Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Have a very gay Christmas!

Winnie: hi hun
Barbie: hey there
Winnie: keeping busy?
Barbie: yep....you know us neurotic types....always keeping busy...even if only with imagined worries...
Winnie: lol...yesssssssssssssss i know
Barbie: I am actually less grinchy today.
Winnie: and that's a good thing?
Barbie: isn't it?
Winnie: but I WANT you to be grinchy along with me!!
Barbie: Well, I'm usually a happy girl....just not usually around Christmas....I have no idea why. I think I just don't like people telling me that I HAVE to be happy and have the best time of the year. Can't take the pressure.
Barbie: wanna see something funny?
Barbie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3354flS1KJs&feature=PlayList&p=4FDC8FC0E5BE901A&index=2&playnext=3&playnext_from=PL

Barbie: sadly, I miss the big hair of the 80s

Winnie: lol, oh my...that video is so lame
Barbie: I can tell the chick in the video right now what the problem was between them .....he's gay genius! ha!
Winnie: just like any other relationship....only if we knew then what we know now , lol
Barbie: did you ever love any gay guys?
Barbie: I think they tend to appeal to teenage girls a lot (along with Vampires now apparently)
Winnie: all of them......LOL
Barbie: ha, ha. Don't ALL teenage girls love gay boys ?( I still love my gay boys). They are like girlfriends, but you still get to hang around boys and they don't look at you like they want to eat you with a fork.
Winnie: was never close to any...they were too cool for me
Barbie: what? are you not aware that we used to hang out with some in high school???? (big clue, our mothers let them come to our sleepover parties)
Winnie: ya but they all liked you lol
Barbie: yes, it is true, I am a proud fag hag.
Winnie: yes yes yes
Winnie: see, I tend to attract the losers
Winnie: or bar rats....whatever
Winnie: all the guys that have no chance in hell
Barbie: I'm totally hetero but have a soft spot for gay people (Cindy Lauper eat your heart out)...I think it is the "going for the underdog" thing. Maybe it is because I am a creative type. Except fake lesbians….hate those. You know how I feel about them.
Winnie: Yes, the “hey look boys in the bar…I’m kissing another girl” type lesbians. Lesbians of convenience.
Winnie: Gay power and all that, but I have to say that most of the good straight ones are intimidated by me, lol, go figure
Barbie: well, it takes a big man not to be intimidated by a strong woman.
Winnie: lol yes
Winnie: I was just told the other day that I make guys nervous.
Barbie: Guys SHOULD be nervous around you. They have no idea what they are up against. Snort!
Barbie: Psst….I will tell you a little secret....I know right away how to tell if I guy has a big “you know what”...
Winnie: Do tell!
Barbie: If he laughs at my jokes.....big one.
Barbie: if he doesn't think I am funny, small one.
Winnie: good conclusion
Barbie: I have a feeling that if we post this I will suddenly become VERY funny to a lot of nervous guys.
Winnie: You and me both sista!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fala la la la la lal......arrrggggggg!!!!

Winnie: hey chicki!
Barbie: hey chicka!
Winnie: sa va?
Barbie: yes....no complaints.
Winnie: I'm having one of those days...just a crazy crazy morning
Barbie: oh yeah? why?
Winnie: even the dog was hyper
Winnie: just stupid stuff...sick kid...was up all night and of course has a test at school today
Winnie: my father made all this noise in the shower ( i think he dropped ALL the shampoo bottles) woke everyone up
Winnie: my mom ran into the bathroom, thinking my dad had fell...started freaking out, she started crying
Winnie: the furnace stopped working (its new, was just installed last week) and my dad was checking it and decided to use a Rubbermaid bin as a step stool
Winnie: .....or course you can just image the sound he made when his foot came crashing through it. Not to worry, it was only full of dog food....that is now all over the basement floor.
Winnie: Oh and did i mention the dog was hyper???
Winnie: ....it just went on and on
Winnie: not enough coffee in the world today!
Barbie: LOL!! Christmas with the Griswold's!
Winnie: YUPPERS...
Winnie: oh...and the dog broke her rope and ran away
Barbie: she's gone???
Winnie: she came back....of course. She's a chicken. God forbid she spends more than 3 minutes away from me
Barbie: lol
Winnie: she might just climb on the counter, swoop all the paper and pens off and chew the crap out of a gel pen on the beige carpet
Winnie: ...cuz that would just be crazy
Winnie: am I ranting?????????
Barbie: lil bit....but I can understand. My family is coming next week so I'll be doing much of the same, I suspect. ha
Barbie: This morning my 5 year old told me he hated me and that I ruined his day....sigh.
Winnie: what did you do to that poor helpless child?
Barbie: he was scrapping with his sister on who got the middle seat in the van and it was her turn and he had a melt down and I didn't give in. So he got mad and threw his hallowe'en bucket at me and I did the whole "pick it up on the count of three or no Christmas specials for you tonight which further infuriated him"
Barbie: So he went and sat in his seat but let me know that he hated me just to get a little dig in....ah.....merry christmas.
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhhhh the jolly joys......
Barbie: "Tis the season to be stressed and cranky...falalalal"

Friday, December 11, 2009

Brrrrrrr...who's got the booze?

Winnie: good morning
Barbie: hey there
Winnie: the weekend is almost here ;)
Winnie: yeaaaaaaaa
Barbie: yeeha!!!!!
Winnie: so we both should have a blast?????
Barbie: I would think so....after the past week, I will say it is a safe bet that cocktails are on the agenda.
Winnie: lots and lots of cocktails lol
Winnie: my young son turns 19 this weekend....crazy...where did the time go?
Barbie: it goes so fast.
Winnie: the worse....he seams to have his life in check more than I do lol
Barbie: oh...it goes in cycles. Nobody has it together 100% of the time, lol
Winnie: thanks for making me feel better...
Winnie: how's your Christmas shopping coming?
Barbie: almost all done.
Barbie: the kids are the hardest and they are done
Winnie: wow, where did you find the time?
Barbie: I just made a list, took my tail to toys r us one day and got the whole dang thing done.
Winnie: i should have know you were so organized lol
Winnie: i've been out a couple times and walk away with nothing....frigggg
Barbie: I hate Christmas shopping so I make it as quick as possible....like a band aid, lol
Winnie: i usually like it, but this year i'm having a hard time deciding on anything
Barbie: well little kids are easy...older kids and men are hard...lol
Winnie: not having trouble with the older kids...they make it easy...CASH!!! IPOD and a LAPTOP...lol How easy is that?
Winnie: now all i have to do is win the lottery
Barbie: my kids said "surprises".....you don't get easier than that
Winnie: its the smaller kids i dont know
Barbie: then my little boy asked me last night if he could have a an hourglass timer lol
Winnie: interesting
Winnie: one year Skater boy asked for a Nutcracker, how could Santa resist
Barbie: OH MY GOSH!! my little guy asked for a nutcracker last year!!!!
Barbie: hey...check this out...
Barbie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x768VAsOQSw
Barbie: We Canadians ARE crazy...
Barbie: have you ever been ice fishing??
Winnie: LOL, crazy for sure...and NO WAY you'd ever catch me ice fishing....
Winnie: I get cold walking from my car to the mall
Barbie: The people at the kid's bus stop were laughing at me the other day cuz it was -7 and I had on my head to toe gear. I don't enjoy being cold!!
Barbie: I would never do ice fishing FOR FUN!?
Barbie: maybe instead of jail time but not on purpose for recreation!!
Winnie: CHEERS to that!!!!!!
Barbie: although I must say that I used to enjoy watching the stupid snowmobilers fall through the ice in the winter back in the Hole
Winnie: yes, was always entertaining to say the least lol
Winnie: who's got the hot apple cider and rum?
Barbie: see skating outdoors you can talk me into as long as you put Baileys in my hot chocolate
Winnie: if there's booze....you can coax me to almost anything ;)
Barbie: yes, I've heard.
Winnie: shhhhhhhhhhh, don't let the word get around!
Barbie: too late! LMAO!!