Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Manopause and Manstruation

Winnie: bonjour madame
Barbie: bonjour!
Winnie: vous allez bien aujourd'hui?
Barbie: pas mal, pas mal...
Barbie: I found something funny today...
Winnie: Oh, how unusual
Barbie: manstration: definition: When a man is going through his monthly grumpiness.
"You are a boy-bitch right now - are you on your manstration?"
Barbie: let’s discuss: do men have manstration?
Winnie: hmmmmm...i think they just have women!
Barbie: what? you batting for the men today or what?
Barbie: lol
Winnie: no, but im sure if there were no women around,,,they would not bitch at us
Barbie: ah...I see. lol
Winnie: and....WE wouldn't have to hear it LOL
Barbie: well this week I read about male menopause...did you know there was such a thing?
Winnie: is that when they start dating younger women?
Barbie: LMAO! no that is early 20s....
Barbie: it is actually called andropause...sounds very exciting....not!
Barbie: its when the little blue pill may come into play. EEEEEEEK!
Winnie: how can a 20 yr old date younger women?
Barbie: I dated 20 year olds when I was 18...
Barbie: dated an 18 year old when I was 15, etc.
Winnie: risqué.
Barbie: lol, trust me, there was nothin' risqué about it.
Winnie: so what makes men go into menopause?
Barbie: same thing as women....lack of hormones.
Winnie: LOL, didn’t think THAT was possible
Barbie: tell me about it eh? But apparently they start losing hair, sex drive, start gaining weight, get lethargic and sometimes depressed. Yikes. This sounds bad.
Winnie: sounds like a lot of men I know lol
Barbie: I wonder if there is a direct link with wearing socks and sandals too?
Barbie: A lot of men you know lack sex drive?
Winnie: ok maybe not
Barbie: I was gonna say...
Barbie: lol
Winnie: well don’t
Barbie: ok then.
Barbie: lol
Barbie: dang. why can't we stay 25 forever, just not with the same maturity?
Barbie: And facelifts and botox don't count cuz God knows they aren't fooling anyone...
Winnie: too young...30 is good
Barbie: ya...30 is perfect. Body wise.
Winnie: body....and wise
Barbie: lol. exactly.
Barbie: Wanna be scared silly from ever getting work done?? Check out this website:
Barbie: YIKES!
Barbie: my personal favourite is the "bad plastic surgery" part....hoa nelly!
Barbie: I can't look's like a train wreck. All these beautiful people maiming themselves...
Winnie: yuckkkkkkkkkk
Winnie: I could think of better things to do with my money than sacrifice my body.....well it depends for what
Barbie: I say let's age gracefully....and have fun all the way!!!
Winnie: I’m working on it sista! I’m working on it!!!!

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