Monday, November 9, 2009

The Status Challenge

Winnie: good morning
Barbie: good morning!
Winnie: how was your evening?
Barbie: pretty could almost say boring
Winnie: nice i guess lol
Barbie: well, I'll take it over drama
Winnie: better than turmoil
Barbie: ya...there isn't anything "wrong" per se...just nothing very exciting or dramatic or excessively gleeful
Barbie: not a bad thing, just not pure entertainment
Winnie: we sure are suckers for drama lol
Winnie: we're complaining that there is nothing wrong....what's wrong with that??
Barbie: I AM NOT COMPLAINING DUDE...let's get this straight...I am perfectly happy to choose my own excitement!
Winnie: lol ok
Barbie: preferably in the form of a lottery win of some sort
Winnie: I'm working on that one
Barbie: me too. It's bound to happen soon. I'm worthy of it.
Winnie: yes you are my friend
Winnie: and i am worthy of at least half a million for being your friend
Barbie: lol not to worry....I'll take care of my friends when I am a multi multi millionaire.
Winnie: good :)
Barbie: the same goes for you!!
Barbie: In fact, all I want is my house paid off.
Winnie: all i want is A house, lol
Barbie: well, in my case, that also may be the case soon...ha, ha
Barbie: So....can I challenge our readers for a moment?
Winnie: a challenge on a monday morning??? wow you're tough
Barbie: I am asking them to come up with witty status' on facebook. The ol' "Glen is eating an apple." is dragging the fun out of facebook down!!
Barbie: I'm asking our readers to stir up trouble, cause some controversy, be original, think outside the box. Or, if you are going to be lame, and least let it be the MOST lame. (Can I say that my friend Pebbles won this one with the "Pebbles just turned the light out in the garage". An eternal winner in my books.)
Winnie: so you mean you DON'T want me talking about taking my dog for a walk?
Barbie: no.
Winnie: hmmmm, take all the fun out of it will ya!
Barbie: If your dog ate someones cat along the way, well that's a different story.
Winnie: nice........then i may have some angry neighbours who have something to talk about on THEIR status
Winnie: I have a good one.......
Barbie: what?
Winnie: and give it away?
Barbie: ahh....that's better...I checked your status...much more interesting!
Winnie: now i just have to tell the world how STUPID i am lol
Barbie: well at least it's more interesting!


  1. What's going on? Are the two of you so in love that you don't want to write about anything interesting? I'll keep reading, but I won't like it. jk ;)