Friday, March 5, 2010

Nerds Gone Wild

Winnie: happy Friday!
Barbie: Hey....yes! Same to you!
Winnie: sure lol
Winnie: I think I like Thursdays better...I DON’T have to go to work
Barbie: lol
Barbie: Do you not like working at the new place?
Winnie: of course, but just when everyone else is getting off work for the weekend... I have to get ready to serve their drunken asses all night lol
Barbie: oh yeah.....that's not fun.
Winnie: hey, my mom and I are going to see Vagina monologues tomorrow night
Barbie: ya! You were'll have to let me know what you think! I'm especially keen to know what your MOM thinks, lol
Winnie: she's more excited than me lol
Barbie: cool.
Barbie: I think it is good for older women to see how far we've come!
Winnie: will give you my report
Barbie: lol good
Winnie: although i wish you were seeing it're better at remembering and reporting things like that
Winnie: my comment will be: OMG it was soooooooooo funny lol
Barbie: lol
Winnie: you know I’m right lol
Barbie: so what you are saying is that you need a nerd along with you. ha ha
Winnie: no I need you and your journalistic tendencies
Winnie: I am an Artist...not a writer lol
Barbie: lol....we think differently. You think and remember in emotions and I think and remember in words. I am a verbal learner.
Winnie: well i guess me reporting on a "one women monologue" is not a good idea lol
Winnie: i should be reporting on the Rembrant Exhibit
Barbie: lol.....but even then you will say "I don't remember the painting's name but boy it sure made me feel (fill in the blank)"
Winnie: ya I’m good at that
Barbie: lol, I know. I like it.
Barbie: I like having friends who think in different way. Gives me more perspective on the world.
Winnie: live vicariously through others ??
Barbie: in a way....I'm just a curious person and I'm always interested by how other people think.
Winnie: I like having a nerdy friend...she listens to me ;)
Winnie: she may think I’m a freak...but she still likes me
Barbie: are good for push me to be more always have. Otherwise I would be a nun or a lab nerd somewhere.
Barbie: and what a waste of my hotness THAT would be...ha, ha!
Winnie: yesssssssssssss, just what I’ve been telling you for 25 years
Barbie: I know, I know. But it is my nature to be cautious and think things are more of a "throw caution to the wind" kind of gal....we are made differently!
Winnie: but then again, you're playing hard to get has kind of paid off lol
Barbie: well lucky for me that's the way guys work, lol
Winnie: lol
Barbie: I wouldn't say I purposely play hard to get, I just AM hard to get. I usually try to put a lot of rational thought into a new relationship before I jump in. So that might appear as "hard to get"
Winnie: 30 years??????
Barbie: ...but I have also learned that relationships are not always something that you can "think" through...sometimes you have to go with your heart.
Winnie: well it's about time you figured it out
Winnie: how do you think one night stands happen????
Barbie: ya....definitely not a "one night stand" type of gal...
Barbie: I'd be like "hmmm.....let me think about this and make some charts and get back to you in a couple of weeks" lol
Winnie: ya, i see that worked for you
Barbie: ha, ha
Barbie: Good on paper doesn't necessarily mean good in real life...I guess I am learning that as I get older.
Winnie: go with your heat baby...
Barbie: I think you meant to say heart, but with you, you never know....hahahahaha!
Winnie: LOL..shit