Thursday, September 17, 2009

Older women rock!

Hey all!
Today I came across this list on the internet. Some young gentleman out there decided to write a top ten list on why younger women suck. I thought it was quite amusing and added my two cents to it:

1. They never live alone- Barbie: This is true! Young women never live alone. They are too scared. Older women, on the other hand ADORE having time and space to themselves!
2. They act like they “might” go somewhere. Barbie: The young man here was pointing out that young women are vague so as to seem mysterious. “I might show up at the bar, concert, event, etc.” This leaves the man running in circles. Older women don’t tend to play as many games. You will be more likely to hear “Be at my house at 8” or “nope, I’m staying in for a bubble bath tonight”.

3. They blame shit on their friends. Barbie: Well, there is just a lot of friends’ drama at this age, period. Older women tend not to have as much time or need for the drama.

4. They look down on all guys for hitting on them Barbie: I’d say you are pretty safe in assuming that most older women do not look down on men for hitting on them. Having said that, be prepared to be toyed with if you don’t have your game down to a science.

5. They think every man is trying to sleep with them. Barbie: Older women KNOW every man is trying to sleep with them. lol

6. They don’t pay for shit. Barbie: Well….it depends on the circumstance. I think younger men are just very upset about this one because they tend to be broke.

7. They aren’t particularly good in bed. Barbie: Don’t blame young girls too much for this one. All they know about sex is what their teen boyfriends have told them about from porn. Silly girls! (PS- Young men on the other hand don’t tend to know what they are doing either)

8. They can’t handle their liquor Barbie: no comment, lol

9. They have no direction in life Barbie: This is true. As opposed to their very driven couch potato, video game playing male counterparts….ah…burn.

10. They have no story Barbie: True. They have not had time to have an interesting life but trust me when I say that older women definitely have a story! They also have purpose in life (besides trying to impress boys).

And in defence of my young female friends (hey, we were all there at one point, although I don’t recommend dating one unless you have a serious need for drama)…Young men: “ you also still have much, much to learn grasshopper”


  1. The sexiest women are women at 40... I'm convinced!!! And although I'm not 40 yet, I dare hope my looks will hold out until then so I can prove my point!!!LOL

  2. Im with ya my friend....