Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cinnamon Buns

Winnie: Let's chat baby...
Barbie: what's on your mind today...?
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhh I’m good today
Barbie: why?
Winnie: meaning I’m a good girl today
Barbie: oh,
Winnie: too busy at work to think of anything else lol
Barbie: hey...Funnygirl suggested you text coach...I think that is a good idea...
Winnie: my thoughts have been so pure that all I had time to crave was a roast beef sandwich from the bakery lol
Barbie: lol
Winnie: ok...I confess...I did...
Barbie: you texted him?
Winnie: yesterday
Barbie: did he respond yet?
Winnie: no
Barbie: hmmm.....
Winnie: it's all good....more time to chat with everyone else lol
Barbie: it isn't like you aren't getting "textual intercourse" on a regular basis from other
Winnie: my point exactly!!!!! lol
Winnie: Thinking I’m going to have my hands full on Sunday night
Barbie: I can't wait to sit back and watch will be FU-NNY!!
Winnie: You'll have to help...
Barbie: run interference? Be your wing-girl?
Winnie says: we are going to edit this right??? lol
Barbie says: you can edit whatever you are the one posting it today
Winnie: if I have time...may not be until later...I’m tanning after work…groceries and my run
Barbie: FINE!! I will post the damn thing......(how DOES she get away with this?)
Winnie: whatever... I can do it..just not NOW!!! MISS BOSSY
Barbie: Ya, so I'm bossy, so what?'s not like it's something
Winnie: So...talking to Daddyoh last night...
Barbie: again huh?
Winnie: We were planning on seeing a few shows at the BluesFest this summer
Barbie: cool.
Barbie: well, I have to say that Daddyoh might be a better choice for a real date than
Winnie: I agree..for sure, Coach was never going to be "date material" for sure lol
Barbie: ya think? (sarcasm)
Barbie: lol
Winnie: You don’t have to spell's pretty obvious !!!!!!
Barbie: OK!
Barbie says: what band are you going to see at Bluesfest?
Winnie: not sure yet. I told him to pick.
Barbie: you are letting him choose what groups you go see?
Barbie: what if he chooses bluegrass fiddling?
Winnie: but KISS...
Barbie: ya, Gene Simmons sure ain't on my list....eeeewwwww!
Barbie: Who's on your list? (not real people...just stars)
Winnie: i wonder if they wheel him out BEFORE or AFTER they open the curtains????
Barbie: LOL!
Barbie: so...your list five
Winnie: of hotties?
Barbie: ya...celebrity hotties
Winnie: hmmmm...
Winnie: the guy who plays "Brady" on Days of our (dont know his name)
Barbie: don't watch the soaps....I'll have to ask Prince Charming, he
Winnie: i dont know...not into celebs..
Barbie: you suck at this...
Winnie: I would probably prefer singers...I like a guy who can sing
Barbie: I like Sting.....ooooo he is still on my list after all these years...
Barbie: Ryan Reynolds ain't too hard on the eyes either...
Winnie: I am awfull...never was a groupie......A Puck Bunny YES! Groupie NO!
Winnie: Who's Ryan Reynolds?
Barbie: groupie days are over...
Barbie: google him....
Winnie: like i have time to google him
Barbie: I'm just sayin', it is WORTH your time...
Barbie: Not a lot of hot singers these days....lots of beards out there (yuck!!) and swoopy hair too much to the side...
Winnie: Ok....i see your point. Ryan IS nice to look at
Barbie: Oh, I know who is hot....(and he is waayyy too young for me ) but Zack that wrong lol?
Winnie: LOL oh yes that is sooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong LOL
Winnie: hey my son has a few cute friends...want me to introduce you???? argggggggggggggggg
Barbie: I can't help it.....I am forced to watch the High School Musical movies over and over again by my kids....I think I have been
Winnie: I can find you help sweetie
Barbie: in real life I do not like younger guys as a general rule.
Winnie: Like I said...30 and over...and Hot! ;)
Barbie: Even 30 is a bit young for me.....
Winnie: Don't knock it t'ill you've.....forget it LOL
Barbie: I have only ever dated one guy younger than me and it was in high school for like, two weeks....
Winnie: Oh my, you never even gave the guy a chance lol
Barbie: That's true, but it was high school, what was I supposed to do, seek couples counselling?
Winnie: did you at least kiss him????
Barbie: duh.....
Winnie:'s YOU we’re talking about….
Barbie: well I wasn't a slut but I wasn't a nun either....of course I kissed him....that's what I'm saying....younger men.....not worth it, lol
Winnie: Does eating a cinnamon bun after a sandwich count as dessert even though it's kinda a breakfast thing???
Barbie: Cinnamon buns are good anytime...
Winnie: good
Barbie: I'll talk to ya later, enjoy those buns...
Winnie: mmm….buns….uh-oh, the bun is gone LOL...
Barbie: tramp.
Barbie: lol
Winnie: you love it!!!!
Barbie: Why does everyone keep saying that to me when I'm mad?
Winnie: hmmmmmmmmmmm go figure???
Winnie: xo
Barbie: k, I'll go on later and fix up the some of the
Winnie: *&^% U
Barbie: love
Winnie: why does everyone keep saying that to me??
Winnie: LOL
Barbie: go figure...

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  1. Hey, Kiss ROCKS, I am totally going to see them at Blues Fest!