Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Cake or Pie?

Winnie: happy birthday to you...happy birthday to look like a monkey and you........
Barbie: thank you!
Barbie: i think...
Winnie: with love my dear
Barbie: aw...
Winnie: how's your day?
Barbie: pretty good. Pretty normal.
Winnie: what no strip-o-grams at work today?
Barbie: lol...nope
Winnie: oh must of got that on the weekend?
Barbie: lol ya (we're not printing this right?)
Winnie: yes we are.....
Barbie: then no. lol
Winnie: ok then, I won’t tell anyone
Barbie: lol
Winnie: well I've just returned to the bachelor’s pad....and found a "rat-in-a-box" on my kitchen table
Barbie: what?
Winnie: i've been away for 5 days and while i was gone, my son decided to buy himself a hamster....and no cage. Soooo its in a box...ON MY KITCHEN TABLE
Barbie: oh. my. god.
Winnie: thank God he's moving out next he takes that darn thing with him LOL
Barbie: holy cow
Winnie: no cow....a HAMSTER
Barbie: lol...worse!
Winnie: all I can say is hope it doesn't get out
Barbie: yikes no kidding
Winnie: or it's BBQ time !
Barbie: ew!
Winnie: i won’t eat it, I would tell HIM it's chicken lol
Barbie: still ew
Winnie: hehehehehee....
Winnie: so your parents have any plans for you tonight?
Barbie: I think they are making a cake.
Barbie: But it looks like it is chocolate...booo!
Winnie: you don’t like chocolate?
Barbie: not really. My favourite is white cake with white icing or lemon cake with white icing...
Barbie: but I could skip chocolate pretty much altogether...weird eh? Most women love chocolate...
Winnie: I'm not a huge chocolate fan either
Barbie: but I loves me some candy....oooooeeeeee I do have a sweet tooth.
Winnie: I dont...I must be a freak!!!!
Barbie: usually you either have a thing for sweet or salty....sadly, I can go for
Winnie: guess YOU are the freak!!! lol
Barbie: I never said I wasn't.
Barbie: I heard you got some apple pie this weekend?
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhhh yes....mnummmm mnummmmm!!!
Barbie: ...thought you said you didn't have a sweet tooth...
Winnie: not for candy.....but Pie I'll take anytime
Winnie: was the company that made it so good :)
Barbie: aw...isn't it always the way...
Winnie: hmmmm...well not always lol
Barbie: good food always tastes better in good don't believe that?
Winnie: Oh I know it!
Barbie: although sometimes junk food by yourself is good too...
Barbie: so nobody can see you eat the whole package of
Winnie: forget the twizzlers...It's a super size bag of lay's for me!
Barbie: like your chips...
Winnie: It's my weakness....that and big triceps :)
Barbie: lol. Is that all it takes?


  1. I am also not a fan of regular old chocolate cake. Maybe the idea that women love chocolate cake is a myth?

  2. I know what woman like ;)

  3. Congrats on the relationship status update Mr. Bigggg...we're all thrilled for you. Good Luck with that.

    Oh, btw. nice post today ladies, I like pie too, anytime.