Friday, May 15, 2009

Spas and Martians

Winnie: good morning
Barbie: morning!
Barbie: I'm sooo tired....
Winnie: did he call u last night?
Barbie: yep....3:30 drunk dial....which woke up my son who then came into my bed and played "kick mommy in the kidneys" all night....
Winnie: ohhhhhhhh. I warned him not to call lol
Barbie: did you see him last night?
Winnie: ya, he didnt tell you?
Barbie: it was a short
Winnie: on my way home from my "just a bite and a beer" not a "date" LOL, I stopped at the Hut to wish the Prince a Happy Bday
Barbie: ahhh.....was he hurtin"?
Winnie: by the time I left ..yes LOL
Winnie: the gang was there
Winnie: every one is afraid of us
Winnie: worried that they will end up the butt of our conversations the next day lol
Barbie: bahhh....we're kind....
Barbie: ...usually, lol
Winnie: that's what I told them...I can keep a secret
Winnie: ;)
Barbie: so....any juicy gossip from last night?
Winnie: Prince Charming was getting hit on.....
Winnie: by Creepy Guy
Barbie: again??? Poor prince must be hard to be so irresistible to
Winnie: he gets right "in your face" when he talks to you...yuckkkkkkk
Barbie: creepy guy can apparently get quite flirtatious when he has been matter who you are or if you are a boy or
Barbie: close talkers.....yikes....I used to work with one of those....finally I had to explain the concept of personal space to him....
Winnie: ya...stay the "*&^%" away!!!!!!!!!
Barbie: really though, I guess it depends who is invading your personal
Barbie: how is twin 2 doing?
Barbie: don't tell me HE has read the blog???
Winnie: I don’t think so, but he's heard LOL
Winnie: I promised my "date" that I would keep him anonymous...for now LOL, so they bugged me like crazy
Barbie: LOL....Only I know the truth....
Barbie: was it good to catch up, by the way?
Winnie: he was afraid it would be all over the world by now. LOL, not that he cares ...he thinks we're celebrities
Barbie: LOL!! Hardly...
Winnie: was great...time has been good to him. We had a blast, laughed alot

Barbie: “HE” was always a good guy....I would prefer to see you with him than some of the other dolly boys you have been handling...
Winnie: oh hush
Barbie: LOL!
Winnie: I’m having fun
Barbie: it's all good baby
Winnie: so tonight is the night???
Barbie: yep....can't wait.....too bad my hometown wasn't closer...even by just a bit....I'm not looking forward to the drive...ESPECIALLY BEING AS TIRED AS I AM!!! AHEM.....
Winnie: it will be worth it
Barbie: will be an awesome weekend!!
Winnie: can’t wait to see you too :)
Winnie: will you find time for me???? lol
Barbie: did you get out of work, by the way? (can't wait to see you too sista!)
Winnie: ya, I’m all yours
Barbie: LOL! Then we'll have a good ol' fashioned "getting ready" party at Prince Charming’s place after supper on Sunday...
Winnie: i'll come down tomorrow night...while PC is working, you and I will hit the town
Barbie: OMG....I am out of it....I had my headphones on and I forgot that they were on and a song started playing (delayed play setting) and I just about had a will be an interesting day....
Winnie: you must look like a Martian....
Winnie: a cute one though
Barbie: yes....cute Martian.....a planet would like to be invaded by
Winnie: scary....
Barbie: LOL!!!
Winnie: imagine....a world of herbs and magic powders???????
Barbie: my planet would be a world of natural healing and ironically lots of
Winnie: negative calories lol
Barbie: I like it!
Winnie: and no creepy guys
Barbie: lots of libraries....which are fully stocked with junk magazines....lots of free spas....
Winnie: or two creepy guys. We do need someone to make fun of
Barbie: ha, ha....
Barbie: how would we know who the good guys were if there were no creepy guys to compare them to?
Winnie: no creepy guys working the spa though....hmmmmm
Barbie: definitely not.....actually, no guys at the spa....I have to say, that although I am all equal rights, I cannot relax while having a massage from a male massage is distracting....
Barbie: I also do not enjoy massage therapists who talk to you...
Winnie: speak for yourself hunny
Barbie: quelle
Winnie: yup yup yup...Im all about equal rights right to get seduced
Barbie: nobody is trying to deny you that right dear....
Winnie: you have my back? and I have yours???? Lol
Barbie: deal!! Wondertwins powers activate....form of a tiger, shape of an ice queen!!
Winnie: are you calling me an ice queen??
Barbie: yes, Winnie, of the two of use, YOU are definitely the ice queen, lol
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhhh how nice of you to notice !!! lol
Winnie: so I guess this will be it until next week...when we return with a shit load of fun !!! lol
Barbie: Oh, I'm sure there will be lots to tell.....stay tuned and have a safe and happy long weekend!!
Winnie: see ya babe... and please drive safe
Barbie: I'll try...I think I will have a coffee (yes, me, a coffee) before I hit the road.3
Winnie: try caffeine....may work :)
Winnie: lol...see how we think alike
Barbie: demented minds think alike!
Winnie: you got it


  1. You two are nuts! Have a great weekend! Don't do anything I wouldn't do... Oh well, scratch that. Just do what you want (I am such a square!).

  2. Will miss you babe..!!!

  3. I, for one, am upset that you will not be posting any 3 am rants this weekend!!! Would love to hear what is going through your mind at that point (on second thought - forget it ;o) ). Sounds like you two will be quite busy this weekend. Have a great one and I expect a FULL report when you get back-Winnie-you may have to tone your rendition of the weekend down a bit LOL

  4. Funnygirl...maybe I'll send you FB message with all the edits...:) Have a great weekend too.