Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back from the Holy Hole...

Barbie: just sent you a message
Winnie: good or bad?
Barbie: just asking if we were going to chat today
Winnie: notice...good before bad...I am..the eternal optimist
Winnie: took a detour to BK...HMMMMMMMMMMM burger!!!!
Barbie: mmmm....burgers....my best cheat food.
Barbie: so today is the day you tell me what music you're into this week...
Winnie: Headly...Old School
Barbie: post the link...
Winnie: can I eat my burger first?
Barbie: no.
Winnie: Miss Bossy!!!
Barbie: Ya, ya...tell me something I don't know...
Barbie: I'm liking "Kings of Leon" ....anything by them really, but I'll go with "Use somebody"
Barbie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCZfJ5ai07U
Barbie: by the way, Phatboy sang this song really well on the weekend...
Winnie: ya I heard...he's pretty good for an old fart!
Barbie: lol, ya, and he killed that Journey song too...
Barbie: it was a great weekend! Thanks for all the fun Winnie....and I really liked meeting Keeya
Winnie: (Here’s my link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz3LLK_VIgo )
Winnie: good
Winnie: I’m happy you like her...lol I had no doubt
Winnie: how sweet...my two square friends finally meet!!!!
Barbie: lol.....it's not hard to be square compared to you wild woman!
Winnie: not nice...I was very good this weekend
Barbie: So I had my usual boohoo leaving the "Hole" yesterday...
Winnie: he's such a sap
Barbie: who's such a sap?
Winnie: Prince Charming
Barbie: HE didn't boo hoo....I did....I always do when I am driving away from my hometown....
Winnie: oh..........wuss!
Barbie: even though it is a hole, I still love it.
Winnie: I know the feeling...I went for a run along the river before I left...was great. I can’t wait to be able to do it more often
Barbie: It is the kind of place where there is an unusually high ratio of men without shirts, riding ten speed bikes with the handlebars turned up and a case of beer balancing on them.
Barbie: ....yet I still like it....strange....
Barbie: must be all the memories and old friends there.
Winnie: its' in our blood
Barbie: yep.
Winnie: even though...where I live now, It's the women riding around topless on their bikes...doesn't affect me the same way...wonder why that is?
Barbie: LOL!
Barbie: So, Prince Charming got up and made me my killer breakfast as promised (sweetheart)... Barbie: and I also got my Seguin Patate Poutine....
Winnie: the Hole DOES have FAB poutine
Barbie: so....could you believe when Rowdy tried to bite your boob....I have never actually seen you shocked by someone's behaviour before....It was refreshing!!
Winnie: ya..no kidding
Winnie: I was stunned...like, for real LOL
Winnie: Guess that was payback for me telling him to bite me!
Barbie: lol! he just took it literally!
Barbie: Bet you'll think twice before you tell another guy to bite you!
Winnie: YOU told him to bite me
Barbie: That's because you tried to bite Prince Charming's butt!!!! NOT cool!
Winnie: LOL ..oh ya ...
Winnie: so let's call it even
Barbie: deal.
Barbie: So what was up with that Random drunk guy sitting beside us?
Barbie: He was hilarious!
Barbie: Prince Charming said he is getting married in a few weeks....he looks 14!!
Winnie: ya... funny though...he pulled a Shyboy...
Winnie: as soon as Keeya started to talk back to him..he said " UHHHHHH...I’m getting married in two weeks!! lol
Barbie: ha, ha....little boys eh? they get so scared
Winnie: they should learn to stop flirting with older women then…
Winnie: so what is the rest of the gossip?
Barbie: hmmm....well, I learned on the weekend, if you have a massive muffin top....tattooing it doesn't make it disappear...lol
Winnie: hell...it doesn't even camouflage it…OR even make it look cool!
Barbie: You know how they have bouncers at the door...maybe they should have fashion police too...it would save everyone a lot of embarrassment
Barbie: Instead of metal detectors...they could have "douche bag" detectors...
Winnie: well it would definitely save ME from having to see that again
Barbie: "I'm sorry Sir...but you'll have to button up your shirt a little, remove your necklaces and turn your collar down"
Winnie: please..........................................!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbie: newsflash: If a woman doesn't like you, putting up your collar doesn't help!!!!!
Winnie: nor does bringing your girlfriend around...
Barbie: ha, ha
Winnie: ;)
Winnie: so...on Monday morning I had a friend request on FB....from Daddyohs best friend
Barbie: ....really? Must be checking you out to see if you are suitable for his buddy...
Winnie: think he's checking up on him??? Or his wife told him too? lol
Barbie: snicker.
Barbie: maybe he is reading the blog too...uh oh!
Winnie: hope not LOL
Winnie: he won’t let me go out with him again LOL
Barbie: note to Daddyoh's friend: "please let daddyoh have a playdate with my Winnie....I can't promise that she'll behave but it will be fun for him"
Barbie: maybe daddyoh can teach you to behave....Lord knows I have tried without success for a couple of decades...lol
Winnie: little do you know...He's the one you have to worry about !!!!
Barbie: Really? Daddyoh was always so appropriate around me...
Winnie: ya....I thought so too...but to my surprise...I'm finding out fast that men our age...well, they don't beat around the bush anymore ;)
Barbie: ...really.....note to daddyoh: "I am shocked!!"
Winnie: he he
Barbie: I think you are a filter Winnie....men behave very badly indeed around you and usually are on their best behaviour around me (must be the strict librarian vibes), so it is fun for me to watch the whole charade unravel....
Winnie: LOL...I doubt that very much
Barbie: what?
Winnie: that they behave that way just around me
Barbie: giggle...true that!


  1. Listen to all this lovey dovey talk Barbie.




  2. Mr. BiggggggggggMay 19, 2009 at 3:51 PM

    I love the lovey dovey talk..... and by the way Winnie...thanks for the email, but I am still interested in Barbie ;)

  3. AH, Mr. Big. Some of us are just jealous as we are wondering where abouts our killer breakfast is?
    If Barbie's gunna brag, she can at least be ready to share!

    Oh wait... JUST the breakfast that is. :O

    Sounds like an awesome weekend ladies!

  4. Can't blame a gal for trying eh Mr Big?
    When I actually get desperate, maybe I'll try again :)