Monday, August 10, 2009

We're Back!

Winnie: welcome back!!!!!
Barbie: thanks...same to you!
Winnie: so i guess we have a lot to report to our readers
Barbie: was a jam packed week, that's for sure!
Winnie: I think it's going to take me the rest of the summer to recoup
Barbie: It was a week of indulgence for sure!
Barbie: Good food, good friends, good fun!
Winnie: we sure ran into some interesting characters this past week
Winnie: but then I’m sure most of the memories I have are alcohol filtered
Barbie: THAT is an understatement. Who knew Silver Fox could sing? LOL!
Winnie: I'll take your word for it, i didn’t hear him
Barbie: It was a fun day on the boat too!
Winnie: felt like the good old days, ...almost LOL
Barbie: It really much fun all around. Great to reconnect with some old pals from the Hole and some new ones too!
Winnie: well we went out almost every night, we were bound to run into a few people haha
Barbie: ya...I'd say we upped our odds, lol
Barbie: My gosh...I can't recall a time that I consumed that much alcohol that many days in succession. That coupled with all the decadent food...yikes!
Barbie: AND...( and this is the most exciting part) I almost got a
Winnie: I think I’m still de-toxing lol
Winnie: you almost had it there!!!!!
Barbie: soooo
Winnie: so I went to the Rainbow on Saturday night and met a certain someone who had me shaking my head all night....believe it or not!
Winnie: You would have hidden under the bar stool, lol
Barbie: Who was it?
Winnie: she's a cousin of "a friend"
Barbie: pretty rowdy?
Winnie: let's just call her....OH MY GOD!
Winnie: thank God I was forewarned before I met her !
Barbie: lol, ok! If she shocks you, then you know it must be bad.
Winnie: she spent the evening hitting on every guy and girl in the place...and then was not shy to tell how the guys in the band measured up...if you know what I mean?
Barbie: What the?
Barbie: I wish I could've seen your face. I
Barbie: have always wondered what you look like embarrassed.
Winnie: I think I was hidden in my sweater most of the an ostrich.
Barbie: Were the other people with you mortified as well?
Winnie: ya, her's a true testament that you can’t judge someone by who they are related to lol
Barbie: Thank God for That! I have some pretty wacky relatives...but who doesn't?
Barbie: Well, I have some very exciting news...
Barbie: PC got me a cell phone for my birthday (coming up)!!
Barbie: AND it has unlimited texting!! I'm so excited to be coming into this
Winnie: it's about time
Barbie: I know, I know...
Barbie: but now you will be able to text me!!
Winnie: what could I possibly have to say????
Barbie: OMG.


  1. I missed you Winnie ;)

  2. Uh, oh Winnie....Mr. Big seems to love YOU now, lol

  3. My buddy told me you two had a tickle fight in bed last week, so I am intreeged. I think I like you both now :)

  4. a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roomate won't put it down!!!

  5. Mr Big, Mr Big, Mr Big....when are you going to come out of the closet? You know you're going to get caught eventually!!!!

  6. How did I end up in the closet???? Oh well, If you really want to meet me Winnie, you know my email, lets set something up.

  7. All I have to say is that you know where to find me :)....just bring the shooters over yourslef next time !