Monday, May 11, 2009

Bad Asses

Barbie says: hello???
Winnie says: hey chickie
Barbie: so....we missed the Fantasia party on Friday and I got a catalogue from one of the girls.....yowza!!
Winnie says: thinking of getting a new pet???
Winnie says: the way I’m going now, I don’t need one
Barbie says: na....don't need one but they have all kinds of crazy things....
Winnie says: it’s been years since I saw the stuff, I’m sure it is crazy
Barbie says: They had a few in particular that just made me LOL! the 169 dollar "G spot finder" made me laugh...
Winnie says: is that all it costs???
Barbie says: and to be honest, I would use this one as a filter....if ANY man I was dating expressed interest in the "vibrating anal pearls" I would be like....Uh Oh!!
Winnie says: for you or for him??? Lol What would be more scary?…if he brought his own for himself?
Winnie says: hey...some guys...enough said :)
Barbie says: We may have to heavily edit this
Winnie says: LOL, we always do
Barbie says: Ok, so every Monday from now on we will state our favourite song for the week....what have you been listening to obsessively this week?
Winnie says: S.E.X.
Barbie says: who sings that?
Winnie says: Nickelback
Barbie says: One song, with one favourite line....go:
Winnie says: Sex is always the answer
Winnie says: think my mind is pre-occupied
Barbie says: let's start again here gutterbrain....1-Song 2- Artist 3-Best line of the song
Winnie says: I just did
Winnie says: song: s.e.x, artist: nickelback, line: Sex is always the answer... this is like "who's on first"...

Barbie says: I'm humiliated to say mine....cuz frankly I would ridicule anyone who would like this group....
Winnie says: I won't laugh
Barbie says: It's New Kids On the Block.....2 o'clock in the morning....
Barbie says: best line: You know I like it when you've got your back to me, but not when you're mad at me...LOL!!

Winnie says: nice
Barbie says: I think they should change their names to "Hovering Near Middle Age Overgrown Adolescents on The Block"
Winnie says: ...can’t see my video without signing in...for some reason its not G-rated lol
Barbie says: Quelle suprise.....Winnie wants to see porn on
Winnie says: lol…. NO!!!
Barbie says: I'm just watching my video...Jordan, still hot....but sadly I fear he may be gay....women's loss, gay men's gain...
Barbie says: Your's is a good song....a bit heavy....I thought I was the metal head in high
Winnie says: its good, heavy yes...but i like :)
Barbie says: remember my Bon Jovi hair? LOL!! Note to self: just cuz you think someone is a hot singer doesn't mean you should have the same haircut as them...
Winnie says: loved were the only girl who could get away with it lol
Barbie says: And Twohandsfull's mohawk? We were bad
Winnie says: ya but she also made some of her own clothes. I wasn't a bad ass...I WAS and still am the "untouchable" LOL
Barbie says: we all did that.....sadly, we all LOOKED like we made some of our own clothes too...
Winnie says: I didn’t, you guys were crazy. I preferred Levis and Roots
Barbie says: (rolling eyes) the way...I'm not sure if you grasp the irony of calling yourself untouchable
Winnie says: LOL, “touché”. I was told that AGAIN on Saturday night
Barbie says: apparently whoever said that doesn't know you very well...
Winnie says: one of the twins lol
Barbie says: seriously??
Winnie says: ya…so funny
Barbie says: didn't you actually TOUCH one or both of the twins at some point? lol
Winnie says: no
Winnie says: never
Barbie says: LOL!!
Barbie says: k, I'm starting to get low self esteem here....
Winnie says: no one dared thinking about you ....
Barbie says: why?
Winnie says: they'd get their ass kicked lol
Barbie says: by?
Winnie says: PC
Barbie says:'re talking about
Winnie says: no then
Barbie says: LOL!!! yes, I guess that's true....
Winnie says: but im sure they did anyway, just would NEVER admit it LOL!!!!! Even now!!Barbie says: I guess people don't know that PC has had a little thing for me for some time now...
Winnie says: just a little
Winnie says: So..i got a call on sunday
Barbie says: from the coach?
Winnie says: nope
Barbie says: peach?
Winnie says: yup
Barbie says: ah ha!
Barbie says: what did he want (like I don't know)
Winnie says: he said he was going to call when he got up...i didn’t think he would
Barbie says: what did he have to say...the usual?
Winnie says: I stopped to see him on my way home
Winnie says: wasn’t as hard to leave this time, for some reason LOL
Barbie says: gee, I wonder
Barbie says: he probably sensed it and that's why he called you...
Barbie says: k, did you see the comment where someone asked us to describe ourselves? I'll describe you and you describe me...
Winnie says: sure
Barbie says: Winnie: (as described by Barbie)- Hot, Thin, tanned, stylish, brunette, loud and fun
Winnie says: oh and nice bubble but
Barbie says: ok, and nice bubble butt...(eye roll)
Winnie says: it’s my best "ass"et…hahaha
Barbie says: ok, ok...we get it, now on to other things...
Winnie says: Barbie(as described by Winnie)- Breathtaking, blond, blue eyed, smart, slim and exotic
Barbie says: works for me
Winnie says: ;)


  1. You're bringing it, this is great stuff..Are guys supposed to read this? Does reading this decrease my chances with either of you? nevermind...

  2. I wanna shot at Winnie. Interested?????

  3. How cavelier of you sir!!!

  4. Well ladies......don't know either of you from adam, but I have come up with my opinion of the two of you. First of all "Barbie" You seem like a hottie. But if you are recently devorced???? Don't you think you should play the field a little? Winnie seems to have a good grasp of that. If Prince C doesn't mind a little competition, then maybe we can go for a drink or something??? I live near Ottawa, and travel alot for business, so I can always make time for a Breathtaking, blond, blue eyed, smart, slim and exotic lady ;) As for my thoughts on Winnie....well lets just add a link for that ;)
    and thanks for the entertainment ;)

  5. Dude!!!!!!! It took PC 27 years to convince Barbie to date ME. Do u really think you can sweet talk her on a blog, and get a good luck Mr Big.

  6. AHHHHHHH, Cupcake, maybe Barbie didn't give you the time of day of all those years because you are a little on the jealous side. You have grown tiresome to me young man. Anyway Barbie, my email address is My name is Jack Crawford I am 38 years old, was married for 10 years. got divorced last summer. 2 kids, 9 year old boy, and 5 year old daughter. I am 6 foot 4, 225 pounds, and very athletic. I am a salesman for Powerbev. We sell energy drinks like RedBull. I travel throughout Ontario on a regular basis, and would love to meet you. The ball is in your court. Otherwise I will just read your blog, and make no other comments. Not even to Prince C. Hope to make your aquaintance Barbie. xo

  7. Boy..this is getting heavy!! Im loving it :)

    Thanks for the song Jack. I got a good chuckle...oh ok..I nearly peed my pants!!

    I'm working only on a few months of ego boost here, take it easy on me will ya? I haven't been single in 20 years...I'm enjoying it!

  8. Well Mr. Big ( I guess I wasn't far off with my I know Barbie, and this will be the last time we hear from you. Be a man of your word, and stick to just reading ;)