Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fala la la la la lal......arrrggggggg!!!!

Winnie: hey chicki!
Barbie: hey chicka!
Winnie: sa va?
Barbie: complaints.
Winnie: I'm having one of those days...just a crazy crazy morning
Barbie: oh yeah? why?
Winnie: even the dog was hyper
Winnie: just stupid stuff...sick kid...was up all night and of course has a test at school today
Winnie: my father made all this noise in the shower ( i think he dropped ALL the shampoo bottles) woke everyone up
Winnie: my mom ran into the bathroom, thinking my dad had fell...started freaking out, she started crying
Winnie: the furnace stopped working (its new, was just installed last week) and my dad was checking it and decided to use a Rubbermaid bin as a step stool
Winnie: .....or course you can just image the sound he made when his foot came crashing through it. Not to worry, it was only full of dog food....that is now all over the basement floor.
Winnie: Oh and did i mention the dog was hyper???
Winnie: just went on and on
Winnie: not enough coffee in the world today!
Barbie: LOL!! Christmas with the Griswold's!
Winnie: YUPPERS...
Winnie: oh...and the dog broke her rope and ran away
Barbie: she's gone???
Winnie: she came back....of course. She's a chicken. God forbid she spends more than 3 minutes away from me
Barbie: lol
Winnie: she might just climb on the counter, swoop all the paper and pens off and chew the crap out of a gel pen on the beige carpet
Winnie: ...cuz that would just be crazy
Winnie: am I ranting?????????
Barbie: lil bit....but I can understand. My family is coming next week so I'll be doing much of the same, I suspect. ha
Barbie: This morning my 5 year old told me he hated me and that I ruined his day....sigh.
Winnie: what did you do to that poor helpless child?
Barbie: he was scrapping with his sister on who got the middle seat in the van and it was her turn and he had a melt down and I didn't give in. So he got mad and threw his hallowe'en bucket at me and I did the whole "pick it up on the count of three or no Christmas specials for you tonight which further infuriated him"
Barbie: So he went and sat in his seat but let me know that he hated me just to get a little dig in....ah.....merry christmas.
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhhhh the jolly joys......
Barbie: "Tis the season to be stressed and cranky...falalalal"

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  1. Oh Winnie that sounds like a nasty day. And Barbie, our kids all hate us at some point now don't they :)