Wednesday, May 27, 2009

boys 'n bars

Winnie: hey banana head!
Barbie: HEY!
Winnie: what's A-PEELing?
Winnie: hahaha, I kill myself
Barbie: BOOOO.......
Barbie: LOL
Winnie: I'm funnier
Barbie: lookin'
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Winnie: want to start a petition???? lol
Barbie: don't get into a verbal war with me sista cuz I will shred you to ribbons with my witty
Winnie: you scare me
Winnie: NOT
Barbie: so......what's new and exciting?
Winnie: life is dull as always ;)
Barbie: uh. ok. lol
Barbie: doodlebug's birthday is coming up and I am actually going out to a club this weekend....first time in like, way too many years to mention. I’m so not a club girl…lol
Barbie: ok, so the place we are going on Saturday night is an "adult" men under 28 allowed.....
Winnie: nicccccccccccccce
Winnie: I want to go with you ;(
Barbie: I certainly could not bring myself to go to a place where there could potentially be 22 year old gangsta wannabes bugging us all night.....that would be so tiresome...
Barbie: anyway, obviously I'm not going to pick anyone up, I just wanna dance with my gals!!
Winnie: don’t knock it till you've.......ah forget it! lol
Barbie: what? you wanna pick up 22 year olds? that's what you're saying?
Winnie: then what is the difference if the guys hitting on you are 22 or 32?
Barbie: frankly, I have so very little patience for little boys trying to be cool. ......
Winnie: I like the strong, mature, silent type
Barbie: you only like silent types so you can do most of the
Winnie: or long as he's over 30 lol
Winnie: of course....they all like the dirty talking anyways
Barbie: (sends winnie link to nightclub they are going to for doodlebug’s birthday)
Barbie: you ARE a bar star, aren’t you? lol
Barbie: so anyway, I know it is the style for older women to go for younger guys but frankly I have no interest...
Winnie: I don’t see the point...too much work
Barbie: I never dated younger guys even when I was younger so I don't see the point now, lol
Winnie: lol, you sound like "Harry" in "Something’s gotta Give"
Barbie: which character is that?
Winnie: "What's the matter, I've been dating girls under 30 for the last 20 years"
Barbie: lol....
Winnie: the movie with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson
Barbie: oh yeah....that was a good one!
Barbie: lots of good lines in that movie
Winnie: One of my fav movies
Barbie: I'm not AGAINST men dating much younger women...I get it, they are interested in the young bods and some men like being the "older, wiser" one in the relationship...but I just LOVE sitting back and watching the drama that they have to deal with...SO entertaining!
Winnie: ya cuz there is NO drama after 30!?????????
Barbie: I'm just sayin'....generally there is much less....
Barbie: not to sound overconfident, but I have to say I like myself much, much better at this age than I ever did...
Winnie: before 30 it’s about....ex girlfriends...ex best friends who slept with ex boyfriends...., suspicions, insecurities…blaablaa
Barbie: I know what I want and like now and don't have time for the drama of the rest...
Winnie: after 30 it’s about...ex husbands....ex mother in laws who you wish you could run over with a big yellow bus
Winnie: ( all those ex-mother in laws ) lol
Barbie: Let's just say that under 30 the drama rules your life but over 30 you have a better handle on the drama.
Winnie: I had no clue who I was before 30
Barbie: me neither....I actually am enjoying getting older...
Barbie: I'm much more confident and happier.
Winnie: right on sista...(HIGH 5)
Barbie: high five right back at ya girl, lol
Barbie: maybe you could say that now we don't NEED a man but rather enjoy the company of a man (if it is the right man)
Winnie: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I like that....I do
Winnie: does that include enjoying company in the hot tub?????
Winnie: haha
Barbie: wherever, lol
Winnie: ohhhhh yay!
Barbie: you sure do talk a good game winnie, lol
Winnie: ya i know
Barbie: you know what they say....the ones who talk about it the most....
Barbie: aren't getting
Winnie: I'll let you know what kinda games I played after Friday night
Winnie: ;)
Barbie: geez...(fingers in ears) too much, la, la.....
Winnie: ....then don't eggggg me on
Winnie: ...if you can't handle it
Winnie: square banana head
Barbie: "square banana head" ? really? that's the best you can do? what are you in grade 2?
Winnie: that's all I got, my mind is preoccupied
Barbie: You say that like there is a time when it ISN’T preoccupied…LOL!
Winnie: What? I was daydreaming....


  1. Gonna be in Kitchener-Waterloo area for work this weekend. Are you in that area. If so, maybe I will meet you out for a drink. Just kidding PC. I know she loves you. See you at the Hut soon ;)

  2. Hey Winnie! Wishing you could make it too.
    Barbie and are going to be dancing fools!

    Especially since I am NOT A CLUB girl and its going to take a few screwdrivers before any of this will be tolerable!
    Then ... watch out!
    Tooshies shaking every which way! KIDDING(i hope)!


    I'm not sure what I need to know actually.
    Is there some sort of hip dance that I need to learn as to not stick out like a sore thumb? It's not still the macerana is it? ;)

    It's going to be good times.

    If anything changes Winnie - - - do not hesitate. And I promise we wont do anything you wouldnt do......




  3. Well if you do..please make sure it's caught on camera. Someone could make millions!

    Have fun ladies!!!!