Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poutine talk!

Barbie: hey Winnie....
Winnie: allooo
Winnie: just getttin' on...hold your horses!!
Barbie: my horses are held...lol
Winnie: sure, but for how long?
Barbie: well, you know us virgos....
Barbie: so I have decided that on Tuesdays we are gonna have a treat confessional.....we will tell what is our junk food that we are obsessing on this week....
Winnie: well..funny you should ask that , LOL , You know since Ive had to fast for the last 16hrs...I'm treating myself (as we speak) to a Parasole Poutine....for those Westerners out there...its French fries, gravy, curd cheese, ground beef, onions and mushrooms (minus the green peppers, they don't like me) Poutine is my weakness, not just this week, but every week LOL, how do you think i stay in such great shape? LOL
Barbie: Well, I won't be one of those girls that say "oooo....I starve myself and work out two hours a day to stay thin" ...I will be fair to everyone who works their asses off to stay in shape, I'm lucky and have good genes. I do work out but I never diet, I just try to eat healthy....but sugar is my vice...I love candy....Gum drops, jujubes, licorice...candy of any kind...
Winnie: eye candy?
Winnie: hahaha
Barbie: (eye roll) ya..but this week I am sticking to chocolate popsicles cuz I know on the weekend PC will be treating me to a big greasy poutine from the stand in the ditch....and he also promised a HUGE breakfast...so trying to eat at least a little healthy before the big gorge....
Barbie: so, your favourite white trash food, besides poutine (we're of French Canadian blood so THAT's a given)
Winnie: that's it...really!
Winnie: everything else I can go without
Barbie: what??? how boring....
Winnie: ya, that's me....boring
Winnie: ;)
Barbie: you are telling me that the only food you crave and eat that is unhealthy or weird is poutine???
Winnie: pretty much...and ok, sometimes Lays Regular chips
Winnie: and a pepsi
Barbie: of course a pepsi....we're French...lol....
Winnie: ohhhh...and for dessert...a Peach....LOL
Barbie: geez...
Barbie: remember when we were kids and they used to build a fort every year out of pepsi cases in the Zellers parking lot?
Winnie: oh ya ha ha, cases of pepsi
Barbie: I used to love that!!
Winnie: I remember once winning the radio statio contest...i won a case of Cherry Pepsi, when it just came out
Barbie: You remember how strict my parents were about sugar? but once a year they would buy a case of Pepsi cuz it was for charity...
Winnie: I was soooooooo happy...but man it was gross
Barbie: I like cherry coke so I'm sure I would like cherry pepsi
Winnie: you poor soul, i remember your parents...Seaweed shake anyone???? lol
Barbie: ya, but look at how I turned out, lol
Winnie: ya, true
Winnie: Miss...."I have a tea for that!!!!!!!!"
Barbie: but sadly, nobody ever wanted to come over to eat...."will your mother force me to eat rutabega? (sp?)"
Barbie: So, you have a tea for what?
Winnie: for whatever!
Barbie: I don't get it.
Winnie: forget it
Barbie: alrighty then...lol
Winnie: ...meaning you and your herbs and homeopathic, natural healing stuff lol
Winnie: guess all that tea doesnt work the brain!
Barbie: ahh....my hippy food.....I get it....yes, I know....I got that from my parents...guilty....
Winnie: do they make hippy poutine?
Barbie: I really don't think there is ANY way to save that dish, lol
Winnie: why would you want to?
Winnie: hahah
Barbie: exactly....
Winnie: so...Fratboy messaged me yesterday
Barbie: oh ya?
Barbie: drunk again?
Winnie: Not unless he was at 6pm...wouldnt surprize me though LOL, he wanted to know how my weekend at the arena went and wanted to know what I got for MILF day!
Barbie: lol
Winnie: ok he said...Mother's day, I just added that lOL
Barbie: ah....the truth comes out egomaniac!!!
Winnie: admit it...its funny
Barbie: I'm surpised he isn't falling all over himself to be at the Hut on Sunday...
Barbie: ok, its vaguely humorous...
Barbie: lol
Winnie: funny....wait until we actualy meet...
Winnie: and Daddyoh too...
Winnie: no wonder I spend all my time on the computer and phone ...not enough time in the day :)
Barbie: what did daddyoh have to say?
Winnie: asked what my plans were for..thursday, friday, saturday...lol
Winnie: think he's keeping his options open?
Barbie: is he coming on Sunday?
Winnie: dont think so, he gets his kids on sunday night
Barbie: ah yes!
Barbie: you going to do something with him?
Winnie: probably not this week, I have tonnes to do....
Winnie: i may though, could be fun to hook up after all these years, get a bite to eat and a drink
Winnie: besides...Coach wanted to see me this week...hmmmm still waiting :)
Barbie: I'll be interested to see if he calls...
Winnie: he did send a text on sunday night...told me to tell him when I was free. I haven't done so yet.
Winnie: Don't want to sound too easy!!!!! LOL
Barbie: ok....LMAO!!!
Winnie: funny eh??? ;)
Barbie: um...yes.
Winnie: so what should I do? Call him?
Barbie: if you want....
Winnie: I'm tempted....
Winnie: Should ask everyone's advice.....Should I call him?????
Barbie: go for it....I can put up a poll for you....
Winnie: sounds fun


  1. I am going to weigh in on this debate - not that I am an expert....but I think if he sent you a text, I would text him back...now I wouldnt say that I am available 24/7, but I might give 2 options or so....at least this is funnygirls opinion

  2. and one more thing....in your first post you talked about the perfect pair of jeans.....where are they???? I hate shopping for them as they all look like crap on me ... OK maybe that is the hint to workout, but still, there has to be a pair out there for me....any ideas???? Cant figure out how to change the "anonymous said" bar, so I will just sign it in the text .... funnygirl

  3. Funnygirl....I haven't found the perfect jeans yet either....let me know if you find them....I checked EVERYWHERE....I have found good jeans but not YOWZA jeans :(


  4. Hey funnygirl...thanks for the advise. Now for those jeans...got to shop shop and shop around until you find the perfect pair...Its soooooo worth it. Now to change your name...click on "Select profile" (underneth your message)..click "name" and then add your name.

  5. You two are hilarious! You haven't changed a bit in all these years. Can't wait to see you on Sunday!

  6. I just wanted to weigh in here and say that I was introduced to a yummy delicacy at Barbie's parents' house...Perogies! Mmmmmm! :o)