Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Cast of Characters...

Barbie: Hi Winnie!
Winnie: good morning Barbie Dear!
Barbie: So last night I got a request from one of our newer fans to put together a "list of characters" so they know who everybody is....not real names of course but a description of how they fit into our lives...
Winnie: Sounds fun...
Barbie: ok, let's get started....

Hometown (aka: the “Hole”): the place we both grew up. Small, a little backward at times...still has a big place in both our hearts...Winnie is moving back there shortly and Barbie wishes she could but is living in the BIG city.
Redneckville: the place Winnie is desperate to leave. Makes the Hole look like a thriving metropolis of culture and
(Winnie: Oh sure does)
The Hut: a bar in the Hole owned by Prince Charming. Popular meeting place for lots of the characters....and the gathering place of the elite "Douchebags"
(Barbie: I would say that there is NOTHING elite about the douchebags there... they are garden variety, domestic douchebags...)
The Package Deal: a group of High School friends who were so tight that if you invited one somewhere, the rest had to come along.
Prince Charming (PC): Long-time friend of all the characters. Childhood sweetheart of Barbie and now adult sweetheart of Barbie.
Note: PC loves Days of Our Lives
TwoHandsFull: a childhood friend of ours...Her teenage years started pretty rough...Mohawks and ex-cons for mother of 2 and 1/2 kids living in the modern Suburbia
Note: Twohandsfull also has her own (less racy) blog and was part of the original "Package Deal" gang of girls with Winnie and Barbie in High school.
CCC: aka Chair Chuggin' Chick (also known as Helmut Head): another member of the Package deal group and long-time friend of Barbie and Winnie. Known for her sense of humour and drinking prowess....also known for throwing up through the grid of a Hockey Helmet on her 16th birthday, but we won't mention that.
Missyloo: part of the original package deal. Used to throw killer parties when her Mom wasn't home. Lives "away" now.
Giggles: known for her "unusual laugh". A new comer in high school to the Package Deal...and makes the rest of us (well at least Winnie) look like a tame school girl....The best party buddy that ever was!
Daddyohh: another High School friend...long out of the picture and now has returned with a vengeance....kind, funny and a romantic at heart!
Funnygirl: Friend of Barbie's who lives in the big city. Known for her fantastic sense of humour and sarcastic quips.
Doodlebug: Artist friend of Barbie who lives in the big city. Note: she always has paint somewhere on her person and has the coolest curly hair.
Phatboy: the Karaoke King of the Hut. A High School friend who now is the master of entertainment in the "Hole". Just a jolly fella he is, with an impressive set of vocal cords!
Note: Phatboy has NO self confidence problems, lol
The Twins: a set of twins who went to high school with the girls and are still around on and off in the Hole. They are fun and have no mouth filters....almost like a version of Tourette’s.
Close talker (aka: Creepy Guy): A high school acquaintance of the characters who appears to have a depth perception problem when he drinks. Well liked by all.
Drama Queen: involved highly in drama and acting...moved away to the big city.
Shamrockgirl: Very close friend of Barbie's in the big city. Has an infectious laugh and a volume control problem when drinking. No party is complete without her.
Dr. Crack: Apparently went to high school with the girls but was an ankle biter at the time. A reoccurring character in the Hole. Close friend of PC.
Fratboy: The Eternal Party boy...who never wants to grow up and will always live in Neverland (the Dorm room version that is)
Keeya: a dear friend of Winnie's (and now Barbie's) who is stuck in Redneckville but is very cool and will take you out with her Karate go girl!
Wannabe Barbie: well that almost says it all....once...and I say Once, thought of as a friend until she decided to try and live out our lives by dating everyone's and I mean EVERYONE's ex-boyfriends....she has now moved away and never to be heard of again, wonder why that is??
Record Head: a close friend of Barbie's in high school and part of the Package Deal. Known for wearing a record in her hair to a high school dance. Moved away from the Hole after school and disappeared....if you see a 30something lady walking down the street with a n mp3 player in her hair ask her to call us immediately.
Peaches: maybe not so sweet of a guy...but juicy as hell
Note: Winnie's opinion. Barbie thinks he is a dog with a humping problem. lol
Shyguy: bartender at the Hut...always being teased for his Douchebag qualities. Puts on a good show and is quite intimidated by Winnie so it seems (so is his girlfriend, we hear)

and last but not least....

Mr Biggg: Oh Mr Biggg...the unknown character that is in close competition to be our Fan Club leader with PC....A Big fan of Barbie’s and Winnie's... nemesis! (We still can’t figure out who he really is)

Well, that just about covers the basic reoccurring characters....if you want to have your own name and you don't see it here....write us...or become more prominent in our


  1. I love you ladies. Your interesting perspectives on things really make me chuckle. I won't lie you both look fantastic. I am not sure if you know who I am but, you know me. Lol. Barbie with PC is a good thing. Makes him easier to deal with. He always has a smile on his face. Winnie is priceless. I am sure that she could use Barbie's wisdom. I am sure she could benefit from some guidance from a friend who is wise and insightful. That would be me. I hope you can figure out who I am.

  2. You do know that I'm not that un-wise do you? I only play one on TV :)

  3. I think we all have a 'Barbie WannaBe' in our past - except mine didnt want to date ex-boyfriends - she wanted to date your current boyfriend and was happy to provide the 'business time' that you spoke of in your last blog.....she drew the line when a few of us caught her 'business timing' a few of our boyfriends during grad - in the same bed......

  4. Well done ladies, well done. You were much too kind when describing me...I am not as 'nice' as you say, fun maybe, but not 'nice'. Right Winnie? And vengeance? it's only just begun ladies ;) I am so thankful I am coming back "home" to a lot of dear friends. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone again, well one of you especially.....

    Now, I want to call out this Mr. Bigg fella, this little game you are playing is and has been quite amusing and lately you are all "they" ever talk about...Frankly, I am getting just a little tired of it all. Do yah think you could just come out and have a drink or 7 at the Hut (you're welcome PC) and we could chill, shoot some stick, sing, or eat popcorn, and get wasted? I would really enjoy that...OR are the "ladies" just messing with us all and you don't really exist!?!!

  5. Oh my my my Funnygirl...hope you and your friends put her "out of business" for a while?

    and dear friend, you are way too modest for my taste! LOL...welcome back!

  6. Oh ladies ladies that I know who I am, I will be paying MUCH closer attention to this little blog of yours ;o).
    I have since had to change my profile to meet your description...though I must say, I do consider myself more of a songbird than a drama queen...I'm all about 'no drama'...unless it's in this blog...then I'm hooked like Prince Charming on Days of our Lives!

    I also wanted to that you mention the 'killer parties' at Missyloo's...there is one in particular that has stuck out for me...picture it: winter 1987. A bunch of us characters retire from a different party and gather at missyloo's, and tagging along is a certain gent who I shall name 'Rock Me Amadeus'. Another character keeps us up all night singing 'Midnight...and I'm a waitin' on the 12:45'...and mister Rock Me Amadeus falls asleep...and we put his jeans in the freezer...and when we got them out the next morning they had turned green...OMG I'm laughing out loud right now just thinkin' about it.

    And must be given where it is due...Missyloo was not the ONLY one to have killer parties...WINNIE!!! I remember a certain gathering where 'Fat Cop' dropped me off and CCC (yes you!) was sitting in the driveway...broad daylight...with a Blue in her hand!!! Now THAT was a doozy to try to cover up!!!!! Oh the memories...

  7. yayayaya DaddyOh. I am actually going to be at the "Hut" on Sunday. I have Monday off, and I hear that is the place to be on Holidays. I will try to find you all, and say hi. Look out guys. Once your ladies see me, they might change my name to------well I will let our lovely gals think of something that will describe my mega hotness ;) See you all Sunday.

  8. Once we see you, we might change your name to Mr. Small??? LOL!!

  9. I doubt that one Winnie, but if that makes you feel better about your fella, than I am ok with it too ;)

  10. be there early Mr big, I wouldn't want you to wait in line too

  11. Look maw! I'm famous!


    Now all the pieces are starting to fit together.

    ~sits back with a big ol bowl of popcorn~

  12. What makes you think I made that nasty remark about you Mr. Bigg???

    Drama Quenn....those green I thought I was the only one who remembered that stiff and green they were! Poor guy!

  13. See you tonight ladies ;)

  14. And you too DaddyOh :)

  15. You could have thanked me for the shots :(

  16. Thank you Mr Bigg...too bad you were to chicken to introduce yourself. Are we that intimidating??? ;)

  17. Okay, we need an update ladies.

    There's BOUND to be something good goin on.

    Don't make a girl get all cyber stalker on you now :O

    I kid!

  18. Couldn't make it Monday, Mr. Biggg, another time aight?

  19. My friends band is playing at the Hut on Saturday Daddyohh. Maybe we can have a beer then. Let me know buddy????????????????