Monday, August 31, 2009

Life's Milestones

Winnie: How was your PG 13 weekend?
Barbie: no complaints. Good bonding time with my kids.
Winnie: so you'll be all rested up for next weekend?
Barbie: yep!
Winnie: gooooooooddddyyyyy
Winnie: I had some weird moments yesterday. I was helping C pack for college
Winnie: we were going through some of his stuff, he found his souvenir box with all his kindergarten art work and report
Winnie: was pretty nostalgic since he's old enough now to appreciate it and realized he's starting a new chapter in his life...but you'd be proud of me...i didn't cry
Barbie:'s milestones.
Winnie: yes it is
Barbie: I bet you never thought you would see the day...
Winnie: for a short time no...but I am very proud of him for sure
Barbie: every year around this time you realize how fast life zings by....the kids, a grade older. It just really makes you stop and think.
Winnie: but why does life seam to stand still for us grown ups....its only during these moments that we get a wake up slap lol
Barbie: I think probably because we don't have the milestones we used to in school. Each grade that goes by makes you! I'm a year more advanced, but besides our birthdays and the birth of our children, we don't have as many milestones to count.
Winnie: so true...
Winnie: its ok...i still feel 28 :)
Barbie: funny, I just said that to someone the other day....I really feel like I'm still 28....sometimes younger inside!
Winnie: well my dear you don't look a day over 27, so don't worry about it
Barbie: lol, thanks. I'm not so worried to be honest....
Winnie: well you were the other day when you found THAT grey hair!
Barbie: I'm good with it
Winnie: ya that's cuz you yanked it out
Winnie: out of sigh...out of mind
Barbie: lol!
Barbie: ya well, I figure that if I only found my first grey hair at my age, I'm doing alright.
Winnie: geeee thanks....i found my first one at 21
Barbie: most people do....but then again my hair is light so it is less noticeable.
Winnie: that's just because you've been in denial. "If I don't look for it, how can I find it?"
Barbie: oh...I've been looking....just hadn't found any up until now...
Barbie: but I'm cool with it.
Barbie: Actually, although I like my hot little bod at 25, I really like my frame of mind more as I get older. I'm more confident and I think that is sexy too...
Winnie: are sexy baby!! (wink wink)
Barbie: lol, thanks!
Winnie: anytime
Barbie: If I would have my body in my early twenties with my confidence in my thirties....uh, oh...look out. lol
Winnie: poor men, you didn't make them suffer enough in high school lol
Barbie: ha, ha...what?, ok, I did a little.


  1. Congrats to you Winnie, you should be proud of C. You raised a well rounded, happy child. Who knew you had it in you ;) Just kidding.

    Don't even think about complaining about one grey hair. My head is full of em. UGH

  2. Gee thanks Chantal...I have such great friends. Now I know why I keep you guys around LOL xoxox