Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flu or Fly?

Winnie: hi friend!
Barbie: Hi girl!
Winnie: is it sunny today?
Barbie: nope...but I am in a slightly more sunny frame of mind
Winnie: good
Winnie: funny what NeoCitrin can do
Barbie: least I got a good night's sleep
Winnie: well you needed it
Barbie: yes
Winnie: shit i just over creamed my coffee...hmmm guess its cafe au half and half for me today lol
Barbie: lol, Starbucks eat your heart out
Winnie: guess ill have to get my fix with something else
Barbie: so. everyone around here is all a twitter about the flu vaccine...
Winnie: i dont get it...flu is the flu....
Winnie: i would not put that stuff in my system on purpose
Barbie: yep. media and pharmaceutical companies like to scare people
Barbie: I have worked with germy kids for years and years and have only gotten the true flu once and never gotten a flu shot.
Winnie: me we shouldnt say that out loud
Barbie: why? it isn't against the Want to prevent the flu? Wash your hands consistently, get lots of rest and keep your stress under control.
Winnie: i mean we shouldn't jinx it
Barbie: well, I'm not interested in getting the flu, especially, but i take it as a sign that your body needs a rest plus it builds up your immunity, being exposed to viruses.
Winnie: and this public service announcement has been brought to you by.....
Barbie: well, if it was a public service announcement it would be saying "get vaccinated"
Winnie: yes it would, i agree
Barbie: I get why the govt. wants people to get vaccinated. Because if everyone got the flu at the same time, it would bring society to its knees but it would be nice if they did more on other preventative measures too.
Winnie: make work it
Barbie: yesterday I watched Oprah and they were visiting different places in the world. I want to move to Denmark. I think I was born in the wrong place. It seems like I would fit right in
Winnie: lol....and you complain now about a long distance relationship??
Barbie: lol....just kidding. But their society is freaking awesome!
Winnie: how's that?
Barbie: is a free society but most people make generally around the same amount of money, so you don't focus your career on money but rather on your interests.
Barbie: All health care and all that is free
Winnie: so far so good...where do i sign up?
Barbie: plus they are minimalists....they are not into big houses, big consumers.
Barbie: They get tons of holidays and everyone quits work at 4 to go and eat with their families.Winnie: what about big....???? oh forget it
Barbie: lol
Barbie: but not to worry, I love Canada. I'm not leaving.
Winnie: well you ARE living in the Center of the Universe, why would you want to leave? :)


  1. I'm getting my shot next week :( my mom is making me.

  2. PS; I need someone to hold my hand next Friday. Are you 2 interested. Just kidding h&k's

  3. we are getting the shot. I am not so worried about me of the kids, just the baby being born right at the height of flu season. I would rather avoid anyone bringing it into our house and giving it to him. He will be so young and have little defense.