Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to pick up 101

Winnie: hey sunshine!
Barbie: hello....
Barbie: not much sunshine here today. Another rainy day.
Winnie: same here...yuck!
Winnie: guess I won’t be busy working the patio tonight
Barbie: you hope!
Winnie: I’m still sick…I could use a night off.
Barbie: Oh no...Still eh?
Barbie: did you get any sleep last night?
Winnie: not much, I think I managed to cough up my lungs lol
Barbie: well, at least they won't be bothering you
Winnie: that's what I'm thinking :)
Barbie: ok, so I am obsessed with a new TV is diabolical.
Winnie: so what’d this TV show?....what's TV?
Barbie: ya...pretty much right? I watch TV so rarely these days except when the ex has the kids.
Barbie: It is called "Keys to the VIP"
Barbie: it basically teaches you how to be a douche bag in a club; step by step....I am absolutely fascinated!
Winnie: oh
Barbie: I had no idea that men worked so hard at cheesy come on lines!!
Barbie: It is unbelievable how carefully planned pick ups wonder they need wing men!
Winnie: no wonder there are still single men out there!!!
Barbie: It is even more fascinating for me because coming from a small town, men usually know someone connected to the woman they are trying to hit on so they don't need to come up with an excuse to approach her...but in big cities, apparently you need a fresh excuse...
Barbie: my personal favourite is one episode where they use the (and they actually call it this) "classic" technique of choosing the most beautiful girl and somehow insulting her to get her attention.....I am absolutely shocked that some people think this works!! The guy trying it on the show got shot down so badly it was painful to watch but apparently it continues to be a "classic"...
Barbie: what would you do if a guy walked up to you and insulted you in a bar?
Winnie: not sure I would depend on a number of things: 1- was I drunk or sober 2- was HE drunk or sober 3- how cute he was and 4- how desperate I was....
Barbie: are. you. serious? I have to say that a guy coming up to me and insulting me would. not. bode. well.
Winnie: LOL, of course not my dear...but lest you forget, I can dish it out pretty good myself. I like a bit of competition. You also have to figure out if the guy is seriously an ass....or a looser watching too much TV LOL
Barbie: The guy on the program came up to the girl and said "why are you wearing so much make up" "you would look better without so much make up" no chance, lol Barbie: I also HATE it when guys do the "smile" thing....I promise you it is not original and girls hate it...
Barbie: Why can’t guys just be nice and genuine…is that too much to ask?
Winnie: see... I would tell him " If you take off yours, I'll take off mine"
Barbie: LOL!
Winnie: and “a smile is only good when it's genuine!”
Winnie: minus the wink LOL
Barbie: see....I think you may be a douchette....capable of lines as cheesy as the guys approaching you!! lol
Winnie: they are not lines my dear...but comebacks....a gal has to hold her own ya know!
Barbie: oh...don't you worry, I can definitely hold my own...ha, ha
Winnie: we'll have to test in out
Barbie: I just like it when people are genuine instead of resorting to fake, cheesy lines...
Winnie: we should plan a night of experimenting of our own
Barbie: experimenting in what way?
Winnie: how to handle douche bags....go out one night and see how many guys we could get to hit on us....and then douche them back!
Barbie: girls don't need pick up lines...basically a good looking girl could walk up to any guy in a bar and say "hi, I'm poor, dumb and possibly have herpes" and the guys would be like "hey, I'm in!!"
Barbie: I will give you 10 bucks to walk up to someone you don't know in a bar and say that and I bet they start talking to you and you pick them up.
Winnie: YOU'RE ON!!!!!
Barbie: God help us.


  1. OMG....Save me, I think I actually missed reading your blog ladies. Glad to be back ;)

  2. Of course you missed reading our blog...who wouldn't?lol

  3. Hey Mr Biggg...why did you block me? Was it something I said? Come on now!!!!