Friday, May 8, 2009

Here We go...

Barbie says: on?
Winnie says: allo'
Barbie says: hi....ok....give me 5 minutes to compose your profile and you'll have it...
Winnie says: i couldn’t write one last night lol
Barbie says: no worries....
Winnie: cant think of anything nice to say about you
Barbie: you little
Winnie: ohhhhhh to early for the jokes???
Barbie says: na....I'm a morning person :)
Winnie says: Ill have to ask Prince Charming lol
Barbie says: Winnie: (as described by Barbie): Sassy, outspoken, relentless in her pursuit of happiness and men are relentless in their pursuit of her.....
Winnie says: ahhhhhhhh Im so flattered
Winnie says: almost blushing lol
Winnie says: Barbie (as described by Winnie) is slowely breaking out of her shell. Taking control of her life bit by bit....and has everyone waiting with baited breath...will she? or won't she find her true love?
Barbie says: hmmm.....I think I already found him...
Winnie says: that's the point
Barbie says: want me to change that?
Barbie says: how about....has she found her true love? Do fairytales come true?
Winnie says: nice
Barbie says: we're starting a can start by telling me if "fratboy" ever fully explained the middle of the night "bootiecall text"?
Winnie says: will you hold on a sec? only 1/2 cup of java in my gut...still trying to cut and paste our bios
Barbie says: we ARE opposites in every way, aren't we?....I'm a morning person, virgo, decaff gal.....and you well, are
Barbie says: I think you need to come to DJ phat boy's defence on Prince Charming's wall.....people are making fun of him...
Barbie says: oh...and you spelled separated "seperated" on the blog....
Winnie says: thanks teach
Barbie says: you can take the teacher out of the classroom but not make her drink water.....wait? is that how that goes??
Winnie says: i think i took that out already
Barbie says: oh...I'll take a look now
Winnie says: Ok…i just made him feel better
Barbie says: I'll check...
Barbie says: OOoooooo.....he's a-gonna LOOOOOVE YOU!!!
Winnie says: thank god I have you....I know how to flirt and you know how to spell
Barbie says: if we were only one person, we would be
Winnie says: imagine so
Barbie says: and highly conflicted,LOL!!!
Winnie says : but wed's still have no boobs
Winnie says: 0+0=0
Barbie says: sad AND true
Winnie says: reality bites baby
Barbie says: tell me about it...
Barbie says: I thought after I had kids I would finally get big boobs....what a scam THAT was ....
Winnie says: make sure they bury me with my gel cups firmly inserted in my padded bra?
Barbie says:
Winnie says: ;)
Barbie says: I've just made peace with it.....obviously whoever is with me will have to enjoy my many other
Winnie says: too much info for me dear...
Barbie says: what?
Winnie says: don’t want to hear what your attributes need for that lol
Winnie says: i have to perfect mine, no time for yours lol
Barbie says: you know darned well that at 30 you have to make a few decisions....1- you have to choose between your face and your ass....because if you have a skinny ass, then you have more wrinkles....2- If you have big boobs (that are real) then you will have a big ass and 3- You just make peace with he fact that you are not Pamela Anderson and to be honest, I have never heard any least they are still relatively perky.
Winnie says: of course they are...where do you want them to go???????? LMAO
Barbie says: true that....
Winnie says: was texting Phat boy last night...told him i had a dream about him lol
Winnie says: got his goat going
Winnie says: or maybe something else anyway lol
Barbie says: oh, I'm sure you did, you little vixen...
Barbie says: poor guy...he has no idea what he is dealing with...
Winnie says: of course he asked me to tell him... i gave him a few hints He was at the bar and i asked him if all the guys were standing around his IPhone waiting for details lol
Winnie says: he swore no ...ya right !!!
Barbie says: what? phat boy share private details with everyone? NEVER!!!!lol
Winnie says: said i was to shy to tell him, he will have to wait till I was drunk to not be so shy
Barbie says: I would be interested in reading guys's kinda like being a fly on the wall....get some insight....and trust me when I say that there are a LOT of guys out there that could use some
Winnie says: look at it this way....we are doing all the single gals out there a huge favor!
Barbie says: oooohhhhhh ya! lol
Barbie says: oh!!! Here is a piece of advice for men out there.....DO NOT CALL ANYONE BABE!!!!
Barbie says: yes, I know I am as shocked as anyone that guys still actually do that....
Winnie says: oh yea.... Hear that Fratboy?
Barbie says: so.....did fratboy every further explain the middle of the night bootie call text or was "sorry I was drunk" all you got?
Winnie says: he never explained...just said..." i do stupid things when im drunk...and your name just came up..." lol
Winnie says: sorry...your number just came up
Barbie says: lovely....
Barbie says: is Peach still coming on the Sunday bar party?
Winnie says: He said he WANTS to be there...
Barbie says: THIS will be interesting.....
Winnie says: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes
Barbie says: Peach, Beavis and Phatboy will all be around least I'll have my Prince
Barbie says: By the way, I have NOTHING sexy to wear....well, I have one dress but it is way over the top for the Hut.
Winnie says: jeans...stilletoes and low cut...thats all you need baby
Barbie says: I have heels....but my jeans aren't sexy, they are acceptable workplace jeans....I don't have the $$$ to guy new jeans but I may just have to charge
Barbie says: but then again....who can go shopping for jeans with two kids along...
Winnie says: one great around, you dont have to spend a fortune
Barbie says: Where would you go for really nice jeans?
Winnie says: jean store
Winnie says: hahaha
Barbie says: you're hilarious.
Winnie says: wait till you come down, we can go shop on saturday for a couple hours, think you can tear yourself away??
Barbie says: hmmm.....we'll see, lol
Winnie says: what ever!!!!
Barbie says: you know I'm a virgo so I like to have everything packed already....don't want to leave it to chance.
Barbie says: I'll look around here before I go and see what I can find...
Winnie says: can’t go into the cage without a professional animal trainer my dear.... lol
Barbie says: you lost me on that mean I need you to help me pick out jeans?
Winnie says: you need me help you look hotter than usual for that yes...go find some hot jeans. make sure you ask the clerks for their opinion
Barbie says: I will.....I know I am a bit on the conservative side but I'll try to go outside the box on this one, lol
Barbie says: ok, ok, don't get too excited....I'm thinking understatedly sexy not street
Winnie says: just make sure your ass looks hot
Barbie says: Baby, my ass ALWAYS looks hot, lol
Winnie says: they can do that with jeans you know?
Winnie says: lol
Barbie says: I may not be dolly parton, but I have a great butt.
Winnie says:'re talking to the bootie queen here baby lol
Barbie says: lol
Winnie says: I should go...have to shower and get Skaterboy’s skates sharpened...will catch you around lunch


  1. This will keep The Prince very much entertained I think ;)

  2. Not a bad episode..... you gals should really try to find out what real guys think. Some of us already know the routine and are playing with it. I guess we are all a little different... ;) :):)

  3. Barbie sounds like a real catch....Prince Charming must be one hell of a lucky man. If things with PC don't work out, let me know, and I would love to show you a good time babe.

  4. With a name like Barbie, what do you look like? Describe yourselves please....

  5. ummmmmm, you must be a little on the slow side I think. Her nick name is Barbie.....Does she really have to describe herself?????? Winnie my dear....I think Prince Charming can do better that Chocolate Martini's and a clean house. Yes, Barbie likes her sweets, but she doesn't seem to mind the Prince's messy chambers when all the sheets, and blankets are on the ground :) AKA the Victoria Day weekend ;) I miss you so much Sweetie..xxoo

  6. Hey PC...Im sure she doesn't long as she doesn't have to clean up after you. Just keep the martini's coming though :)

  7. The Martini's will be flowing this weekend Winnie....PC will get his Barbie Princess all to himself :)

  8. Winnie, I would love to meet you! Are you interested in a blind date with a good looking man?