Monday, November 16, 2009

A boring Blog

Winnie: your voice back?
Barbie: marginally..
Barbie: but now I have a fantastic cough to go with it.
Winnie: ohhh sucks
Barbie: I can't complain, it is the first time I have been sick all year. I so rarely get sick.
Winnie: fun
Barbie: hopefully it will be done soon.
Winnie: rest ;)
Barbie: YA....OK. THAT'S funny!
Winnie: lol
Barbie: single mom. rest. hahahahahaha
Winnie: single mom? why I'm sure their father would be HAPPY to lend a hand lol
Barbie: for a
Barbie: isn't there always a price?
Winnie: always.....
Barbie: so...we have had complaints that our blog is boring lately...
Winnie: ya i know
Barbie: so I guess you should go ahead and take that pole dancing class so we have something entertaining to talk about.
Barbie: I'm very sorry that the drudgery of our lives just isn't cutter the
Winnie: entertaining??? lots of entertaining stuff going already, just not sure if its blog worthy
Barbie: that's the thing.
Winnie: anyone care that my son ended up with a BAD tooth ache and a pulled groin muscle withing 24 hrs...and that now i have to drive an hour for an emergency dentist appt with a limping complaining teenager...????? I doubt it lol
Barbie: I know. Somehow if we had our own reality series people would say our lives are very dramatic but some things we can't write about...
Winnie: and that i searched frantically this morning for my purse and then had the horrible fear that i had left it in bf's car which is an hour away on a hoist at a garage?...
Winnie: i think not!!!!
Barbie: how about my very boring weekend...NOT!
Barbie: driving 5 hours to realize that I am sick. Then taking out PC with my cold as well....only to end up with two sickos (and not in a good way) laying around all weekend.
Winnie: here's something exciting.....i started my Christmas shopping LOL....
Winnie: this should get everyone talking!
Winnie: OH....and i lost a button on my new jeans!
Barbie: There you go. This is life and we write about our lives.
Barbie: Although I must say that there was a very interesting drunken man at the Hut on Friday.
Winnie: and i missed it...
Barbie: He sat there yelling to himself for an hour or two....we all made bets on when the doorman was going to kick him out.
Barbie: When he was finally asked to leave, he came over and made a dramatic plea to stay....unfortunately he was completely incomprehensible and so we all just burst out laughing and gave him a round of applause.
Winnie: someone I know? lol
Barbie: not unless you know many 65 year old toothless men.
Barbie: ....and you might...hahahaha
Winnie: well i might, i do work there
Barbie: and for a grand finally, he did his best ninja routine on the way out.
Winnie: priceless......
Barbie: band-shmand....HE was the entertainment.


  1. You work there? Winnie, you work at the Hut now?

  2. yes dear, a few shifts here and there to help out!!! Its kinda fun LOL

  3. Some cute Owner type guy gave me a job. He is so sweet, and sexy, and I am lucky to be able to work with him. He is brilliant, oh and did I say cute and sexy>>>> :)

  4. I am so jealous of Barbie. Even though I have a great guy, who is a Cowboys fan. Barbie has herself an amazing guy who helps his friends whenever they need it. Oh ya...did I foget to mention....sooooooo sexy, and smart....oh ya...and cute too ;)

  5. It would appear as though SOMEONE has gotten our password Winnie....sigh.....(eye roll)

  6. What do you mean Barbie????? I wrote all those things. Does it bother you that PC is cute and sexy????

  7. Oh....and before I forget. I just wanted to state that The Habs are the suckiest team in the league this year, and I am embarrassed to say I am a fan.

  8. OMG Winnie, you are so right. PC is amazing....and cute and sexy too :)

  9. Boy, i think Winnie has some jealousy issues, I think i need to have a talk with her...GO HABS GO!!!