Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fear or Beer?

Winnie: good morning
Barbie: good morning sunshine!
Winnie: that's me!!!!!
Winnie: the sunshine of every one's life!!!
Barbie: lol
Barbie: well, nobody can say you lack self confidence!
Winnie: im sure we could some people who would disagree with me though
Barbie: doubtful
Winnie: self confidence is my Super Power!
Barbie: So how are things in the Hole? Still mass hysteria?
Winnie: I have a sick son
Barbie: which one?
Winnie: actually both
Barbie: so now they can't get the shot anyway, so you can put off that decision...
Winnie: college boy has a cold, saw him last night and feeling run down
Winnie: skater boy has a terrible headache, body ache and heavy fever of cough just yet, crossing my fingers
Barbie: yuck. the flu sucks.
Winnie: it sure does, now add FEAR into the symptoms and its even worse
Barbie: yes. of course. Fear taxes the immune system.
Winnie: something like that
Barbie: so he is at home today then?
Winnie: yup, let him sleep before he ends up with a fever
Barbie: sleep is soooo good!!
Winnie: nothing else i can do for him now
Barbie: nope. just tlc, lots of fluids and rest
Winnie: How is the center today?
Barbie: like yesterday....less and less people are coming and the ones who are here are in a mad panic.
Winnie: start handing out Valium with the hand sanitizers
Barbie: lol
Barbie: If I was a doctor I would be prescribing a shot of whiskey and a mental health day for everyone!! (including me, lol)
Winnie: hey that sounds like a good plan to me....although everyday is a mental health day for me lol
Barbie: lol!
Winnie: and I prefer Brandy
Barbie: I'm just thinking the alcohol is the important component.
Barbie: But I do think this...whatever your choices and always helps to have calm around them.
Winnie: i agree...there is nothing more that we can do
Barbie: again with the "give in to the river of life....paddling upstream gets you nowhere" many times are we (you and I) going to be presented with this lesson before we finally get it??
Winnie: until we drown?
Barbie: well, if you let yourself go with the flow you eventually bob to the top and you won't drown.
Barbie: But MAN is that a tough one!!!!
Winnie: OK...enough talk about that....
Winnie: do you have your costume for the weekend?
Barbie: yep. I am wearing my German outfit so I am going as a beer wench, lol
Winnie: glad you will be yourself lol
Barbie: you are pretty brave when you are out of reach.


  1. Just waited in line for 3 hours to get my shot. Are you two getting yours?

  2. LOL yes, I need a mental health day too!

  3. Neither of us is getting it, we'll tough it out!