Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hey there Sugar!

Winnie: hi ya
Barbie: well howdy there!
Winnie: filled up on candy yet?
Barbie: what do you think??
Barbie: You know I have candy issues, lol
Winnie: yes, i heard that somewhere.
Barbie: I may be the only person you know who has eaten an entire gingerbread house.....in one night!! (insulin here I come)
Winnie: well it was a chaser for vodka, so you're allowed
Winnie: it's in the rule book
Barbie: I'm still waiting for my metabolism to give up....then I'm screwed.
Winnie: well mine has already, so you can't be too far behind
Barbie: great....oh the joys of aging.
Winnie: PLEASE don't say THAT word?
Winnie: i like to think that reality is just something the Pharmaceutical companies made up
Barbie: what? Joy? don't be such a stick in the mud
Winnie: i mean the "A.G.E" word
Barbie: bah...to be honest, I don't care that much (today)...ha, ha
Winnie: that's because you're high on sucrose....just wait
Barbie: technically if I keep eating candy, I never have to come down...NEVER!!!!!
Winnie: neither will the scale
Barbie: It isn't a problem, I can stop any time, I just don't want to.
Barbie: I mean, I have seen people who eat waaaay more candy than I do, THEY have the problem, not me.
Winnie: that's because there is less candy left for you....
Barbie: My life is still under control, I mean, it isn't like I'm holding up convenience stores for a Big Turk or anything....
Barbie: yet.
Winnie: well you should be good until after Easter anyway....
Barbie: ya...I mean, keep things in perspective, I'm only on a sugar high from Hallowe'en until Easter.
Winnie: it's controlled substance abuse
Winnie: i like it!
Barbie: I'm what you call a functional sugarholic.
Barbie: See at the Halloween party most people were doing shots and I was popping gummy spiders.
Winnie: and you wonder why you have strange friends
Barbie: excuse me? I prefer non traditionally interesting.
Winnie: "Oh there's the German Girl...look at her take down those candies...wow!"
Barbie: I have plenty of normal friends....as long as they are candy enablers.
Winnie: "Ya she's a hoot...just don't invite her to your kid's birthday parties"
Barbie: listen, a girl needs her vices....otherwise I would be intolerable...too much to look up to!
Winnie: I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it
Winnie: I just wouldn't want to be compared to the Blueberry Girl from Willy Wonka
Winnie: but if you don't mind it....
Barbie: well, like I say, there isn't anything in life that can't be made better with a little bit of sugar.....
Barbie: except Diabetes.

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