Friday, January 15, 2010

Wife Needed...(with no fringe benfits)

Winnie: Good Friday morning!!
Barbie: hi
Barbie: ....looks like it is going to be one of those mornings!!
Winnie: busy girl, what's going on?
Barbie: just to much to do and not enough time
Winnie: imagine if you had to be at work earlier?
Barbie: I know. All these things to do are cramping my style, ha, ha
Winnie: lol
Barbie: you know I was born to be a lady who lunches?
Winnie: guess that should be your next book lol
Barbie: just as soon as I get the 25 million I need to be a proper lady who lunches. ha
Winnie: oh and have to make sure your lady friends are as well equipped
Barbie: but of course my dear!
Barbie: what fun would it is lunching alone?
Winnie: but then again, you do have a small pooch to put in a designer bag and take along with you
Barbie: no, personal assistant will be walking the dog while I lunch.
Winnie: ahhhhhhhhhhh, i see
Winnie: sounds promising
Barbie: well hey; a girl needs to have plan!
Winnie: and first on the list is a personal assistant?
Winnie: oh and don't forget your very own PR lady!!!!
Barbie: or maybe a maid of some kind.
Winnie: mmmmmmmmmm nice
Barbie: I still think I just need a wife.
Winnie: ya, but it's much harder to fire a wife
Barbie: she can cook for me, clean for me, do all the crappy stuff and I can work and come home
and play with the kids
Winnie: but then she wants half when you’re done with her!!! ;)
Winnie: it's cheaper to pay severance pay
Barbie: maybe I'll just hire a maid, nanny and personal assistant instead.
Winnie: sounds like a safer plan to me.....
Barbie: ya
Winnie: and this way you could still have a boyfriend on the side and no one to complain about it
Barbie: Now…THAT’S A PLAN!

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