Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ex strippers and useless panties !

Barbie: lol, just laughing at your profile pic and comment...
Winnie: funny eh?
Barbie: ya
Winnie: that's me..disturbed and funny
Barbie: well, definitely disturbed anyway...lol
Winnie: you can't take it back...you already agreed I was funny
Barbie: yes, you are definitely funny.
Barbie: ....looking
Winnie: ahhh don't start!
Barbie: so, what are you listening this week?
Winnie: and I'm listening to the same stuff i was listening to last week
Barbie: so, what you are saying is that you listen to ONE song for two weeks straight?
Winnie: No...but the same CD
Barbie: so pick a different song then...
Winnie: ok...how's this one...Bad Girlfriend... Theory of a Deadman
Winnie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35liUfauluU
Winnie: See? I was nice, i sent you the R rated instead of X rated version
Barbie: ya, I've heard this one....funny
Winnie: don't want to make you blush
Barbie: tsss...
Barbie: is this song about you?
Winnie: ahhhhhhhh could be
Barbie: ...oookaaaayyy......on a lighter note, I have been listening to this one again....forgot about it for awhile but it's back on my playlist again....John Mayer's cover of Free Fallin'
Barbie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLW6G6LYLt4
Winnie: nice...i like him
Barbie: ya, he is cute as a button.
Winnie: ya...I'd let him feel me up
Barbie: who wouldn't you let feel you up....
Winnie: true
Winnie: At least I don't hide that I'm easy!!!!!!!!
Barbie: no you certainly do NOT
Barbie: lol
Winnie: lol, you only live once
Barbie: alrighty then....lol
Winnie: So i have a "bra and panty" shopping date tonight
Barbie: what the hell?
Barbie: you are letting someone pick out your underwear?
Winnie: you mean you've never had one of those?
Barbie: I just think that you may end up with a whole lot of crotchless panties....lol
Winnie: I dont use the ones I have now
Winnie: useless
Barbie: that was just something I didn't need to know...you are the only woman I know who actually ASPIRES to be a cheap cougar....sigh....what am I gonna do with you?
Barbie: You bring out my maternal side....I always feel like grounding you....or shipping you to boarding school.
Winnie: So...I had planned on shopping tonight and "date" said he would join me.
Winnie: and I didnt even tell him what I was shopping for....boy won't he be surprised?
Barbie: (fingers in ears) too much information.....la, la, la....
Winnie: it's the truth...I swear
Barbie: don't forget that I am also friends with "date" and there are some things I don't need to know....lol
Winnie: What? You don't wear underwear?
Barbie: That is just something I would rather not broadcast to the entire world....I am a woman of mystery (it's my thing, lol)
Winnie: but it's ok to make me sound like the trampy one....nicccccccccccccce
Barbie: ....sound like? lol
Barbie: The only person I have EVER seen offend you is that guy at the hut that tried to bite your boob!
Winnie: Let's just say this....I'm just keeping my options open
Winnie: oh the chick who tried to pick me up on saturday night, she offended me, kind of... lol
Barbie: oh yes...you did seem a bit surprised by that too...lol
Winnie: Flattered...but surprised! lol
Barbie: was that the first time a woman has tried to pick you up?
Winnie: That strongly? Oh yeah!...I don't think I would have been as uncomfortable if all my "guy" friends and HER HUSBAND were not standing around watching it happen!
Barbie: Prince Charming said she used to be a stripper...
Winnie: no shit
Barbie: what? you are surpised by that? lol
Winnie: well her body was a investment for sure !
Barbie: lol
Winnie: Guess I should be flattered
Barbie: why is that?
Winnie: ...then maybe not, you didn’t see the trash that was there
Barbie: lol
Winnie: oh well...chalk it up to another night at the Hut!
Barbie: Always exciting!


  1. Can't wait t'il Friday :)

  2. Why? you bringing YOUR crotchless panties Prince Charming???

  3. Well, I buy mine that way....yours are just wear and tear....lol....just kidding Winnie ;)

  4. OHHHHHHH....you are not nice! That hurts :(

    ps: I normaly take them off first dummy!

  5. again Winnie....too much information..., Barbie

  6. well he started...

  7. LOL nuts you guys, just nuts. And for the record I have never heard of a panty shopping date either so don't worry Barbie, you are not alone.

  8. you ladies are missing out!!!1