Monday, May 25, 2009

Bananas and Millionaires

Winnie says: hey sexy mama
Barbie says: hey!!
Winnie says: so you've inspired me
Barbie says: how?
Winnie says: Public Relations it is !
Barbie says: good for you!
Winnie says: looks even better now than when i first looked at it and it sounds fun
Barbie says: I think it is right for your personality...
Winnie says: what's that? Loud and in your face??? lol
Barbie says: ok....I have had the "banana phone song" in my head and it is driving me crazy
Winnie says: the what?
Barbie says: banana phone is like a virus it get's into your head and disturbs you for weeks...
Winnie says: dont know it something like "this is the song that doesn't end...and it goes on and on my friend..."
Barbie says: something like that, but more infiltrates your brain and the more you try to forget it, the more you sing it until, eventually, you are committed.
Winnie says: geeeeees..can’t wait to hear it!!!!
Barbie says: here's the straight up version....
Winnie says: ok ok
Winnie says: i stoped it after the coooookooooo whatever
Barbie says: ....ring, ring, ring, ring....banana phone.
Barbie says: what are ya...chicken? Scared to listen to a lil' ol' kiddy song?
Barbie says: wuss
Winnie says: did my time my friend
Winnie says: "clean up, clean up..everybody everywhere!"
Winnie says: Barny is DEAD...ya hear me DEAD!!!!!!
Barbie says: ya....thank God for that!!
Winnie says: hey my kids didn’t turn out that bad....they still can’t clean their rooms though…hmmmmmmmmmm figure that one out
Winnie says: Im thinking of joining do you think????
Barbie says: ya, cuz you KNOW everyone on THERE is being truthful, lol
Winnie says: i may not have to go back to school...
Barbie says: what? you wanna be a trophy wife?
Winnie says: just for a few years
Winnie says: and take off with half
Barbie says: what is the saying...find a husband with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel? lol
Barbie says: banana?
Winnie says: not that desperate
Barbie says: ring, ring, ring, ring...banana phone....
Barbie says: DANG!!
Winnie says: lol
Winnie says: still would have to be 30 and hot
Winnie says: and as long as i can still get away with being a trophy wife, why not? lol
Barbie says: me thinks we only have a few trophy wife years
Winnie says: all the guys on the webpage are hot!! lol
Winnie says: my point exactly
Winnie says: think it’s really them ???
Barbie says: if they were all hot millionaires, why would they have to be on the internet??
Winnie says: pressure my dear.....could you imagine???? all the women would be only after their money...geeeesshhhh
Barbie says: yes, and advertising yourself on the internet as a hot millionaire would CERTAINLY only get you GENUINE interest in your
Barbie says: Just go make your own millions...I'm gonna :)
Winnie says: well my interest would be genuine
Winnie says: LOL
Barbie says: yes, yes of course it would, lol
Winnie says: and I wouldn’t have to work for it LMAO !!!!!!
Winnie says: well maybe ;) (wink wink)
Barbie says: and you would be JUST as interested in a site called "poor jobless hot guys" right?
Winnie says: I one is hot there!
Barbie says: somehow they just aren't doing it for ya huh?
Barbie says: get into PR and you'll meet lots of upity men....
Winnie says: my plan my dear haha
Barbie says: I had the chance to go see David Suzuki tomorrow night and I turned it down.....
Winnie says: why? is Martha Stewart in town too?
Barbie says: my ex offered me the tickets and I didn't want to feel like I "owed" him sad, really, cuz I would have loved to see him...
Winnie says: well just give him the Martha Stewart tickets in return LOL
Barbie says: what? you think I'm a Martha Stewart fan? I cannot stand her...."ooo...look at me, I raise my own chickens and gather fresh eggs every morning for my fresh omelettes with my fresh herbs from the garden I started from seed and ploughed with my own cows" off.
Winnie says: well at least YOU don’t brag about it!!!!
Barbie says: ok, so I have a garden and I start things from seed but really, I hate cooking and I SURE am not as anal as Martha Stewart!!!!
Winnie says: if you say so :)
Barbie says: She individually wraps her shirts before she puts them away...come on, that is certifiable....
Winnie says: it works...try it, LOL
Barbie says: who is the anal one then?
Winnie says: well have to go to work , see ya later after your Herbalist meeting and yoga class!!!!! xo
Barbie says: ok....just one more thing...
Barbie says: ring, ring, ring, ring....BANANA PHONE!!!!
Barbie says: take that sucka...
Winnie says: nasty...ohhhhhhhh so nasty
Barbie says: (mumbling) call, ME a Martha Stewart fan...mumble, mumble....
Winnie says: if the apron fits........
Barbie says:'ll pay...oh yes....BANANA PHONE.....


  1. Ping pong ping pong ping pong ping BANANA PHOOOONE....doocoodooocadooo!

  2. Curse you doodlebug!!

  3. Okay seriously, turn it down. Someone's gunna call the cops. ;)


    This is where i am currently. =p

  4. or the asylum????????

  5. The Flash rocks LOL !!!!!
    I feel your pain Doodle Bug !

  6. I have never heard that Raffi song before - and believe me, I have heard many a Raffi song - my mom used to play them for hours, grab her smoke and a bottle of beer and shut the door on us kids - just kidding ;o) (my mom would kill me if she knew I just wrote that) .... anyway Martha Stewart ... even someone retired (or living the lap of luxury after taking half of their millionaire husbands $), with no other commitments could NEVER do all the things MS claims to do ... she probably gets her staff of 300 to do all the work and then takes credit for it.
    Gotta go and listen to 'Banana Phone' again - love the dancing banana half way through the song and then multi-colour banana at the end!

  7. I like the version on Speed...not as painfull to get through!