Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who's Square?

Barbie says: whew…what a day!
Winnie says: uh oh just don’t kill me anytime soon ok???
Winnie says: there are still a Few I want to do....
Winnie says: wink wink!
Barbie says: a few what? Men? sheesh...
Winnie says: ya lol
Winnie says: was funny
Barbie says: you know....I
Winnie says: yaya...that's what I meant Instein
Winnie says: you may be funny...but you're slow
Barbie says: um. Hate to point this out, but ironically you spelled Einstein wrong...
Winnie says: LMAO!!!!!!!!
Barbie says: you were saying? lol
Winnie says: that was pure typo …
Winnie says: I swear
Barbie says: I'm sure. Of course. We'll go with that.
Winnie says: thanks
Barbie says: I'll cut you some slack...TODAY
Winnie says: geeeee how nice of you
Barbie says: I may be square (not a partygirl) but I'm also very nice.
Winnie says: is that what you call nice???
Barbie says: I'm fragile today....still making up sleep for last weekend. I was up waay past my bedtime.
Winnie says: not my fault
Winnie says: hmmm....not a partygirl eh?
Barbie says: um. ya. had NOTHING to do with it BAD INFLUENCE!
Winnie says: WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY THAT????????
Barbie says: hmmm....I wonder?
Winnie says: I’m going to get a complex soon
Barbie says: you SHOULD have a complex...maybe it will make you behave a little
Winnie says: brb, phone
Winnie says: The Ex...looking for his son
Winnie says: lol good luck
Barbie says: hmmmm...teens are hard to track down
Winnie says: thank God I pay for his cell phone that is always dead
Barbie says: so, did you get to enjoy the weather today?
Winnie says: nope, wanted to run but too windy
Winnie says: and lazy... lol
Barbie says: too hot to run here today!!
Winnie says: it’s hot too...
Barbie says: but I spent a teensy bit of time outdoors....
Winnie says: but cuz I’m on the river, wind is bad
Barbie says: ah...
Winnie says: wish I had a laptop; I could be sitting on my deck... maybe I should buy myself one instead of buying one for my son's graduation
Winnie says: OUCH...did I just say out loud that I have a son that old LOL
Barbie says: I have one and I never use it mobile anyway...too hard to see the screen in the sun.
Barbie says: ha, let the cat out of the bag
Winnie says: suffer and sit in the shade
Winnie says: I have to make a call, will you be around for a few minutes ?
Barbie says: no....Princess has a play date.
Winnie says: ah ok
Barbie says: I've got to shove a few perogies down everyone's pie hole and be off...
Winnie says: lol ok, will chat later?
Barbie says: tomorrow....when I get back I have the exciting task of washing and clipping my dog.....PAR-TAY!
Winnie says: ahhhhhhhh huhhhhhhhhhh
Winnie says: great, I’ll be on tomorrow then
Barbie says: I'm thinking the groomer would be worth it but who has the time in the day to be carting a spoiled dog off to the hairstylist when I can barely get there myself?
Barbie says: ok, chat tomorrow... see ya sista!


  1. You know what's super funny? That you guys misspelled Einstein. Good work. :-P

  2. Ahem....I did NOT misspell Einstein....Winnie did. You know what SUPER FUNNY? That you didn't get the joke, snort!

  3. You guys need to learn to tell better jokes. Cause we should all be laughing. :-P