Friday, December 11, 2009

Brrrrrrr...who's got the booze?

Winnie: good morning
Barbie: hey there
Winnie: the weekend is almost here ;)
Winnie: yeaaaaaaaa
Barbie: yeeha!!!!!
Winnie: so we both should have a blast?????
Barbie: I would think so....after the past week, I will say it is a safe bet that cocktails are on the agenda.
Winnie: lots and lots of cocktails lol
Winnie: my young son turns 19 this weekend....crazy...where did the time go?
Barbie: it goes so fast.
Winnie: the worse....he seams to have his life in check more than I do lol
Barbie: goes in cycles. Nobody has it together 100% of the time, lol
Winnie: thanks for making me feel better...
Winnie: how's your Christmas shopping coming?
Barbie: almost all done.
Barbie: the kids are the hardest and they are done
Winnie: wow, where did you find the time?
Barbie: I just made a list, took my tail to toys r us one day and got the whole dang thing done.
Winnie: i should have know you were so organized lol
Winnie: i've been out a couple times and walk away with nothing....frigggg
Barbie: I hate Christmas shopping so I make it as quick as a band aid, lol
Winnie: i usually like it, but this year i'm having a hard time deciding on anything
Barbie: well little kids are easy...older kids and men are
Winnie: not having trouble with the older kids...they make it easy...CASH!!! IPOD and a How easy is that?
Winnie: now all i have to do is win the lottery
Barbie: my kids said "surprises" don't get easier than that
Winnie: its the smaller kids i dont know
Barbie: then my little boy asked me last night if he could have a an hourglass timer lol
Winnie: interesting
Winnie: one year Skater boy asked for a Nutcracker, how could Santa resist
Barbie: OH MY GOSH!! my little guy asked for a nutcracker last year!!!!
Barbie: hey...check this out...
Barbie: We Canadians ARE crazy...
Barbie: have you ever been ice fishing??
Winnie: LOL, crazy for sure...and NO WAY you'd ever catch me ice fishing....
Winnie: I get cold walking from my car to the mall
Barbie: The people at the kid's bus stop were laughing at me the other day cuz it was -7 and I had on my head to toe gear. I don't enjoy being cold!!
Barbie: I would never do ice fishing FOR FUN!?
Barbie: maybe instead of jail time but not on purpose for recreation!!
Winnie: CHEERS to that!!!!!!
Barbie: although I must say that I used to enjoy watching the stupid snowmobilers fall through the ice in the winter back in the Hole
Winnie: yes, was always entertaining to say the least lol
Winnie: who's got the hot apple cider and rum?
Barbie: see skating outdoors you can talk me into as long as you put Baileys in my hot chocolate
Winnie: if there's can coax me to almost anything ;)
Barbie: yes, I've heard.
Winnie: shhhhhhhhhhh, don't let the word get around!
Barbie: too late! LMAO!!

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