Monday, June 1, 2009

Flip Flops and Wanna' be Lesbians

Winnie says: ring ring!
Barbie says: hello?
Winnie says: ring ring
Barbie says: I said hello!
Winnie says: oh...sorry
Winnie says: my mind was pre-occupied
Barbie says: no...not you, my add girl.
Barbie says: what was your mind preoccupied about or dare I ask?
Winnie says: what?
Barbie says: GEEZ, are you sure you can function enough to have a discussion today?
Winnie says: long weekend
Winnie says: add girl?
Barbie says: Attention Deficit Disorder.
Winnie says: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Barbie says: so, how was your weekend?
Winnie says: and that's A.D.D. girl to you!
Winnie says: very eventful...
Winnie says: and your's?
Barbie says: also very eventful....giggle.
Winnie says: I tried out a new job and a new guy!
Barbie says: and?
Winnie says: i think i may like it
Barbie says: which one, the job or the guy?
Winnie says: time will tell ;)
Barbie says: So, as I said I was going to, I went to an adult club on Saturday night with some girlfriends...
Winnie says: who cares
Winnie says: we were talking about me
Barbie says: well, don't let me stop you Narcista!
Barbie says: what else did you want to share about the new job/guy?
Winnie says: date night was verrrrrrrrry nice...
Winnie says: the pasta was great too
Winnie says: ok...all I’m going to say for now...
Winnie says: it's your turn, go ahead!
Barbie says: the experience of going to an adult club in yuppyville was nauseating...
Barbie says: If you are not EXACTLY sure what a cougar is, that is the place to go to solidify your definition....
Winnie says: can you be a cougar under 40?
Barbie says: ...those cougars were predators....
Barbie says: and the men were worse!!
Winnie says: i would have thought the opposite
Barbie says: They should have all had status bars over their heads reading "I will literally do ANYTHING to go home with you tonight"....
Winnie says: horny women are more dangerous than horny learn to hide and control it most of their lives
Winnie says: i think it must have been in the stars...cuz it was crazy like that at the Hut Saturday night too
Barbie says: was it "everyone is desperate for sex night" everywhere in Ontario Saturday night or what?
Winnie says: everyone seemed to be walking douchebags!!! lol
Barbie says: yes, I have also noticed a rise in douchebag culture these days, lol
Barbie says: and can I just say this?
Winnie says: go ahead, you will anyways
Barbie says: I like to dance as much as the next person...and I don't think I'm terrible at it...but I have to say, the dance floor should be closed to people over 35 except for slow dancing....
Barbie says: I have NEVER witnessed so many bad dancers in my life....the "robot" was alive and well on Saturday
Winnie says: how else are you supposed to get noticed?
Barbie says: apparently by kissing other women full on the mouth...
Barbie says: I find the whole "fake lesbian" trend sooooo tiresome.
Barbie says: are men REALLY that gullible?
Winnie says: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I hear ya...guess they were all out too on saturday! lol
Winnie says: and yes they are
Barbie says: What's that you say? Feel that you are a bit mousy and insecure? Find that you are not getting noticed in bars? Try Fake every time at getting a man's attention....
Barbie says: SAD!!!
Winnie says: but then it also depends on what kind of guy you're hoping to attract
Winnie says: then again....guess it really doesn’t matter lol
Winnie says: they mostly all fall for it
Barbie says: I can just imagine the guys "you know.....I had a really great gal on my arm and was having a good time, but then...these two gross, desperate chicks started making out at another table, so I ditched my classy woman and made a bee line for the can imagine my surprise the next morning when I realized that she was a very clingy psycho"
Winnie says: who wasn’t a lesbian after all....
Barbie says: Newsflash!!!! If a woman is REALLY a lesbian, she is into cropped hair, manish, rosy o'donnell types....not just chicks at
Barbie says: k, that's my rant for today...
Winnie says: are you sure?
Barbie says: we'll see, lol
Winnie says: I’m quiet today...
Barbie says: do I dare ask why?
Winnie says: CUZ I'M TIRED!!!! Did I not tell you that earlier, how come you're not listening to me?
Barbie says: well, I didn't equate tired with quiet....I happen to babble relentlessly when I am tired....have you not noticed?
Winnie says: ya...i did
Barbie says: I have one more who wear too much jewellery...
Barbie says: I have never been into the whole "huge diamond" on both ears thing for guys (along with a big, thick chain)
Winnie says: what is acceptable then?
Barbie says: in terms of jewellery?
Winnie says: lol....sure....
Winnie says: if that's what you want to talk about
Winnie says: duhhhhhhhhh
Barbie says: I have to say I don't like much jewellery at all on a man.
Barbie says: not big on earrings (especially over 30)
Winnie says: i agree
Barbie says: not much for big necklaces of any kind really....
Barbie says: maybe a ring (as long as it isn't a wedding band), lol
Winnie says: hmmm, depends , I don’t mind a bracelet or a ring either
Winnie says: wedding or not!
Winnie says: lol...kidding!
Barbie says: ya, for some reason I also don't mind a bracelet...
Barbie says: and on an unrelated topic, I like a man in flip flops....why is that?
Winnie says: I like it too......
Winnie says: strange
Barbie says: weird....
Winnie says: lol
Barbie says: can't explain it...I find it sexy....
Winnie says: but if he has really ugly toes.....not so much
Barbie says: maybe there is something a bit hippy-ish about it?
Barbie says: I don't know.
Winnie says: i like the R&R look
Barbie says: I also like a suit
Winnie says: laid back and enjoy much as I like a guy in a suit
Winnie says: they both have their place
Barbie says: I agree.
Barbie says: but I know we both don't like the new "trying too hard douchebag" look...
Winnie says: so let's agree that neither of us like the ...I was in an 80's music video look!
Barbie says: collar up, shirt unbuttoned (too many) usually a big ugly necklace
Barbie says: ya, I agree.
Winnie says: ok...stop...I just had lunch
Barbie says: oh, you know what other man trend I never liked?
Barbie says: the chain on the wallet....what was with that???
Winnie says: LOL
Winnie says: or Velcro ones
Barbie says: It says "I am so stupid that I am not capable of keeping track of my money" what girls says "ooooo....I'm all over that!"
Barbie says: ya, velcro equals bill gates sex
Winnie says: well......bill gates I’m sure has someone else carry his velcro
Barbie says: true dat!


  1. Have Barbie and Winnie ever do the pretent lesbo thing to get a guy?????? Just curious ;)

  2. NOOOOO!!!!! We are NOT pathetic...geez! barbie

  3. We never had too...we pick up anyways!