Friday, May 22, 2009

Sex and the Spelling

Winnie says: hey babe
Barbie says: hello
Winnie says: how are you this Friday morning???
Barbie says: great! Sleep does wonders for my mental stability, lol
Winnie says: Maybe I should try that then
Barbie says: apparently I'm funny that way....I need a minimum of five hours a night (averaged out over a week)....I remember the days before kids when sometimes (yes, it isn't an urban legend) would get 8 HOURS....IN A ROW!!!!! Imagine.
Winnie says: I don’t get it...where would we find time to chat then?
Winnie says: between school, jobs, kids and hockey playoffs...there would be no time left
Barbie says: this was before technology....remember the good ol' days of the dial telephones and typewriters? lol
Barbie says: not to worry, I would tap out Morse code messages in my sleep....
Winnie says: hey I still use a typewriter at work
Winnie says: and a Dot Matrix printer
Winnie says: do you believe they still make ink for that thing
Barbie says: k, this is the second time you have told me something disturbing about your work....that and you don't have the internet??????? What the???
Winnie says: yup
Barbie says: Next you'll tell me you do photocopies on that weird smelling mimeograph thingie...
Winnie says: Old School baby!!!
Winnie says: No...we bought a NEW photocopier this year
Winnie says: it even "sorts" paper yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Barbie says: getting tired of hiring scribes? lol
Winnie says: it was more like...when we made a copy...the whole building would shake lol
Barbie says: do you at least get pens or are you still going with the ol' ink and feather?
Winnie says: I bring my own pens
Barbie says: you're killing me here.
Winnie says: thank god my son works at Staples...I get a discount
Barbie says: do you at least get paid in cash or does your boss pay you in livestock?
Winnie says: furs and jewellery
Barbie says: well those are timeless really, lol
Winnie says: thank god there are lots of pond shops around here
Winnie says: pawn shops lol
Barbie says: I'm thinking you mean pawn shops (unless you are installing some type of goldfish pond in your yard?)
Winnie says: I type faster than I can think lol
Barbie says: double lol!
Winnie says: would you love me any less if I could spell?
Barbie says: no. but I might understand you once in awhile, lol
Winnie says: hey..maybe that should be on my resume?
Barbie says: what? Can't spell and proud?
Winnie says: ya!
Barbie says: list it as a disability and say that if they take action you will seek legal representation...
Winnie says: ohhhhhhhhh so funny
Barbie says: say you have "genetic spelling disorder"....but you are currently under spell-check treatment.
Winnie says: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbie says: of course, my spelling disorder isn't genetic but rather viral....I believe I may have caught it from you....
Barbie says: I used to be smarter.....I blame you.
Winnie says: sorry hun!
Winnie says: maybe you won’t be so square from now on
Barbie says: nope. That is unchangeable.
Winnie says: you'll see ;)
Barbie says: good luck with that, lol, you've been trying for decades and so far, no dice....
Barbie says: I'd say if we were Sex and the City Characters, You would definitely be doubt. I am Carrie with a touch of Charlotte.
Winnie says: ouchy
Barbie says: what? you disagree?
Winnie says: I like shoes too much
Winnie says: I want to be Carrie
Barbie says: geez...
Winnie says: with a touch of Samantha
Barbie says: are definitely not are 100% Samantha.....Carrie is a WRITER for God's just admitted that you can't spell!
Winnie says: watevr
Barbie says: lol
Winnie says: but I’m the funnier one
Barbie says: I don't think that is true. I think you are just drunk all the time and THINK you are funnier....
Winnie says: are harsh today! Try getting some sleep will ya! May help with that attitude xo
Winnie says: and I’m not drunk ALL the time
Winnie says: just on Saturdays
Barbie says: lol
Barbie says: sorry if I'm being bitchy....maybe I have some unresolved anger
Winnie says: really?????????????????? Who knew!
Barbie says: ahhh....exes......gotta love em....
Barbie says: ...actually, no. wait. You don't, that's the point isn't it?
Winnie says: took the words right out of my.....
Winnie says: watevr
Barbie says: LMAO!


  1. Barbie is the funny one....sorry Winnie, but I do relate to your spelling issues....I make alot of mistakes too ;)

  2. Boy I know who's side you're one :(

  3. I for ONE am ON your side