Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life's little indulgences!

Winnie: Good day!
Barbie: Hi there!
Barbie: I have some very sad and disturbing news...
Winnie: oh no
Barbie: I found my first grey hair....sigh.....
Winnie: how devastating....well you did spend a week with PC, no wonder ;)
Barbie: LOL....I'm thinking it has more to do with divorce, but I may be wrong...
Barbie: At first I thought it was an extra blond one but as it turns out, sadly, no.
Winnie: all I have to say.....Nice and friends FOREVER!
Barbie: is gone now but I can see that someday in my future, it may have to be an option.
Winnie: its only a deterrent...more to come my friend, don’t think you are oblivious!
Barbie: it just took so long; somehow I thought maybe I was missing the grey hair
Barbie: I even saved it just to put it against various dark and black backgrounds to make sure it just wasn't extra blond and maybe I was panicking for nothing...
Winnie: i feel your pain....
Winnie: How's the parent's visit going?
Barbie: fantastic.....can I just say how much I enjoy people cooking for me? Pretty much ANYTHING you make for me will make me happy. Plus, my Dad has been mowing the lawn and fixing things around the house so I am in
Barbie: I'm sure the novelty would wear off eventually but for the moment, I love being taken care of....
Barbie: I'm thinking I am still hetero but wouldn't mind having a wife...
Winnie: so it’s been a couple weeks of indulgence eh?
Barbie: yep....and I could get used to it...
Barbie: permanently.
Winnie: i still prefer doing it one else can do right LOL
Winnie: except for maybe the cooking
Barbie: I may have been royalty in another life cuz it just feels so right to me to be
Winnie: oh what a surprise!!!!
Winnie: I can only take it for so first it's nice but after a while it's like " Hey! I can open that door myself, thank you very move over!"
Winnie: "...and now, come over here and give me some!"
Barbie: no, are misunderstanding....I like having my own life, my own money, my own responsibilities....I just want a cook, maid and someone to shovel the driveway and mow the lawn. Then life will be
Barbie: Then again it would give me so much free time I wouldn't know what to do with myself!
Winnie: well Im sure you could find
Barbie: true enough...I'd join the gym or something...ha, ha
Winnie: ya ok!
Barbie:'s the weather there? Raining again I am assuming? (pretty safe bet)
Winnie: nope, its an absolutely beautiful and sunny
Winnie: should be like this for the rest of the week
Barbie: aw, man...shut your gob
Winnie: summer had finaly arrived
Barbie: send it this way!!!
Winnie: just in time for back to suckers!!!!!!!!!!
Winnie: so the weather sucks in the Center of the Universe?
Barbie: yep...if we could avoid a thunderstorm for one. single. day., it might be nice!
Winnie: well for once i dont feel bad...share the wealth baby!!!!
Barbie: ha...ha funny (alsonotsomuch)
Winnie: besides...I look better with a tan ;)
Barbie: .....maybe one of these days I will get one too...


  1. Barbie is now saying she would like a wife. Had a sleepover with Winnie last week.. It begins. In a few months we will read about..Well.. I will let you two finish my thoughts.. ;)

  2. Don't get too hopeful....I'm as hetero as you get.

  3. Barbie - Grey is the new black - at least that is my motto.

  4. I'm just resolving to be in denial and call them "extra platinum blond"