Monday, September 14, 2009

I Want to Be Rich and Famous?

Winnie: So...another week chalked up to crap!
Barbie: was a very tough week for both of us. But I figure we will hit rock bottom and there is no way to go from there but up!
Winnie: That's what I keep telling myself
Barbie: I have also decided that since I skipped my whole rebellious phase in highschool, I am gonna have a do over
Winnie: watch out now...
Winnie: but delayed gratifications is sweet
Barbie: watch out about what?
Winnie: to whomever you are going to rebel against...
Winnie: dont want to give anyone heads up so lets leave it at that
Barbie: just a general rebellion (when I don't have my kids of course, I will remain MS. Responsibility with them)
Winnie: well that is good to know lol
Winnie: this crap of yours of "the universe is conspiring for my greatest good" is not working so much...its more like "the universe is conspiring for my trip to the loonie bin"
Barbie: right now....but trust me when I say that EVERYTHING bad in my life, no matter how much HELL it was while I was going through it, has somehow made me a better person and has given me opportunities.
Barbie: It is just so hard to remember when you are up to your eyeballs in the worst time of your life.
Winnie: ya ya...i know. It just never seams to end though. We'll get through it, dont have a choice, I dont have anywhere else to go LOL
Barbie: There are good things amongst the shitty items...
Barbie: and no matter WHO you are, your life will have its challenges. I think that is the whole point of life. NOBODY has a completely problem free life. We must just be EXCEPTIONAL students at the moment cuz life is giving us a lot of credit with how much we can
Winnie: One day we'll be rich and famous and it will be worth it... but then we may be too old to enjoy it LOL
Barbie: I don't care about the famous part, I just want to have enough money to be comfortable and not have to worry about bills and have enough money left over for fun things and a little spoiling.
Barbie: It WILL happen.
Winnie: whatever :)
Barbie: what? you think I don't mean it when I say I don't want to be famous?
Winnie: I want to be everyone who gave me a hard time will eat my dust
Winnie: just a dream....
Barbie: LOL...You remind me of Kathy Griffin...I saw a clip of her saying that her whole life she used to lay in bed at night, thinking about all the people who snubbed her saying "you'll be sorry when I'm famous, you'll be sorry when I'm famous" lol
Winnie: not crazy
Winnie: not yet anyways
Barbie: I don't know that someday we will look back on this time and laugh...we will most likely say "wow, that was a tough time, but we made it and look at how much better off we are now!"
Winnie: ya but Ive been saying that for 19 years
Winnie: do i have to wait till im 60 to see the light? I sure hope not, I may not still look this good!
Barbie: I hope not.
Barbie: but hope is all we got baby...
Winnie: and each other xoxoxox
Barbie: THANK GOD for friends!!!!!!


  1. I'd like to be rich and famous. Okay habe enought money to pay everything off and do some spoiling to myself. Famous yes the well know Interior Designer I am. Tell the world they need my services in design. Love ya both!