Friday, January 29, 2010

Learn from other's mistakes....

Winnie: so it's Friday!
Barbie: Thank ya JESUS!
Winnie: LOL...boy pretty excited
Barbie: tough week. But bring on the weekend!
Winnie: I don't have any plans so it not that big of a deal
Barbie: Oh trust me when I say that I have no exciting plans... but I am just looking forward to a least I don't have to make lunches for two days. Ha
Winnie: well. There you go!! lol
Winnie: Guess I will rest up for next weekend. Can't wait!
Barbie: so next Sat. afternoon, we're exploring the big city...hopefully it won't be too cold!
Winnie: let's hope not...or we can sit and have coffee all afternoon lol
Winnie: and people watch, get some good blog material
Barbie: ha, ha....ya...we need some new material.
Winnie: no kidding
Winnie: so......I'm tattoo shopping
Barbie: what???
Winnie: yup, I've decided to do it....
Winnie: been putting it off for 20 years, I think it's about time
Barbie: let me are going to get "Keep it real" scrolled across your back...ha,ah
Winnie: it was a contender.....
Barbie: please don't say barbed wire around your arm....I will have to have you committed.
Winnie: It's and African symbol that means: Learn from the Past
Barbie: If I were you, I would really research it....make sure it doesn't mean "dumb ass white girl"
Winnie: it's a pretty one too....but who wants to look like Lindsay Lohan?
Barbie: is that what she has??
Barbie: Obviously it isn't working for her.
Winnie: LOL, I don't know, just trying to be funny, help me out here!!!
Barbie: sorry. ha
Barbie: I just don't want you to end up with say...a misspelled tattoo.....I'm not naming names or anything but I know someone who wanted to have Deuce written and now has Duce. oooopsie!! that was definitely worth a spellcheck.
Winnie: ya....that sucks
Winnie: note to self: ask where he got that I don't go there!
Barbie: good plan!
Barbie: Also, I wouldn't recommend a tattoo parlour in the back of anything mobile....but that's just me.
Winnie: shit...guess i should ask for my deposit back eh?
Barbie: Well, you know what happened last time you gave money to Carnies....
Winnie: hey hey hey....that was suppose to be just between you and me!!!!!

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