Thursday, May 28, 2009

The "Archie" theory

Barbie says: k....breaking news....
Barbie says:
Barbie says: thoughts please?
Winnie says: I know...I can't believe it
Barbie says: Archie....what a goofball!!
Winnie says: he must be broke...needs the inheritance
Barbie says: So it just goes to show that men must love high maintenance women...
Winnie says: it’s a pity proposal
Barbie says: maybe I should start being more high maintenance....
Barbie says: lol
Winnie says: ya cuz your lack of admirers is starting to worry me ...
Barbie says: lol
Barbie says: look who's talkin' !
Winnie says: ya, well I'm not worried about me
Winnie says: ;)
Barbie says: then again, I used to think that maybe there was something to being high maintenance cuz Kate from John and Kate plus 8 used to be soooooo bitchy to her husband, but I was like,'s workin' for them...
Barbie says: but look what happened there....ooops!
Winnie says: ya saw that one coming
Barbie says: then again, I would be bitchy too if I had 8 freaking children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Winnie says: I'd be more than just bitchy
Winnie says: lol
Barbie says: think guys like demanding women...
Barbie says: I'm starting to think that you may be right, lol....
Winnie says: I’m always right
Winnie says: about what this time though?
Barbie says: about men liking demanding women.....sheesh....did you forget your Ritalin today?
Winnie says: what?
Barbie says: lol
Barbie says: stay with me here Winnie....
Winnie says: lots of men are lazy...they like it when someone tells them what to do, less thinking for them that way
Winnie says: that...or they are the COMPLETE opposite
Winnie says: they have to be the boss
Barbie says: hmmm.....I also think a lot of men like the "hunt" and they still feel like they haven't caught the girl if she is a little high maintenance...
Winnie says: funny enough, that's what makes them hunt in the first place...the "un-gettable"
Winnie says: I'm learning that just now, lol
Barbie says: maybe....but I know two things for sure....1- I don't want to be anybody's mother in a relationship and 2- I sure don't want anyone acting like my father, trying to tell me what to do 24/7 , giving me rules and orders
Barbie says: I think I'm all about the balance......a team
Barbie says: I know men and women are different (thank God) but why can't we be equals?
Barbie says: I think it is do-able.
Barbie says: I think what I mean is a balance of power in a relationship...
Winnie says: Im hoping for that one day...when things just fall into place. A relationship should never be one sided...and should not be too much work. I dont care what the experts say!
Barbie says: I agree. I mean, of course it is work, but not to the point that it rules your world and you constantly feel like you can't do anything right!
Winnie says: I'm thinking....
Barbie says: I know, I can smell the smoke....
Winnie says: Betty must be bad in bed...that's why Archie is picking Veronica!
Barbie says: hmmm.....I don't would think that Betty would be very accommodating "how can I make you happy" whereas Veronica would be more "it's all about pleasing me"
Winnie says: maybe that's what it always comes down too...
Barbie says: hmmmm..........
Winnie says: maybe that's what Archie likes....
Barbie says: you are saying that Veronica is a dominatrix?
Winnie says: he doesn’t have to think...she tells him what to
Barbie says: that, I could
Winnie says: see.......I WAS right again
Barbie says: not exactly sure when you were right the first time, but ok, whatever you say there chuckles...
Winnie says: ha
Barbie says: so....Archie likes to be spanked....who knew?
Winnie says: Why do you think Jughead sticks around?
Barbie says: I think he has a wishful "bromance" going on with Archie.....classic latent homosexuality...
Winnie says: i see it!!
Barbie says: ....and his love for Archie is unrequited so he substitutes with food...
Winnie says: it's got Creepy Guy written all over it
Barbie says: AAHHHHHHHHH!!! BINGO!!!!
Barbie says: maybe we should become therapists???
Winnie says: well you can.....i'll just keep making fun of people
Barbie says: ...or that. lol


  1. I say good ol Archie will marry Veronica, be miserable and go to Betty for comfort. And so the triangle continues...

  2. ohhhhhhhhh yes.....I hear ya sista!