you think of the fairy tale? True or not true?
Winnie says: i like it
Barbie says: I wonder if it was written by someone who is married or single.....?
Winnie says: someone who WAS married and now single lol
Barbie says: true THAT!!
Barbie says: Daddyoh said he liked the blog....
Winnie says: he texted and called me too yesterday
Barbie says: oh yeah?
Winnie says: was gonna bring me muffins..but I was a bit out of his way
Winnie says: so cute
Barbie says: I have to go to get Princess’ hair cut now but I'll be back on at lunch...
Winnie says: FB me...the only way to communicate today :)…off to the arena again and then to C tonight to see Mom!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Here We go...

Barbie says: on?
Winnie says: allo'
Barbie says: hi....ok....give me 5 minutes to compose your profile and you'll have it...
Winnie says: i couldn’t write one last night lol
Barbie says: no worries....
Winnie: cant think of anything nice to say about you
Barbie: you little
Winnie: ohhhhhh to early for the jokes???
Barbie says: na....I'm a morning person :)
Winnie says: Ill have to ask Prince Charming lol
Barbie says: Winnie: (as described by Barbie): Sassy, outspoken, relentless in her pursuit of happiness and men are relentless in their pursuit of her.....
Winnie says: ahhhhhhhh Im so flattered
Winnie says: almost blushing lol
Winnie says: Barbie (as described by Winnie) is slowely breaking out of her shell. Taking control of her life bit by bit....and has everyone waiting with baited breath...will she? or won't she find her true love?
Barbie says: hmmm.....I think I already found him...
Winnie says: that's the point
Barbie says: want me to change that?
Barbie says: how about....has she found her true love? Do fairytales come true?
Winnie says: nice
Barbie says: we're starting a can start by telling me if "fratboy" ever fully explained the middle of the night "bootiecall text"?
Winnie says: will you hold on a sec? only 1/2 cup of java in my gut...still trying to cut and paste our bios
Barbie says: we ARE opposites in every way, aren't we?....I'm a morning person, virgo, decaff gal.....and you well, are
Barbie says: I think you need to come to DJ phat boy's defence on Prince Charming's wall.....people are making fun of him...
Barbie says: oh...and you spelled separated "seperated" on the blog....
Winnie says: thanks teach
Barbie says: you can take the teacher out of the classroom but not make her drink water.....wait? is that how that goes??
Winnie says: i think i took that out already
Barbie says: oh...I'll take a look now
Winnie says: Ok…i just made him feel better
Barbie says: I'll check...
Barbie says: OOoooooo.....he's a-gonna LOOOOOVE YOU!!!
Winnie says: thank god I have you....I know how to flirt and you know how to spell
Barbie says: if we were only one person, we would be
Winnie says: imagine so
Barbie says: and highly conflicted,LOL!!!
Winnie says : but wed's still have no boobs
Winnie says: 0+0=0
Barbie says: sad AND true
Winnie says: reality bites baby
Barbie says: tell me about it...
Barbie says: I thought after I had kids I would finally get big boobs....what a scam THAT was ....
Winnie says: make sure they bury me with my gel cups firmly inserted in my padded bra?
Barbie says:
Winnie says: ;)
Barbie says: I've just made peace with it.....obviously whoever is with me will have to enjoy my many other
Winnie says: too much info for me dear...
Barbie says: what?
Winnie says: don’t want to hear what your attributes need for that lol
Winnie says: i have to perfect mine, no time for yours lol
Barbie says: you know darned well that at 30 you have to make a few decisions....1- you have to choose between your face and your ass....because if you have a skinny ass, then you have more wrinkles....2- If you have big boobs (that are real) then you will have a big ass and 3- You just make peace with he fact that you are not Pamela Anderson and to be honest, I have never heard any least they are still relatively perky.
Winnie says: of course they are...where do you want them to go???????? LMAO
Barbie says: true that....
Winnie says: was texting Phat boy last night...told him i had a dream about him lol
Winnie says: got his goat going
Winnie says: or maybe something else anyway lol
Barbie says: oh, I'm sure you did, you little vixen...
Barbie says: poor guy...he has no idea what he is dealing with...
Winnie says: of course he asked me to tell him... i gave him a few hints He was at the bar and i asked him if all the guys were standing around his IPhone waiting for details lol
Winnie says: he swore no ...ya right !!!
Barbie says: what? phat boy share private details with everyone? NEVER!!!!lol
Winnie says: said i was to shy to tell him, he will have to wait till I was drunk to not be so shy
Barbie says: I would be interested in reading guys's kinda like being a fly on the wall....get some insight....and trust me when I say that there are a LOT of guys out there that could use some
Winnie says: look at it this way....we are doing all the single gals out there a huge favor!
Barbie says: oooohhhhhh ya! lol
Barbie says: oh!!! Here is a piece of advice for men out there.....DO NOT CALL ANYONE BABE!!!!
Barbie says: yes, I know I am as shocked as anyone that guys still actually do that....
Winnie says: oh yea.... Hear that Fratboy?
Barbie says: so.....did fratboy every further explain the middle of the night bootie call text or was "sorry I was drunk" all you got?
Winnie says: he never explained...just said..." i do stupid things when im drunk...and your name just came up..." lol
Winnie says: sorry...your number just came up
Barbie says: lovely....
Barbie says: is Peach still coming on the Sunday bar party?
Winnie says: He said he WANTS to be there...
Barbie says: THIS will be interesting.....
Winnie says: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes
Barbie says: Peach, Beavis and Phatboy will all be around least I'll have my Prince
Barbie says: By the way, I have NOTHING sexy to wear....well, I have one dress but it is way over the top for the Hut.
Winnie says: jeans...stilletoes and low cut...thats all you need baby
Barbie says: I have heels....but my jeans aren't sexy, they are acceptable workplace jeans....I don't have the $$$ to guy new jeans but I may just have to charge
Barbie says: but then again....who can go shopping for jeans with two kids along...
Winnie says: one great around, you dont have to spend a fortune
Barbie says: Where would you go for really nice jeans?
Winnie says: jean store
Winnie says: hahaha
Barbie says: you're hilarious.
Winnie says: wait till you come down, we can go shop on saturday for a couple hours, think you can tear yourself away??
Barbie says: hmmm.....we'll see, lol
Winnie says: what ever!!!!
Barbie says: you know I'm a virgo so I like to have everything packed already....don't want to leave it to chance.
Barbie says: I'll look around here before I go and see what I can find...
Winnie says: can’t go into the cage without a professional animal trainer my dear.... lol
Barbie says: you lost me on that mean I need you to help me pick out jeans?
Winnie says: you need me help you look hotter than usual for that yes...go find some hot jeans. make sure you ask the clerks for their opinion
Barbie says: I will.....I know I am a bit on the conservative side but I'll try to go outside the box on this one, lol
Barbie says: ok, ok, don't get too excited....I'm thinking understatedly sexy not street
Winnie says: just make sure your ass looks hot
Barbie says: Baby, my ass ALWAYS looks hot, lol
Winnie says: they can do that with jeans you know?
Winnie says: lol
Barbie says: I may not be dolly parton, but I have a great butt.
Winnie says:'re talking to the bootie queen here baby lol
Barbie says: lol
Winnie says: I should go...have to shower and get Skaterboy’s skates sharpened...will catch you around lunch