Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cougar Wagon!

Winnie: hey there
Barbie: hello
Winnie: did you have a trip to the garage?
Barbie: no...but I am asking around. I am in the market for winter tires (since my all season ones are starting to wear and are not good for especially the winter any more)
Barbie: This is one of those rare moments when I feel like it would be nice to have a man in the house.
Barbie: the others are mowing the lawn and shovelling snow...sigh....otherwise I'm pretty
Winnie: I'm sure you could have a few offers lol
Barbie: Don't think Prince Charming would like that too
Winnie: then tell him to make sure he's there to shovel
Winnie: ;)
Barbie: He already mowed my lawn and whipper snipped for me once when he came down and that was much appreciated.
Winnie: ahhhhhhhhhhhh what a good guy he ya PC!
Barbie: yep...and the part I like the best about it was that he didn't make a HUGE deal out of it. He did it just to be nice and didn't make me feel like I "owed" him anything.
Barbie: that makes me love him even more.
Winnie: what he's doing lol
Barbie: don't scare me. The ex used to mentally bank EVERY single thing he did whether it was for the house or the kids or me and then he would make me feel like I was unappreciative if I didn't fall on my knees and kiss his feet every time he mowed the lawn.
Barbie: What I want....what EVERY person wants is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Not "I'll love you if you do this and this or you say this and this or always agree with me or act this certain way and if you don't....then I will be mean to you"
Winnie: oh I'm kidding...
Winnie: I think PC would be too scared to even bring that up lol
Barbie: Poor guy....bless him for dealing with my baggage...but somehow I don't think he minds that much, lol
Winnie: I don't either
Barbie: luckily he is divorced too otherwise he would think I have lost
Winnie: Oh Im sure he still thinks you've lost it...he's just having fun helping you "find" it
Barbie: lol...or that...ha, ha.
Barbie: luckily he has known me since I was nine so I have also had a few "less than demure" moments since then that he has witnessed and yet he is still around...ha, ha
Winnie: that's cuz now you can't hold anything HE does against him
Barbie: THAT his slant? Too bad for him I still call him on his
Winnie: Who knows...and they say women are complicated
Barbie: Doodlebug has suggested I get the gold spinney rims on my van to pimp it
Barbie: Then I can get the hydraulics too and be the scariest lady in my neighbourhood.
Winnie: oh oh...dont forget the blue lights under the bumper!!!!!
Barbie: I was thinking purple myself.
Barbie: ...and I think I'll get "cougar wagon" airbrushed on the side...what do you think?
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....


  1. Your wagon would fit in perfectly when you visited the Hole! :)

  2. Is that a picture of your new car Barbie? Lookin' good!!!