Thursday, February 11, 2010


Winnie: how's it going?
Barbie: good! u?
Winnie: feel like crap
Barbie: oh no....your cold you mean?
Winnie: ya and just cranky today
Barbie: i hate those days
Winnie: so I "watched" this show last night, DaddyOhh was flipping channels and stopped on Spyke TV
Winnie:'s called Manswers, have you ever seen it?
Barbie: no?
Barbie: what is it about?
Winnie: It's an "information" show for men...about how to "get it on" with women and other crazy shit
Winnie: i was sooooooooo mouth was wide open lol
Winnie: he was laughing at me and i said "we have to blog about this"
Winnie: watch it..when you get a chance, i sent you the link and that is the episode that i watched, some of it anyways.
Barbie: ok...will do. And I want you to read the book I am will blow your mind. It is called "The Meaning of Wife"
Winnie: i've heard about it
Winnie: im almost done EAT PRAY LOVE
Barbie: what do you think?
Winnie: not bad
Winnie: some parts are inspiring
Barbie: the book that I am reading right now isn't a story. It is more of the history of being a wife. But it is sooooo interesting.
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhhh im sure it is lol
Barbie: I will never get married again. We have totally been taken for a ride.
Winnie: LMAO
Barbie: It is like getting all excited about getting put into prison. Asking guys to PLEASE lock me up?
Winnie: lol
Winnie: something like that
Barbie: ok....I'm watching this Manswers thing. wow! I feel sorry for guys who think they are actually learning something by watching this.
Winnie: LOL i know...that is what i was saying lol
Winnie: i cant believe they allow that on tv
Barbie: they aren't stupid. But the guys who watch it are!
Winnie: which part are you watching?
Barbie: What candy GUARANTEES you to get a mouthful of beaver taco.
Barbie: It is like a tv show saying "watch this tv show and you will get bigger boobs".
Barbie: Actually there is an equivalent for is called COSMO.
Barbie: the magazine for stupid women who feel that their whole lives should revolve around pleasing men.
Winnie: its crazy
Barbie: I have to say.....I NEVER tried so desperately to get a guy as some of the girls do nowadays....and now the guys are doing it too....hilarious!
Winnie: i just keep seeing this overweight 19 year old dweeb sitting on his couch on a friday night with a bucket of KFC watching this and believing that if he puts a muffler on his 10 speed, it will turn on the cheerleaders
Barbie: lol!!!! exactly. People, people. Use your heads. There is no magic formula for getting the opposite sex. Some people like certain approaches, others not so much.
Winnie: ok..."chick boner"????? WTF?
Winnie: if you watch porn before you hit the clubs, the ladies will pick up on your sex sweat and fall for you? Holly cow!!!!!!!
Barbie: I think they are just telling guys what they want to hear.
Winnie: this is just wrong...wrong...wrong....
Barbie: They must think we are REALLY dumb.
Barbie: It's ok. Let them keep thinking that way. It gives us the upper hand.
Winnie: i think THEY think guys are really dumb
Winnie: it just cant be.....can it???????
Barbie: well let's be honest sweetie...the guys who believe this ARE really dumb.
Barbie: or 14 years old.

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  1. Manswers is a comedy show, nothing more. It makes me lol everytime I watch it, well the 4 times I've seen it...If doodes 'actually' beleive the crap they put on that show, then they have a serious problem.....