Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Waiter, there's a fly in my soup...

Winnie: Bonjour
Barbie: bonjour
Barbie: how are you today?
Winnie: unemployed :)
Winnie: feels good baby! lol
Barbie: lol
Winnie: how's your day?
Barbie: so far, so good. No complaints.....yet, lol
Winnie: I haven't ranted..yet!
Barbie: go for it!!
Winnie: so...would you like a fly with your butter?
Winnie: free drinks included
Barbie: lol
Barbie: want to say what happened?
Winnie: as not to offend anyone....let’s just say to all service staff out there... if you serve your customers insects, make sure they are on the menu...
Barbie: Can I just rant on your behalf then?
Winnie: you will anyways… lol
Barbie: Everyone makes mistakes at their job. We are ALL human and I can't imagine working for someone who actually expects that you are never allowed to make a mistake. RIDICULOUS!!!
Winnie: what world are you living in????
Barbie: I am saying that IF you live in the HOLE and you have been frequenting a certain restaurant/bar, mid-town. With a patio and wood oven pizza......I would consider not going there anymore. The owner does not treat his employees with compassion and I cannot eat there ever again knowing that.
Winnie: my expect too much of people. The world is not as nice as we are
Barbie: I am living in the real world. Every job that I have ever had, if I made a mistake, my boss would gently pull me aside and tell me what I did wrong and how not to do it again.
Barbie: If you got let go every single time you made a mistake the world would be a perpetual merry go round of job seeking!!!!
Winnie: or worse....flies would be on the menu ;)
Barbie: Well, CLEARLY you wanted to put the fly in the food on purpose because you KNOW people tip well when that happens!!!
Barbie: I know you even brought it from home!!
Barbie: lol!
Barbie: hey....weren't you also serving on the patio?? Gee, no insects out there!
Winnie: apparently not
Barbie: Next thing you know, they will be firing staff for WIND getting on people's food on the patio, or a drop of rain getting in someone's drink!!
Winnie: well you know it could be a health hazard!
Winnie: acid rain mixed with europen beer...could make you start speaking with an accent or someting
Barbie: LOL!


  1. Did you really get fired for someone getting a fly in there butter while they were eating OUTSIDE????????

  2. they were inside.....and I was a week away from the end of my probation...go figure!

  3. OMG that is terrible Winnie, i can't get over that. I mean really, the crap people get away with at my work... I will tell my mom. The older set in the Hole have a lot of restaurant money to burn. I will make sure they don't burn it there!

  4. So brutal. I am NEVER going there (S********S) again.

  5. Thanks for the support
    Funny thing is that THEY were worried about loosing customers when the word would get around about the fly.....funny how Karma works!!!!

  6. Wow that is unbeleivable. Do they come froma sheltered world where they have not ever had that happen before. You have a patio you have bugs, welcome to the real world. Like you put it there on purpose.