Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A 3'some

(hahaha..I knew it would make you look!)

Funnygirl: Hi Winnie, Did Barbie share any of the 'toys' that she got from the catalogue? She said she didn't get any, but I saw her MasterCard bill and..... let's just say she now needs a part time job - maybe she was shopping for birthday presents for her friends.....sorry Barbie, was that egging Winnie on again?
Great pics - looks like you ladies had a great weekend - looking forward to hearing more about it.

Barbie: well, we didn't name you "Funnygirl" for nothing....yep, great weekend...will be more on it on the blog. Not to worry Funnygirl, I picked up the "Bubba 3000" you asked me to get for you....you should be getting it in the mail shortly

Winnie: When's mine coming??????

Barbie: geez....

Funnygirl: Touché Barbie - I laughed when I read your "Bubba 3000" comment ... just wondering if it will be too big to fit into the mail slots.... and hopefully the package it comes in is discreet ;o)Did you ruin the surprise for Winnie's b-day present? By the sounds of it, you should give it to her as an early present ;o)

Barbie: I'm sure Winnie already has one

Winnie: I don’t...maybe I should get one though...It could maybe stop me from chasing after all the boys who pay any amount of attention to me


  1. Mr. BiggggggggggMay 19, 2009 at 5:27 PM

    Yup......You made me look Winnie..... ;)

  2. Just to let you ladies know.....I stumbled on this blog from a friend of mine in Ottawa, and apparently he got it from a friend of his on facebook. I was in the "hole" once 2 years ago, and went to the "hut" with my friend (lets call him short stuff) and apparently I met PC. lol Small world isn't it. PC was actually a good guy....hope there is no friction. BTW I think I know who Winnie is too, but I will leave that for later on ;)

  3. Winnie and BarbieMay 19, 2009 at 6:43 PM

    How do you know, of the two of us, who posted this?

  4. So Big....the mystery begins! You sure have us trying to figure this one out. You really did render me speachless...and if you do know who I am, you would know that that does not happen very often :) We might have figured out whom the "original" friends is... let's see if we're right too!

  5. oh another thing...we are not trying to hide our true identities. Our friends know who we are so it would not be that difficult to find out :)