Thursday, August 13, 2009

Psycho girl is in da HOOOUUUSE!

Winnie: So, how does it feel to finally be in the new millennium?
Barbie: I'm like a kid with a new toy! I love texting!!
Winnie: be very careful...its addicting
Barbie: too late. I'm already addicted to my least this makes my life a little more
Winnie: funny how we never run out of things to say....
Barbie: maybe we just run off at the mouth a bit, ha, ha and just because YOU run out of things to say doesn’t stop you from talking…ooooo….burn!
Winnie: (Nice)… with Skype. FB and’s not our mouths that are doing the running
Barbie: I have to say that if it wasn't for all of these things, I would probably feel pretty isolated. Thank God for technology....
Winnie: watch out for the calluses...I hear *%^ is good for that !!!!
Barbie: Now you're talking like a
Winnie: or is that for something else?...not sure anymore LOL
Winnie: that's cuz I spend way too much time at the Hut with the!
Barbie: You ARE starting to sound disturbingly like the gang of guys
Barbie: who was there last night?
Winnie: Close Talker, Mr. BBQ, Fists o’flying, Teddy Bear and Hiver (and of course PC)
Winnie: I didn’t stay very long, had a long night at work...
Winnie: just stayed long enough for a couple Limes
Barbie: I talked to PC late last night and he seemed like he had had a few also, lol
Winnie: I saw a few empty glasses...but who was counting?
Barbie: I bet the patios were doing well last night with all the good weather!
Winnie: was crazy...I worked alone, thank God the bartender could help. It was jammed for 8 hrs straight...don’t people have anything better to do on a hot, sunny summer evening?
Barbie: nope. you got any better ideas?
Winnie: nope
Barbie: Sangrias on the patio on a warm summer night? What could be better?
Barbie: K, here is something funny....or sad....or scary depending how you look at it...
Barbie: Something to ponder....yikes
Winnie: Oh my....I think I may know someone like that
Barbie: seriously?
Barbie: that's scary!!
Barbie: who is it?
Winnie: Me!!!!!

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