Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tacky Santa

Barbie: hey there..
Winnie: hello
Barbie: how are you today?
Winnie: doing good, cant complain about anything except the rain coming lol
Barbie: it has been rainy and foggy here for days on end...I think it is starting to affect my already fragile sanity...ha, ha
Winnie: we haven't had rain yet, just been foggy for a week lol
Barbie: gross....I don't know how people in England and Vancouver live this way all the time!!
Barbie: Plus it is at the darkest time of the year.....yuck!
Winnie: they wear rose colored glasses and ponchos
Barbie: sounds like a
Winnie: got to survive !!!1
Barbie: do what you
Winnie: did you take the kids to a xmas parade yet? oh wait..."Holiday Parade"?
Barbie: was gross and raining....not my idea of a good time. Plus I am a Christmas Grinch in case you have forgotten. I do everything at Christmas for my kids...otherwise I would skip it all and go to the Bahamas.
Winnie: i like the decorations and parties, that's it lol
Winnie: now that my kids are grown, its just not the same anymore
Barbie: I like the nostalgia of it I guess and the food but I hate the consumerism for it's own sake and sorry, but women take the brunt of the work around Christmas.
Winnie: i much for holidays lol
Winnie: i think this year i would much rather be somewhere warm too....something to be grateful for lol
Barbie: ya....the holidays just tends to be something I "get through". It is really stressful.
Barbie: I used to like it as a kid when all you had to do was sit back and enjoy. It must also be enjoyable for men who for the most part get to do the same thing (besides buying the required gifts).
Barbie: Let's have all the family to buy for, kids, stockings, friends (ps- you are not getting a present), teachers, blah, blah....decorations to put up, cookies to bake, meals to plan.....I could live without it frankly.
Winnie: i still enjoy those things, its just the financial stress that gets to me....and allot of others too. The spirit of the holidays is often lost because of that.
Barbie: I think I was born without the "cooking/scrapbooking" gene.
Winnie: i only like to bake during the holidays....i love the decorations and music, somehow it makes me feel good
Barbie: I like to do those things when I have time but when you work full time and have two young children, it is all so rushed and forced!!
Winnie: but then,the gift buying, running around and having to see people you've been avoiding all year....bummes me out lol
Barbie: ya...I hate gift buying. I would skip the gifts part altogether if I didn't have kids. That's why I like Thanksgiving....all the good food and friends, but minus the gifts, the over hype and the overboard decorations.
Winnie: maybe we should move to the middle east....never have to see a plastic lit up Santa and reindeer again
Barbie: ohhh....but if you think the women there don't tow the line for their celebrations you are
Winnie: but does it involve tacky decorations???????
Barbie: not nearly as tacky as ours.


  1. ya but remember, in the middle east they fast a lot as part of their celebrations. no food. I take a tacky plastic santa over no food anyday.

    And then to end their fast they eat huge feasts which the women have to cook WHILE THEY ARE FASTING... No thanks!