Friday, May 29, 2009

Bud Light Lime and other very important news...

Winnie: Morning!
Barbie: hey there......we made it!! Friday!
Barbie: so....I am very excited about about the news of the release of "Bud light Lime" in it is a good drink for "chicks"...
Winnie: have you not anything else to talk about today?
Barbie: also big news in my life....I am seriously considering joining a gym....first time I would PAY to belong to one (used to be a personal trainer)
Winnie: I’m so lazy this week....i did my stretching in bed...before i got up lol
Winnie: this rain is killing me
Barbie: I haven't been exercising lately used to be my release from frustration of my ex...but now that I am alone, I am perfectly content and find that my work out regime has been
Winnie: got to get back into it hun...nothing like it
Barbie: yep, so either I start getting strict with myself again, or I join the gym....we'll see...
Winnie: but yet I suppose too ...if I had nothing to vent about, my runs wouldn't be as intense lol
Barbie: this is what I'm saying....I used to have the best runs of my life when my life was in
Winnie: buy a DVD...much cheaper
Barbie: yes, but some of the ladies from work belong to a gym here and it might give me some more social I hate work out videos and I'm not much for classes either...
Winnie: as long as it's not at Curves....
Winnie: something about that place makes me feel old and fat lol
Winnie: and there are no men there to look at
Barbie: LOL!! I'm still qualified as a personal trainer for God's sake, as IF I'd go to Curves...LOL
Winnie: ;)
Winnie: OK...time for my crisis
Winnie: it's "Date day" and I have a HUGE pimple on my cheek.....
Barbie: LMAO!!!!!!!!
Winnie: go *&(^% figure
Barbie: just the universe showing you who is really in control and keeping your ego in
Winnie: ya ya ya
Barbie: try cold compresses all day.....maybe it will keep it under wraps until at least tomorrow...
Winnie: I’m 30'sssssss something .... this should NOT be happening
Winnie: frig frig frigggggggggggggggg
Barbie: what a crock THAT is!!! I'm thinking the "no pimples after 30" thing is a big fat lie....
Winnie: I have more zits now that I did in High school...
Winnie: and here we thought back then that life was sooooooooooooooooooo stressfull
Winnie: reality check!
Barbie: God.....imagine if we could live life in reverse???? High school would be QUITE the party!!!!!!!!!
Barbie: we would all realize how hot we were back then and have wisdom and confidence to boot......look out!!!!
Winnie: and we wouldn’t have to worry about passing our classes and graduating...would have done it already !! lol
Barbie: man......this way was poorly planned I
Winnie: no shit
Barbie: then again, we would still end up helpless, dependant on our family and in diapers...
Barbie: lol
Winnie: talking to someone who may have to move back in with mom and dad!!!
Winnie: so I entered a bunch of contests this morning...went through my mags and found a whole bunch....If I win a "gettaway" will you come with me????
Barbie: sure! where are we going if you win?
Barbie: ps- I NEED to update my passport!!!! (working on it)
Winnie: ya me expired in May
Barbie: oops! what a pain.....and now you even need one to cross the border for pizza! DRAG!! Trombino's will go under!
Winnie: man...haven’t been there in a longgggggggggggggg time
Winnie: I'd like NewYork...but no beaches them maybe LA???
Barbie: I'd like to do some exploring in New York....I think I'm more of a New York girl than an LA girl....(prolly cuz I'm pale, educated and don't have
Winnie: lol
Winnie: New York is amazing
Barbie: I've been there a few times but haven't done any in depth site seeing...
Barbie: I basically just got yelled at by a lot of
Winnie: Im a NY gal myself....what I lack in chest size...I make up for shopping
Barbie: there you
Barbie: I have a great cousin who is an actor in NYC....he would love to host us...
Barbie: You would LOVE him....he also models...
Winnie: nothing like grrrrrrreat cousins...
Winnie: as long as they aren't your own lol
Winnie: so..let’s get our passports in order...and New we come!!!
Barbie: the world benefits from my gorgeous cousins....I just don't, lol
Winnie: ;)
Winnie: we'll just have to wait until one of us wins the lottery though hahaha
Barbie: my turn is coming watch...
Winnie: im watchin'
Barbie: PS Winnie….you actually have to BUY lottery tickets if you plan on winning…ahem…giggle.
Winnie: Ya, I guess that would help.


  1. I quit my gym and I have to admit I miss it. I didn't have time for it though. When the kiddies are older I may sign up again. For now it is WiiFit for me.

  2. hmmm....wiifit.....

  3. Hey Barbie .... I havent been to a gym since, well you know .... anyway found a cheaper (although maybe not better) and motivating way to workout ... sign up for a couple of 5km runs (working up to a 10 km) - find it keeps me on track ... we could run together when both available.....also do wii fit from time to time.

  4. hey funnygirl, I'm definitely up for a run sometime...let me know...barbie

  5. Barbie....wanna get sweatie with me?????