Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dimitri the stud and other menaces to single women

Barbie: listen to this...
Winnie: so far this is crazzzzzyy llol
Barbie: wait 'til you get to the second message....
Winnie: just started
Winnie: nothing wrong with him?????? yeaaaaaaaaaah
Winnie: lol.. abused as a child.....cancer?
Barbie: I am speechless.....can you imagine??????
Winnie: LMAO....holy frig lol
Winnie: Passive aggressive disorder lol
Winnie: i'm laughing so hard im going to throw up my lunch
Barbie: I personally like the line "believe it or not, I'm a great catch".....I choose NOT to believe
Barbie: I don't know if I should laugh or cry and be disturbed....
Winnie: ...well if there is nothing wrong with you me
Winnie: oh funny
Barbie: I think this guy MAY have been at the club I was at last weekend...LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Winnie: i have heartburn now from laughing so hard…
Barbie: all I can say is anytime I ever meet a guy called Dimitri I will run
Barbie: my question is, what kind of brain damaged woman would call him back??
Barbie: At least he "outed" himself as a psycho over the phone and she didn't have to meet him in person to find out...
Winnie: this makes me wonder about being single again
Barbie: let me tell ya.......I think they should hunt this guy down.....I bet HE'S on medication....or at least he should be...
Barbie: this makes me think of a movie I once saw....a hilarious scene in it....
Barbie: did you watch the scene?
Winnie: lol
Winnie: duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Barbie: LOL!!!!
Winnie: HELP.....
Barbie: It's like watching torture!!
Winnie: no kidding
Winnie: and here i though Maxine the old cartoon lady had it right
Winnie: lol
Winnie: and by the way...I'm not good at delayed gratification either (mentioning earlier post)
Barbie: lol...ya, I noticed....


  1. I don't even think Winnie would give this guy a

  2. I have heard the Dimitri guy before and it cracks me up everytime I hear it ... reminds me of a time, years ago, when I was out with girlfriends at a bar and this guy approached - we all turned him down and his response was "OH, I get it, you're all lesbians" ...yes, that's right, because we aren't all fighting over you, we MUST be lesbians (the only logical conclusion)-some people don't have a clue ;o)

  3. Thanks for backing me up there Mr Big! Did you say your name was Dimitri?????

  4. These voicemails are part of a viral marketing campaign for a documentary about Dimitri The Lover. I am sure of it because I live in Toronto and both my friend and I were interviewed for the documentary back in July. We were walking down the street and some film crew asked us to see some movie footage of Dimitri talking and give an opinion on camera. You can hear clues in the voicemails that they are staged, such as when he kinda tries not to laugh at certain parts, mentions the film he is working on in another part, and goes way over the top to absurd proportions in the second voicemail. I work at a marketing company and all of my colleagues feel that the way in which these "viral voicemails" were released was meant to create months of notoriety during the lead up to the film. It's quite brilliant! I can't wait to see myself on camera!!! Also, I saw Dimitri in person during the filming. He's very attractive and appeared to be quite charming when chatting with women. One of the production assistants told me that he is a "really nice guy" and quite "harmless".

    His official web site:

    His anti-metrosexual organization:

  5. Winnie is to men, what Dimitri is to women, hahahaha. I crack myself up. If this is really fake, well done. If not, I wanna meet this freak. I think if I became friends with him, I could go to bars with him, and I would be the one chickitas would Kidding, we can't all be Prince Charming ahhhhhhhhhhhhha

  6. When did this become the "pick on Winnie" blog?
    Geeeessss guys. I may just have to become a lesbian now!