Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Have a very gay Christmas!

Winnie: hi hun
Barbie: hey there
Winnie: keeping busy?
Barbie: yep....you know us neurotic types....always keeping busy...even if only with imagined worries...
Winnie: lol...yesssssssssssssss i know
Barbie: I am actually less grinchy today.
Winnie: and that's a good thing?
Barbie: isn't it?
Winnie: but I WANT you to be grinchy along with me!!
Barbie: Well, I'm usually a happy girl....just not usually around Christmas....I have no idea why. I think I just don't like people telling me that I HAVE to be happy and have the best time of the year. Can't take the pressure.
Barbie: wanna see something funny?
Barbie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3354flS1KJs&feature=PlayList&p=4FDC8FC0E5BE901A&index=2&playnext=3&playnext_from=PL

Barbie: sadly, I miss the big hair of the 80s

Winnie: lol, oh my...that video is so lame
Barbie: I can tell the chick in the video right now what the problem was between them .....he's gay genius! ha!
Winnie: just like any other relationship....only if we knew then what we know now , lol
Barbie: did you ever love any gay guys?
Barbie: I think they tend to appeal to teenage girls a lot (along with Vampires now apparently)
Winnie: all of them......LOL
Barbie: ha, ha. Don't ALL teenage girls love gay boys ?( I still love my gay boys). They are like girlfriends, but you still get to hang around boys and they don't look at you like they want to eat you with a fork.
Winnie: was never close to any...they were too cool for me
Barbie: what? are you not aware that we used to hang out with some in high school???? (big clue, our mothers let them come to our sleepover parties)
Winnie: ya but they all liked you lol
Barbie: yes, it is true, I am a proud fag hag.
Winnie: yes yes yes
Winnie: see, I tend to attract the losers
Winnie: or bar rats....whatever
Winnie: all the guys that have no chance in hell
Barbie: I'm totally hetero but have a soft spot for gay people (Cindy Lauper eat your heart out)...I think it is the "going for the underdog" thing. Maybe it is because I am a creative type. Except fake lesbians….hate those. You know how I feel about them.
Winnie: Yes, the “hey look boys in the bar…I’m kissing another girl” type lesbians. Lesbians of convenience.
Winnie: Gay power and all that, but I have to say that most of the good straight ones are intimidated by me, lol, go figure
Barbie: well, it takes a big man not to be intimidated by a strong woman.
Winnie: lol yes
Winnie: I was just told the other day that I make guys nervous.
Barbie: Guys SHOULD be nervous around you. They have no idea what they are up against. Snort!
Barbie: Psst….I will tell you a little secret....I know right away how to tell if I guy has a big “you know what”...
Winnie: Do tell!
Barbie: If he laughs at my jokes.....big one.
Barbie: if he doesn't think I am funny, small one.
Winnie: good conclusion
Barbie: I have a feeling that if we post this I will suddenly become VERY funny to a lot of nervous guys.
Winnie: You and me both sista!


  1. OMG, this post so friggin hilarious...HA HA, I laughed so hard I almost peeed my pants. Holy FK you ladies are killin...

    Have a great holiday season, see you soon. ;)

  2. You know who I blame for fake lesbians? Katy Perry. Yeah yeah, we get it, you got drunk and smooched a girl. What do you want, a gold medal?