Monday, August 31, 2009

Life's Milestones

Winnie: How was your PG 13 weekend?
Barbie: no complaints. Good bonding time with my kids.
Winnie: so you'll be all rested up for next weekend?
Barbie: yep!
Winnie: gooooooooddddyyyyy
Winnie: I had some weird moments yesterday. I was helping C pack for college
Winnie: we were going through some of his stuff, he found his souvenir box with all his kindergarten art work and report
Winnie: was pretty nostalgic since he's old enough now to appreciate it and realized he's starting a new chapter in his life...but you'd be proud of me...i didn't cry
Barbie:'s milestones.
Winnie: yes it is
Barbie: I bet you never thought you would see the day...
Winnie: for a short time no...but I am very proud of him for sure
Barbie: every year around this time you realize how fast life zings by....the kids, a grade older. It just really makes you stop and think.
Winnie: but why does life seam to stand still for us grown ups....its only during these moments that we get a wake up slap lol
Barbie: I think probably because we don't have the milestones we used to in school. Each grade that goes by makes you! I'm a year more advanced, but besides our birthdays and the birth of our children, we don't have as many milestones to count.
Winnie: so true...
Winnie: its ok...i still feel 28 :)
Barbie: funny, I just said that to someone the other day....I really feel like I'm still 28....sometimes younger inside!
Winnie: well my dear you don't look a day over 27, so don't worry about it
Barbie: lol, thanks. I'm not so worried to be honest....
Winnie: well you were the other day when you found THAT grey hair!
Barbie: I'm good with it
Winnie: ya that's cuz you yanked it out
Winnie: out of sigh...out of mind
Barbie: lol!
Barbie: ya well, I figure that if I only found my first grey hair at my age, I'm doing alright.
Winnie: geeee thanks....i found my first one at 21
Barbie: most people do....but then again my hair is light so it is less noticeable.
Winnie: that's just because you've been in denial. "If I don't look for it, how can I find it?"
Barbie: oh...I've been looking....just hadn't found any up until now...
Barbie: but I'm cool with it.
Barbie: Actually, although I like my hot little bod at 25, I really like my frame of mind more as I get older. I'm more confident and I think that is sexy too...
Winnie: are sexy baby!! (wink wink)
Barbie: lol, thanks!
Winnie: anytime
Barbie: If I would have my body in my early twenties with my confidence in my thirties....uh, oh...look out. lol
Winnie: poor men, you didn't make them suffer enough in high school lol
Barbie: ha, ha...what?, ok, I did a little.

Friday, August 28, 2009

10 Signs it's time for Divorce

Barbie: So....I was watching a talk show the other day and there was a woman wondering if she should divorce her cheating husband....
Winnie: ok....
Barbie: I thought it might be helpful if we put up 10 signs that you are probably headed for a divorce...

1- if you hear the phone ringing and skip merrily to it, hoping that there has been a terrible accident....that is probably not so good.

2- if you spend many morning showers having imaginary fights with your spouse, shouting all the things you REALLY want to say to them in your head...again....not headed in the right direction.

3- You are hoping he starts an extramarital affair just so he stops bugging you for sex. Probably, the D-word is just a matter of time.

4- If your bedroom antics inspire as much excitement as a tax audit. Bad sign.

5- You find that you cannot stand listening to his/her same jokes and stories in front of company. While he/she is talking, you run an internal monologue saying "OMG. This story again. If I have to fake laugh at this story one more time I'm gonna slit my wrists."

6- You used to be so supportive of their bad days. You used to spend hours boosting their ego and consoling them. Now you just say "sucks to be you". Probably not a relationship that is gonna be saved.

7- You used to actually consider his/her opinion. You would run through your head "maybe he is right, maybe going to church IS selfish, and I SHOULD stay home and make him breakfast". Now you just go to church and pray that he has a head injury, changing his entire personality. Not a keeper.

8- Your friends are starting to slip up. They used to smile when your spouse was an obvious ass and say things like "maybe they are just super stressed at work, I'm sure they didn't mean it." But now they are saying stuff like "that shit wouldn't fly in MY house" or "wow, I don't even know what to say". Start packing your bags sweetheart.

9- You will do virtually anything to not have to be in their presence. "Need your driveway shovelled? Let me volunteer!...What's that? you need to clean the grease trap at your restaurant? I LOVE doing that!" Again. Not exactly headed for a second honeymoon.


10- If the prospect of being alone for the rest of your natural life sounds like winning the over. Time to hire a lawyer.

Winnie: Darn, I knew i shouldn't have written this in my diary....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to pick up 101

Winnie: hey sunshine!
Barbie: hello....
Barbie: not much sunshine here today. Another rainy day.
Winnie: same here...yuck!
Winnie: guess I won’t be busy working the patio tonight
Barbie: you hope!
Winnie: I’m still sick…I could use a night off.
Barbie: Oh no...Still eh?
Barbie: did you get any sleep last night?
Winnie: not much, I think I managed to cough up my lungs lol
Barbie: well, at least they won't be bothering you
Winnie: that's what I'm thinking :)
Barbie: ok, so I am obsessed with a new TV is diabolical.
Winnie: so what’d this TV show?....what's TV?
Barbie: ya...pretty much right? I watch TV so rarely these days except when the ex has the kids.
Barbie: It is called "Keys to the VIP"
Barbie: it basically teaches you how to be a douche bag in a club; step by step....I am absolutely fascinated!
Winnie: oh
Barbie: I had no idea that men worked so hard at cheesy come on lines!!
Barbie: It is unbelievable how carefully planned pick ups wonder they need wing men!
Winnie: no wonder there are still single men out there!!!
Barbie: It is even more fascinating for me because coming from a small town, men usually know someone connected to the woman they are trying to hit on so they don't need to come up with an excuse to approach her...but in big cities, apparently you need a fresh excuse...
Barbie: my personal favourite is one episode where they use the (and they actually call it this) "classic" technique of choosing the most beautiful girl and somehow insulting her to get her attention.....I am absolutely shocked that some people think this works!! The guy trying it on the show got shot down so badly it was painful to watch but apparently it continues to be a "classic"...
Barbie: what would you do if a guy walked up to you and insulted you in a bar?
Winnie: not sure I would depend on a number of things: 1- was I drunk or sober 2- was HE drunk or sober 3- how cute he was and 4- how desperate I was....
Barbie: are. you. serious? I have to say that a guy coming up to me and insulting me would. not. bode. well.
Winnie: LOL, of course not my dear...but lest you forget, I can dish it out pretty good myself. I like a bit of competition. You also have to figure out if the guy is seriously an ass....or a looser watching too much TV LOL
Barbie: The guy on the program came up to the girl and said "why are you wearing so much make up" "you would look better without so much make up" no chance, lol Barbie: I also HATE it when guys do the "smile" thing....I promise you it is not original and girls hate it...
Barbie: Why can’t guys just be nice and genuine…is that too much to ask?
Winnie: see... I would tell him " If you take off yours, I'll take off mine"
Barbie: LOL!
Winnie: and “a smile is only good when it's genuine!”
Winnie: minus the wink LOL
Barbie: see....I think you may be a douchette....capable of lines as cheesy as the guys approaching you!! lol
Winnie: they are not lines my dear...but comebacks....a gal has to hold her own ya know!
Barbie: oh...don't you worry, I can definitely hold my own...ha, ha
Winnie: we'll have to test in out
Barbie: I just like it when people are genuine instead of resorting to fake, cheesy lines...
Winnie: we should plan a night of experimenting of our own
Barbie: experimenting in what way?
Winnie: how to handle douche bags....go out one night and see how many guys we could get to hit on us....and then douche them back!
Barbie: girls don't need pick up lines...basically a good looking girl could walk up to any guy in a bar and say "hi, I'm poor, dumb and possibly have herpes" and the guys would be like "hey, I'm in!!"
Barbie: I will give you 10 bucks to walk up to someone you don't know in a bar and say that and I bet they start talking to you and you pick them up.
Winnie: YOU'RE ON!!!!!
Barbie: God help us.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Cake or Pie?

Winnie: happy birthday to you...happy birthday to look like a monkey and you........
Barbie: thank you!
Barbie: i think...
Winnie: with love my dear
Barbie: aw...
Winnie: how's your day?
Barbie: pretty good. Pretty normal.
Winnie: what no strip-o-grams at work today?
Barbie: lol...nope
Winnie: oh must of got that on the weekend?
Barbie: lol ya (we're not printing this right?)
Winnie: yes we are.....
Barbie: then no. lol
Winnie: ok then, I won’t tell anyone
Barbie: lol
Winnie: well I've just returned to the bachelor’s pad....and found a "rat-in-a-box" on my kitchen table
Barbie: what?
Winnie: i've been away for 5 days and while i was gone, my son decided to buy himself a hamster....and no cage. Soooo its in a box...ON MY KITCHEN TABLE
Barbie: oh. my. god.
Winnie: thank God he's moving out next he takes that darn thing with him LOL
Barbie: holy cow
Winnie: no cow....a HAMSTER
Barbie: lol...worse!
Winnie: all I can say is hope it doesn't get out
Barbie: yikes no kidding
Winnie: or it's BBQ time !
Barbie: ew!
Winnie: i won’t eat it, I would tell HIM it's chicken lol
Barbie: still ew
Winnie: hehehehehee....
Winnie: so your parents have any plans for you tonight?
Barbie: I think they are making a cake.
Barbie: But it looks like it is chocolate...booo!
Winnie: you don’t like chocolate?
Barbie: not really. My favourite is white cake with white icing or lemon cake with white icing...
Barbie: but I could skip chocolate pretty much altogether...weird eh? Most women love chocolate...
Winnie: I'm not a huge chocolate fan either
Barbie: but I loves me some candy....oooooeeeeee I do have a sweet tooth.
Winnie: I dont...I must be a freak!!!!
Barbie: usually you either have a thing for sweet or salty....sadly, I can go for
Winnie: guess YOU are the freak!!! lol
Barbie: I never said I wasn't.
Barbie: I heard you got some apple pie this weekend?
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhhh yes....mnummmm mnummmmm!!!
Barbie: ...thought you said you didn't have a sweet tooth...
Winnie: not for candy.....but Pie I'll take anytime
Winnie: was the company that made it so good :)
Barbie: aw...isn't it always the way...
Winnie: hmmmm...well not always lol
Barbie: good food always tastes better in good don't believe that?
Winnie: Oh I know it!
Barbie: although sometimes junk food by yourself is good too...
Barbie: so nobody can see you eat the whole package of
Winnie: forget the twizzlers...It's a super size bag of lay's for me!
Barbie: like your chips...
Winnie: It's my weakness....that and big triceps :)
Barbie: lol. Is that all it takes?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Manopause and Manstruation

Winnie: bonjour madame
Barbie: bonjour!
Winnie: vous allez bien aujourd'hui?
Barbie: pas mal, pas mal...
Barbie: I found something funny today...
Winnie: Oh, how unusual
Barbie: manstration: definition: When a man is going through his monthly grumpiness.
"You are a boy-bitch right now - are you on your manstration?"
Barbie: let’s discuss: do men have manstration?
Winnie: hmmmmm...i think they just have women!
Barbie: what? you batting for the men today or what?
Barbie: lol
Winnie: no, but im sure if there were no women around,,,they would not bitch at us
Barbie: ah...I see. lol
Winnie: and....WE wouldn't have to hear it LOL
Barbie: well this week I read about male menopause...did you know there was such a thing?
Winnie: is that when they start dating younger women?
Barbie: LMAO! no that is early 20s....
Barbie: it is actually called andropause...sounds very exciting....not!
Barbie: its when the little blue pill may come into play. EEEEEEEK!
Winnie: how can a 20 yr old date younger women?
Barbie: I dated 20 year olds when I was 18...
Barbie: dated an 18 year old when I was 15, etc.
Winnie: risqué.
Barbie: lol, trust me, there was nothin' risqué about it.
Winnie: so what makes men go into menopause?
Barbie: same thing as women....lack of hormones.
Winnie: LOL, didn’t think THAT was possible
Barbie: tell me about it eh? But apparently they start losing hair, sex drive, start gaining weight, get lethargic and sometimes depressed. Yikes. This sounds bad.
Winnie: sounds like a lot of men I know lol
Barbie: I wonder if there is a direct link with wearing socks and sandals too?
Barbie: A lot of men you know lack sex drive?
Winnie: ok maybe not
Barbie: I was gonna say...
Barbie: lol
Winnie: well don’t
Barbie: ok then.
Barbie: lol
Barbie: dang. why can't we stay 25 forever, just not with the same maturity?
Barbie: And facelifts and botox don't count cuz God knows they aren't fooling anyone...
Winnie: too young...30 is good
Barbie: ya...30 is perfect. Body wise.
Winnie: body....and wise
Barbie: lol. exactly.
Barbie: Wanna be scared silly from ever getting work done?? Check out this website:
Barbie: YIKES!
Barbie: my personal favourite is the "bad plastic surgery" part....hoa nelly!
Barbie: I can't look's like a train wreck. All these beautiful people maiming themselves...
Winnie: yuckkkkkkkkkk
Winnie: I could think of better things to do with my money than sacrifice my body.....well it depends for what
Barbie: I say let's age gracefully....and have fun all the way!!!
Winnie: I’m working on it sista! I’m working on it!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Hardest Job on Earth

Winnie: Good morning
Barbie: Hey there!
Winnie: How's the weather?
Barbie: humid and hot
Barbie: you?
Winnie: humid and hot
Barbie: lol
Winnie: I’m tired of people complaining about the heat....WAKE UP PEOPLE…it will be over before you know it. It won’t kill you…well it can, but highly unlikely LOL
Barbie: know, sometimes I forget what it is like in a small town...
Barbie: this weekend I got a text from PC saying that the twins told one of our friends that I said that their basement looked like a barn. LOL!!
Winnie: well does it?
Barbie: No. It is actually nice. I said it looked like a SKI LODGE, not a barn. But clearly things were slow as far as drama goes in the Hole cuz they felt the need to light a bomb, drop it and run. Hope they were amused....I do believe this is war now...
Barbie: And....I'm starting to recall them telling me that they would like to have a threesome with Fun Bobby.
Winnie: Well, didn't they? That's what they told me!
Winnie: heheheheh, i feel like I’m in high school again
Barbie: No. If we were in high school, the twins would be trying to smoke oregano.
Winnie: Don't knock it......
Barbie: OMG. I'm so glad I wasn't your mother when you were a teen.
Winnie: It makes you feel
Barbie: K, I'll take your word for it spaghetti-o
Winnie: Well they do say paybacks are a me, I'm getting paid back BIG TIME.... Barbie: why?
Winnie: with my kids...geesshhhh, wake up sista
Barbie: ah yes, but they aren't BAD per se...
Barbie: You were BAD per
Winnie: We thought we had social god I would not want to be a teen these days.
Winnie: In our day, we had to look for looks for them. They spend their time trying to run from it. Not such an easy thing to do when "Everyone is doing it"
Barbie: hmmm.....everyone was doing lots of stuff when we were young too.
Winnie: oh...wait...and the best....."Well you did it too!"
Winnie: so much for honesty LOL
Barbie: ya but there are reasons why you shouldn't do those things and as an adult you understand them now. Think of all the bad things that COULD have happened to you BAD girls, lol.
Winnie: the problem with that is that it's just about true...and if you think your kids are immune...please think again
Barbie: oh no....I know they will get offered stuff left and right...
Winnie: ok, there are some good, responsible kids out there, absolutely....but if you ask me, it's a pure genetic jackpot LOL
Winnie: combined with tough parenting...not such an easy combination to accomplish
Barbie: never know what you will get in terms of temperament. And what they are born with is what they usually keep their whole lives...
Winnie: not easy for sure....but they make us proud in their own's nice sometimes to get some value for all our parental trials
Barbie: ya. But parenting is the hardest job on earth, hands down. I don't think anyone has a clue until they are actually doing it as to how hard it can be. And if you don't think it is hard then you are not engaged with your children....or you are lying.
Winnie: so true
Barbie: And it is a job that you will have 'til the day you die. (not to be a downer, but just to acknowledge all the hard working parents out there!)
Winnie: well now that my son is leaving for college and moving into his own place, a new set of worries
Barbie: Wanna hear something funny? One summer when I was about 20 I took a job as a nanny for 3 children in their home. And every night I would come home absolutely exhausted. I started, this is a tremendous amount of work, keeping them entertained, cooking, cleaning, and educating them. Maybe I don't want to have kids, but then my Dad said "it's different when you have your own kids". So....he was is different but just as hard!!!! Maybe even harder cuz you don't ever go "off duty".
Winnie: but it's not the same job....yes of course you're never off duty...but it's easier to be yourself...even if you mess up, say the wrong thing, don’t do the dishes and let them eat cake for have no one to answer too. THAT makes it easier and of course gratifying also!
Winnie: and when you see them as teenagers...still dunk their Peanut butter toast in their chocolate milk...just like you taught’s great!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Men We Love

Ladies...what type do you chose?

Excerpts from Chatelaine. June 2009 edition
Mad About the Boys….


How to identify him: His wholehearted embrace of hipster-retro style gives him an odd, yet sweet, resemblance to your first crush: neon sneakers, straight legged pants and a shaggy do.
Why we love him: For all his puppy-dog qualities: he’s wide-eyed, eager to please and, of course, beautiful. But most of all, because it’s refreshing to find a man who’s not looking for a women half his age (Oh- excuse us, half his age plus seven). The young guy lets us put away the script for a minute and write our own rules.
Why he’s trouble: His headlong rush into adulthood is directly related to how out of control his life was before you and that alter ego might make an appearance. Even if it doesn’t, his free spirit will lose its appeal the 100th time you throw toilet paper into your purse before going to his place
Best Match: Unexpectedly, he’s perfect for the sweetheart who would never consider being in charge all the time-but really should be.


How to identify him: These guys are best identified by the symptoms they inflict. If you are experiencing dry mouth and fidgety, adolescent awkwardness, you may be in the presence of one such individual.
Why we love him: It could be his effortless charm, oozing charisma, chiselled jaw line, peachy derrière, rippling abs, deep soulful eyes, sparkling flirtatious smile….
Why he’s trouble: 1- He’s Hot. 2- He knows it. 3- He makes us forget that it’s what is on the inside-not the inside of his clothing- that counts.
Best Match: A vixen of the Samantha Jones variety, who appreciates her own reflection and understands the hot guys are just the accessory that never goes out of fashion.


How to identify him: He’s the guy at the party-not the best looking, but not the worst-looking either- who’s holding court with laughing mob, all of them fixated on what’s going to come out of his mouth next. He reminds you of that hilarious guy in grade 11 biology class, the one who could never get a date. In fact, he may actually be that guy-though no longer has problems in the romance department. At the very least, he still dresses like he’s in high school: T-shirt (un-tucked), dress shirt (un-ironed and un-tucked), jeans (funny guys never, under any circumstances, wear Dockers)
Why we love him: The funny guy may be the smart guy, because true funny is smart funny.
Why he’s trouble: The funny guy is trouble only to women who can’t’ laugh at themselves.
Best Match: A compatible sense of humour tops the list. His partner needs to match him laugh for laugh- in fact, this can lead to one-upmanship, but she has to appreciate his jokes and understand that she will frequently be the butt of them.


How to identify him: Walk into any male-packed place and scan for the man with the lease facial hair, no devilish fringe, no pervy goatee, nothing-and chances are that’s your guy. Why? He’s not trying to hide behind a veil of his own making. He’s open to show you who he is.
Why we love him: Because we chose to date him, we show ourselves to be a well-friggen-adjusted woman. We love him because he has an uncomplicated relationship with his parents, because he inspires us to be a better person, because he gives us a pretty persuasive reason to stand by our man.


How to identify him: Traditional attire includes: leather jackets, T-shirts and a preference for dark colours; however, rebels are more easily identified by disposition. Look for equal parts intelligence, confidence, rebellion and pure knee buckling suavity.
Why we love him: Passionate and independent, rebels are impulsive, flirtatious and display no interest in being nurtured. He will never qualify for insurance.
Why he’s trouble: Passionate and independent, rebels are impulsive, flirtatious and display no interest in being nurtured. He will never qualify for insurance.
Best Match: Autonomous females seeking a commitment –free distraction. While the lifespan of the rebel fling varies, they rarely mate for life (or age well).


How to identify him: The impeccably tailored suit says “I’m a big freaking deal”, but the open-collared shirt adds, “I party on weekends”.
Why we love him: Because every so often, a girl deserves to spend her Friday night sipping wine at a cozy bistro on the Seine, her Saturday trekking through the Himalayas and her Sunday in a spectacularly expensive gown sitting behind Jack Nicholson at the Oscars.
Why he’s trouble: Because you can never introduce him to your actual father: a tense patriarchal standoff will ensure. Because he’ll occasionally mistake you for his actual daughter and in Baldwin style, accuse you of being a “thoughtless little pig”. Because there is a Botox nurse lurking in every hospital wing.
Best Match: Women with lofty social ambitions, but low personal ones. Or those who want a brief affair that will result in the greatest swag bag ever.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Psycho girl is in da HOOOUUUSE!

Winnie: So, how does it feel to finally be in the new millennium?
Barbie: I'm like a kid with a new toy! I love texting!!
Winnie: be very careful...its addicting
Barbie: too late. I'm already addicted to my least this makes my life a little more
Winnie: funny how we never run out of things to say....
Barbie: maybe we just run off at the mouth a bit, ha, ha and just because YOU run out of things to say doesn’t stop you from talking…ooooo….burn!
Winnie: (Nice)… with Skype. FB and’s not our mouths that are doing the running
Barbie: I have to say that if it wasn't for all of these things, I would probably feel pretty isolated. Thank God for technology....
Winnie: watch out for the calluses...I hear *%^ is good for that !!!!
Barbie: Now you're talking like a
Winnie: or is that for something else?...not sure anymore LOL
Winnie: that's cuz I spend way too much time at the Hut with the!
Barbie: You ARE starting to sound disturbingly like the gang of guys
Barbie: who was there last night?
Winnie: Close Talker, Mr. BBQ, Fists o’flying, Teddy Bear and Hiver (and of course PC)
Winnie: I didn’t stay very long, had a long night at work...
Winnie: just stayed long enough for a couple Limes
Barbie: I talked to PC late last night and he seemed like he had had a few also, lol
Winnie: I saw a few empty glasses...but who was counting?
Barbie: I bet the patios were doing well last night with all the good weather!
Winnie: was crazy...I worked alone, thank God the bartender could help. It was jammed for 8 hrs straight...don’t people have anything better to do on a hot, sunny summer evening?
Barbie: nope. you got any better ideas?
Winnie: nope
Barbie: Sangrias on the patio on a warm summer night? What could be better?
Barbie: K, here is something funny....or sad....or scary depending how you look at it...
Barbie: Something to ponder....yikes
Winnie: Oh my....I think I may know someone like that
Barbie: seriously?
Barbie: that's scary!!
Barbie: who is it?
Winnie: Me!!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life's little indulgences!

Winnie: Good day!
Barbie: Hi there!
Barbie: I have some very sad and disturbing news...
Winnie: oh no
Barbie: I found my first grey hair....sigh.....
Winnie: how devastating....well you did spend a week with PC, no wonder ;)
Barbie: LOL....I'm thinking it has more to do with divorce, but I may be wrong...
Barbie: At first I thought it was an extra blond one but as it turns out, sadly, no.
Winnie: all I have to say.....Nice and friends FOREVER!
Barbie: is gone now but I can see that someday in my future, it may have to be an option.
Winnie: its only a deterrent...more to come my friend, don’t think you are oblivious!
Barbie: it just took so long; somehow I thought maybe I was missing the grey hair
Barbie: I even saved it just to put it against various dark and black backgrounds to make sure it just wasn't extra blond and maybe I was panicking for nothing...
Winnie: i feel your pain....
Winnie: How's the parent's visit going?
Barbie: fantastic.....can I just say how much I enjoy people cooking for me? Pretty much ANYTHING you make for me will make me happy. Plus, my Dad has been mowing the lawn and fixing things around the house so I am in
Barbie: I'm sure the novelty would wear off eventually but for the moment, I love being taken care of....
Barbie: I'm thinking I am still hetero but wouldn't mind having a wife...
Winnie: so it’s been a couple weeks of indulgence eh?
Barbie: yep....and I could get used to it...
Barbie: permanently.
Winnie: i still prefer doing it one else can do right LOL
Winnie: except for maybe the cooking
Barbie: I may have been royalty in another life cuz it just feels so right to me to be
Winnie: oh what a surprise!!!!
Winnie: I can only take it for so first it's nice but after a while it's like " Hey! I can open that door myself, thank you very move over!"
Winnie: "...and now, come over here and give me some!"
Barbie: no, are misunderstanding....I like having my own life, my own money, my own responsibilities....I just want a cook, maid and someone to shovel the driveway and mow the lawn. Then life will be
Barbie: Then again it would give me so much free time I wouldn't know what to do with myself!
Winnie: well Im sure you could find
Barbie: true enough...I'd join the gym or something...ha, ha
Winnie: ya ok!
Barbie:'s the weather there? Raining again I am assuming? (pretty safe bet)
Winnie: nope, its an absolutely beautiful and sunny
Winnie: should be like this for the rest of the week
Barbie: aw, man...shut your gob
Winnie: summer had finaly arrived
Barbie: send it this way!!!
Winnie: just in time for back to suckers!!!!!!!!!!
Winnie: so the weather sucks in the Center of the Universe?
Barbie: yep...if we could avoid a thunderstorm for one. single. day., it might be nice!
Winnie: well for once i dont feel bad...share the wealth baby!!!!
Barbie: ha...ha funny (alsonotsomuch)
Winnie: besides...I look better with a tan ;)
Barbie: .....maybe one of these days I will get one too...

Monday, August 10, 2009

We're Back!

Winnie: welcome back!!!!!
Barbie: thanks...same to you!
Winnie: so i guess we have a lot to report to our readers
Barbie: was a jam packed week, that's for sure!
Winnie: I think it's going to take me the rest of the summer to recoup
Barbie: It was a week of indulgence for sure!
Barbie: Good food, good friends, good fun!
Winnie: we sure ran into some interesting characters this past week
Winnie: but then I’m sure most of the memories I have are alcohol filtered
Barbie: THAT is an understatement. Who knew Silver Fox could sing? LOL!
Winnie: I'll take your word for it, i didn’t hear him
Barbie: It was a fun day on the boat too!
Winnie: felt like the good old days, ...almost LOL
Barbie: It really much fun all around. Great to reconnect with some old pals from the Hole and some new ones too!
Winnie: well we went out almost every night, we were bound to run into a few people haha
Barbie: ya...I'd say we upped our odds, lol
Barbie: My gosh...I can't recall a time that I consumed that much alcohol that many days in succession. That coupled with all the decadent food...yikes!
Barbie: AND...( and this is the most exciting part) I almost got a
Winnie: I think I’m still de-toxing lol
Winnie: you almost had it there!!!!!
Barbie: soooo
Winnie: so I went to the Rainbow on Saturday night and met a certain someone who had me shaking my head all night....believe it or not!
Winnie: You would have hidden under the bar stool, lol
Barbie: Who was it?
Winnie: she's a cousin of "a friend"
Barbie: pretty rowdy?
Winnie: let's just call her....OH MY GOD!
Winnie: thank God I was forewarned before I met her !
Barbie: lol, ok! If she shocks you, then you know it must be bad.
Winnie: she spent the evening hitting on every guy and girl in the place...and then was not shy to tell how the guys in the band measured up...if you know what I mean?
Barbie: What the?
Barbie: I wish I could've seen your face. I
Barbie: have always wondered what you look like embarrassed.
Winnie: I think I was hidden in my sweater most of the an ostrich.
Barbie: Were the other people with you mortified as well?
Winnie: ya, her's a true testament that you can’t judge someone by who they are related to lol
Barbie: Thank God for That! I have some pretty wacky relatives...but who doesn't?
Barbie: Well, I have some very exciting news...
Barbie: PC got me a cell phone for my birthday (coming up)!!
Barbie: AND it has unlimited texting!! I'm so excited to be coming into this
Winnie: it's about time
Barbie: I know, I know...
Barbie: but now you will be able to text me!!
Winnie: what could I possibly have to say????
Barbie: OMG.