Thursday, January 21, 2010


Winnie: Hello my dear dear friend!
Barbie: Hello!!!!!
Winnie: is there a way of getting out of parenthood?
Barbie: If there was YOU KNOW someone would have found it by now!
Winnie: oh well, guess I need to tough it out lol
Barbie: what a freakin' week!!
Winnie: In feel your pain ;)
Winnie: What's going on today?
Barbie: hmmm....let's see....ex trouble and yesterday I found out a colleague has cancer and today another acquaintance. I just found out five minutes ago that my colleague died late last night.
Winnie: OH sorry hun
Barbie: don't be sorry for me....I am sorry for their families. It was too late by the time she found out I guess.
Barbie: Plus another friend of mine's father died this week.
Winnie: so horrible
Barbie: Well, we know that death is part of life, but it seems so unfair when someone is taken so young.
Winnie: guess it makes our problems seem so manageable
Barbie: I have a stress neck ache....wonder why? ha, ha
Winnie: one more sleep and you can get help with that !
Barbie: but you are right....these things put it all into perspective. As long as we are living, everything else will be settled.
Barbie: Yes, I am so looking forward to PC's visit. Will be good to have someone to cuddle with.
Winnie: not that it makes our problems less real...but sure does put things into perspective
Barbie: yes. absolutely.
Barbie: and the Haiti earthquake as well. I did my part and gave money to the cause (just so I don't get letters). But it also has served the purpose of showing us how lucky we are here.
Barbie: ....and how humans can pull together for a good cause.
Winnie: has it's strengths
Barbie: yes. It does.
Winnie: So does Friendship ;)
Winnie: it's a small version of humanity
Barbie: Even though I sometimes question it when I look at people like 23 year old Heidi Montag getting 10 plastic surgery procedures!!
Winnie: yes i saw that...poor girl needs some self esteem therapy
Barbie: um...ya think?
Barbie: she ruined her looks entirely
Winnie: although It's more like "how to start over when all you have left that you were born with is the blood flowing through your veins" therapy
Barbie: absolute insanity
Winnie: who's gonna take her seriously now?
Barbie: why can't we just accept ourselves as woman..."flaws" and all?
Winnie: because plastic surgeons would be out of business
Winnie: and some women can...the somewhat sane ones that is
Barbie: If women were smart, we would all band together and just say "this is it" if you don't like it, then no sex for you.
Winnie: then the plastic surgeons could all become marriage counselors lol
Barbie: hahahaha!


  1. You know gals - I have to play devils advocate here and say WITHIN REASON if a surgery is going to help you feel better about yourself and gain the confidence you need, why not?!

    For some plastic surgery can be a great thing - for others an addictions.

    I think it is the addicted to surgery women who really need to treat the larger problem.

  2. Well anonymous, I agree with you. Some plastic surgeries can be a helping hand to a deformity or abnormality that has been bugging a person for years. But I have to say that on NO planet is a beautiful 23 year old getting more than 10 procedures sane. It just goes to show a woman's worth these days...looks, looks, looks. And WE THE WOMEN have to change that.

  3. Sorry to hear about your friends Barbie, that sucks. Hugs to you!