Monday, September 21, 2009

That's some Male Bonding!!!

Barbie: Hey there....long time no see. lol
Winnie: Oh I missed you
Barbie: So I see you made it home from my house alive then?
Winnie: well, had to stop and do some shopping first
Barbie: was it successful retail therapy?
Winnie: the guys did more shopping than i did
Winnie: i think i may have met my match
Barbie: DaddyOhh is a shopper...huh?
Winnie: He and Skater boy had some fun. I felt a bit left out...pretty sad actually
Barbie: lol...male bonding. That's good, I guess. ha
Winnie: Between the sports stores, skate shops, women watching and burger feasts...i couldn't compete lOL
Barbie: I could have given them a run for their money on the burger feast, but the other stuff they would be pretty much on their own...
Winnie: i had a great weekend, thank you again for you hospitality
Barbie: HOLY COW I was soooo tired yesterday (thanks to you, daddyOhh and my friend Pebbles.
Winnie: on our way home yesterday we even got to salute the Canadian soldier that was coming home on the Highway of Heroes
Barbie: oh, how sad.
Winnie: It was....makes you stop and think
Barbie: Was that the young man who "doubted the mission" in the first place?
Winnie: bless our soldiers and their families for sure
Barbie: I can't imagine how hard life is for a soldier's family.
Barbie: As a single mom, I sometimes get a break when the kids are with their Father. Army families do not get a break when their soldiers are gone. That is tough.
Barbie: Would be nice if there weren't any wars. I think it was Robin Williams who said "If women ran the world, there would be no more wars....just INTENSE negotiations once a month."
Winnie: speaking of women and war....we had fun watching UFC saturday night...I cant believe i watched and encouraged that....
Barbie: no kidding. I am the LAST person you would think would have fun watching UFC.
Barbie: But to be honest, it was Pebbles running commentary that made it so good.
Winnie: she is Poor Daddyohh, he was feeling the pain of those guys who were sitting next to us. It must have taken those boys so much restrain not to tell us to F*%# OFF while we were commenting on the fights
Barbie: especially the comments we were making, lol
Barbie: They probably all escaped all their wives and girlfriends for a little male bonding time and ended up sitting next to us.
Barbie: Only to get exactly the same thing they would get at home, ha, ha
Winnie: no pity :)
Barbie: that's true. We had every right to drink beer and eat nachos right along side of them.
Barbie: girl power!


  1. Great Food, Beer, UFC, Hockey, friends and even some shopping.....perfect. Thank You Ladies


  2. Ha ha ha, I a was completely oblivious to others not enjoying our comments. Weird. How can you not watch UFC with out a few sarcastic comments. It is like a really bad, but really good B movie. Here's to pay-per-view, "we're here all week".