Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tacky Santa

Barbie: hey there..
Winnie: hello
Barbie: how are you today?
Winnie: doing good, cant complain about anything except the rain coming lol
Barbie: it has been rainy and foggy here for days on end...I think it is starting to affect my already fragile sanity...ha, ha
Winnie: we haven't had rain yet, just been foggy for a week lol
Barbie: gross....I don't know how people in England and Vancouver live this way all the time!!
Barbie: Plus it is at the darkest time of the year.....yuck!
Winnie: they wear rose colored glasses and ponchos
Barbie: sounds like a
Winnie: got to survive !!!1
Barbie: do what you
Winnie: did you take the kids to a xmas parade yet? oh wait..."Holiday Parade"?
Barbie: was gross and raining....not my idea of a good time. Plus I am a Christmas Grinch in case you have forgotten. I do everything at Christmas for my kids...otherwise I would skip it all and go to the Bahamas.
Winnie: i like the decorations and parties, that's it lol
Winnie: now that my kids are grown, its just not the same anymore
Barbie: I like the nostalgia of it I guess and the food but I hate the consumerism for it's own sake and sorry, but women take the brunt of the work around Christmas.
Winnie: i much for holidays lol
Winnie: i think this year i would much rather be somewhere warm too....something to be grateful for lol
Barbie: ya....the holidays just tends to be something I "get through". It is really stressful.
Barbie: I used to like it as a kid when all you had to do was sit back and enjoy. It must also be enjoyable for men who for the most part get to do the same thing (besides buying the required gifts).
Barbie: Let's have all the family to buy for, kids, stockings, friends (ps- you are not getting a present), teachers, blah, blah....decorations to put up, cookies to bake, meals to plan.....I could live without it frankly.
Winnie: i still enjoy those things, its just the financial stress that gets to me....and allot of others too. The spirit of the holidays is often lost because of that.
Barbie: I think I was born without the "cooking/scrapbooking" gene.
Winnie: i only like to bake during the holidays....i love the decorations and music, somehow it makes me feel good
Barbie: I like to do those things when I have time but when you work full time and have two young children, it is all so rushed and forced!!
Winnie: but then,the gift buying, running around and having to see people you've been avoiding all year....bummes me out lol
Barbie: ya...I hate gift buying. I would skip the gifts part altogether if I didn't have kids. That's why I like Thanksgiving....all the good food and friends, but minus the gifts, the over hype and the overboard decorations.
Winnie: maybe we should move to the middle east....never have to see a plastic lit up Santa and reindeer again
Barbie: ohhh....but if you think the women there don't tow the line for their celebrations you are
Winnie: but does it involve tacky decorations???????
Barbie: not nearly as tacky as ours.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A boring Blog

Winnie: your voice back?
Barbie: marginally..
Barbie: but now I have a fantastic cough to go with it.
Winnie: ohhh sucks
Barbie: I can't complain, it is the first time I have been sick all year. I so rarely get sick.
Winnie: fun
Barbie: hopefully it will be done soon.
Winnie: rest ;)
Barbie: YA....OK. THAT'S funny!
Winnie: lol
Barbie: single mom. rest. hahahahahaha
Winnie: single mom? why I'm sure their father would be HAPPY to lend a hand lol
Barbie: for a
Barbie: isn't there always a price?
Winnie: always.....
Barbie: so...we have had complaints that our blog is boring lately...
Winnie: ya i know
Barbie: so I guess you should go ahead and take that pole dancing class so we have something entertaining to talk about.
Barbie: I'm very sorry that the drudgery of our lives just isn't cutter the
Winnie: entertaining??? lots of entertaining stuff going already, just not sure if its blog worthy
Barbie: that's the thing.
Winnie: anyone care that my son ended up with a BAD tooth ache and a pulled groin muscle withing 24 hrs...and that now i have to drive an hour for an emergency dentist appt with a limping complaining teenager...????? I doubt it lol
Barbie: I know. Somehow if we had our own reality series people would say our lives are very dramatic but some things we can't write about...
Winnie: and that i searched frantically this morning for my purse and then had the horrible fear that i had left it in bf's car which is an hour away on a hoist at a garage?...
Winnie: i think not!!!!
Barbie: how about my very boring weekend...NOT!
Barbie: driving 5 hours to realize that I am sick. Then taking out PC with my cold as well....only to end up with two sickos (and not in a good way) laying around all weekend.
Winnie: here's something exciting.....i started my Christmas shopping LOL....
Winnie: this should get everyone talking!
Winnie: OH....and i lost a button on my new jeans!
Barbie: There you go. This is life and we write about our lives.
Barbie: Although I must say that there was a very interesting drunken man at the Hut on Friday.
Winnie: and i missed it...
Barbie: He sat there yelling to himself for an hour or two....we all made bets on when the doorman was going to kick him out.
Barbie: When he was finally asked to leave, he came over and made a dramatic plea to stay....unfortunately he was completely incomprehensible and so we all just burst out laughing and gave him a round of applause.
Winnie: someone I know? lol
Barbie: not unless you know many 65 year old toothless men.
Barbie: ....and you might...hahahaha
Winnie: well i might, i do work there
Barbie: and for a grand finally, he did his best ninja routine on the way out.
Winnie: priceless......
Barbie: band-shmand....HE was the entertainment.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Status Challenge

Winnie: good morning
Barbie: good morning!
Winnie: how was your evening?
Barbie: pretty could almost say boring
Winnie: nice i guess lol
Barbie: well, I'll take it over drama
Winnie: better than turmoil
Barbie: ya...there isn't anything "wrong" per se...just nothing very exciting or dramatic or excessively gleeful
Barbie: not a bad thing, just not pure entertainment
Winnie: we sure are suckers for drama lol
Winnie: we're complaining that there is nothing wrong....what's wrong with that??
Barbie: I AM NOT COMPLAINING DUDE...let's get this straight...I am perfectly happy to choose my own excitement!
Winnie: lol ok
Barbie: preferably in the form of a lottery win of some sort
Winnie: I'm working on that one
Barbie: me too. It's bound to happen soon. I'm worthy of it.
Winnie: yes you are my friend
Winnie: and i am worthy of at least half a million for being your friend
Barbie: lol not to worry....I'll take care of my friends when I am a multi multi millionaire.
Winnie: good :)
Barbie: the same goes for you!!
Barbie: In fact, all I want is my house paid off.
Winnie: all i want is A house, lol
Barbie: well, in my case, that also may be the case soon...ha, ha
Barbie: So....can I challenge our readers for a moment?
Winnie: a challenge on a monday morning??? wow you're tough
Barbie: I am asking them to come up with witty status' on facebook. The ol' "Glen is eating an apple." is dragging the fun out of facebook down!!
Barbie: I'm asking our readers to stir up trouble, cause some controversy, be original, think outside the box. Or, if you are going to be lame, and least let it be the MOST lame. (Can I say that my friend Pebbles won this one with the "Pebbles just turned the light out in the garage". An eternal winner in my books.)
Winnie: so you mean you DON'T want me talking about taking my dog for a walk?
Barbie: no.
Winnie: hmmmm, take all the fun out of it will ya!
Barbie: If your dog ate someones cat along the way, well that's a different story.
Winnie: nice........then i may have some angry neighbours who have something to talk about on THEIR status
Winnie: I have a good one.......
Barbie: what?
Winnie: and give it away?
Barbie: ahh....that's better...I checked your status...much more interesting!
Winnie: now i just have to tell the world how STUPID i am lol
Barbie: well at least it's more interesting!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hey there Sugar!

Winnie: hi ya
Barbie: well howdy there!
Winnie: filled up on candy yet?
Barbie: what do you think??
Barbie: You know I have candy issues, lol
Winnie: yes, i heard that somewhere.
Barbie: I may be the only person you know who has eaten an entire gingerbread one night!! (insulin here I come)
Winnie: well it was a chaser for vodka, so you're allowed
Winnie: it's in the rule book
Barbie: I'm still waiting for my metabolism to give up....then I'm screwed.
Winnie: well mine has already, so you can't be too far behind
Barbie: great....oh the joys of aging.
Winnie: PLEASE don't say THAT word?
Winnie: i like to think that reality is just something the Pharmaceutical companies made up
Barbie: what? Joy? don't be such a stick in the mud
Winnie: i mean the "A.G.E" word
Barbie: be honest, I don't care that much (today)...ha, ha
Winnie: that's because you're high on sucrose....just wait
Barbie: technically if I keep eating candy, I never have to come down...NEVER!!!!!
Winnie: neither will the scale
Barbie: It isn't a problem, I can stop any time, I just don't want to.
Barbie: I mean, I have seen people who eat waaaay more candy than I do, THEY have the problem, not me.
Winnie: that's because there is less candy left for you....
Barbie: My life is still under control, I mean, it isn't like I'm holding up convenience stores for a Big Turk or anything....
Barbie: yet.
Winnie: well you should be good until after Easter anyway....
Barbie: ya...I mean, keep things in perspective, I'm only on a sugar high from Hallowe'en until Easter.
Winnie: it's controlled substance abuse
Winnie: i like it!
Barbie: I'm what you call a functional sugarholic.
Barbie: See at the Halloween party most people were doing shots and I was popping gummy spiders.
Winnie: and you wonder why you have strange friends
Barbie: excuse me? I prefer non traditionally interesting.
Winnie: "Oh there's the German Girl...look at her take down those!"
Barbie: I have plenty of normal long as they are candy enablers.
Winnie: "Ya she's a hoot...just don't invite her to your kid's birthday parties"
Barbie: listen, a girl needs her vices....otherwise I would be intolerable...too much to look up to!
Winnie: I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it
Winnie: I just wouldn't want to be compared to the Blueberry Girl from Willy Wonka
Winnie: but if you don't mind it....
Barbie: well, like I say, there isn't anything in life that can't be made better with a little bit of sugar.....
Barbie: except Diabetes.