Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Hardest Job on Earth

Winnie: Good morning
Barbie: Hey there!
Winnie: How's the weather?
Barbie: humid and hot
Barbie: you?
Winnie: humid and hot
Barbie: lol
Winnie: I’m tired of people complaining about the heat....WAKE UP PEOPLE…it will be over before you know it. It won’t kill you…well it can, but highly unlikely LOL
Barbie: So....you know, sometimes I forget what it is like in a small town...
Barbie: this weekend I got a text from PC saying that the twins told one of our friends that I said that their basement looked like a barn. LOL!!
Winnie: well does it?
Barbie: No. It is actually nice. I said it looked like a SKI LODGE, not a barn. But clearly things were slow as far as drama goes in the Hole cuz they felt the need to light a bomb, drop it and run. Hope they were amused....I do believe this is war now...
Barbie: And....I'm starting to recall them telling me that they would like to have a threesome with Fun Bobby.
Winnie: Well, didn't they? That's what they told me!
Winnie: heheheheh, i feel like I’m in high school again
Barbie: No. If we were in high school, the twins would be trying to smoke oregano.
Winnie: Don't knock it......
Barbie: OMG. I'm so glad I wasn't your mother when you were a teen.
Winnie: It makes you feel Italian...lol
Barbie: K, I'll take your word for it spaghetti-o
Winnie: Well they do say paybacks are a BIATCH....trust me, I'm getting paid back BIG TIME.... Barbie: why?
Winnie: with my kids...geesshhhh, wake up sista
Barbie: ah yes, but they aren't BAD per se...
Barbie: You were BAD per se...lol
Winnie: We thought we had social pressure...my god I would not want to be a teen these days.
Winnie: In our day, we had to look for trouble....now...it looks for them. They spend their time trying to run from it. Not such an easy thing to do when "Everyone is doing it"
Barbie: hmmm.....everyone was doing lots of stuff when we were young too.
Winnie: oh...wait...and the best....."Well you did it too!"
Winnie: so much for honesty LOL
Barbie: ya but there are reasons why you shouldn't do those things and as an adult you understand them now. Think of all the bad things that COULD have happened to you BAD girls, lol.
Winnie: the problem with that is that it's just about true...and if you think your kids are immune...please think again
Barbie: oh no....I know they will get offered stuff left and right...
Winnie: ok, there are some good, responsible kids out there, absolutely....but if you ask me, it's a pure genetic jackpot LOL
Winnie: combined with tough parenting...not such an easy combination to accomplish
Barbie: ya...you never know what you will get in terms of temperament. And what they are born with is what they usually keep their whole lives...
Winnie: not easy for sure....but they make us proud in their own way...it's nice sometimes to get some value for all our parental trials
Barbie: ya. But parenting is the hardest job on earth, hands down. I don't think anyone has a clue until they are actually doing it as to how hard it can be. And if you don't think it is hard then you are not engaged with your children....or you are lying.
Winnie: so true
Barbie: And it is a job that you will have 'til the day you die. (not to be a downer, but just to acknowledge all the hard working parents out there!)
Winnie: well now that my son is leaving for college and moving into his own place, a new set of worries start....wow...
Barbie: Wanna hear something funny? One summer when I was about 20 I took a job as a nanny for 3 children in their home. And every night I would come home absolutely exhausted. I started thinking...wow, this is a tremendous amount of work, keeping them entertained, cooking, cleaning, and educating them. Maybe I don't want to have kids, but then my Dad said "it's different when you have your own kids". So....he was right...it is different but just as hard!!!! Maybe even harder cuz you don't ever go "off duty".
Winnie: but it's not the same job....yes of course you're never off duty...but it's easier to be yourself...even if you mess up, say the wrong thing, don’t do the dishes and let them eat cake for breakfast....you have no one to answer too. THAT makes it easier and of course gratifying also!
Winnie: and when you see them as teenagers...still dunk their Peanut butter toast in their chocolate milk...just like you taught them...it’s great!!!!!!!!

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