Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Marriage Return Policies...

Barbie: hey, you know what I just remembered? we haven't done music in awhile...
Winnie: you haven't done WHO? in a while???
Barbie: get it out of the gutter sista....
Barbie: Today I am whole heartedly recommending the Kings of Leon....
Barbie: Really, I love anything by them. I am praying that they finally bring good music back. It has been awhile since rock has been around.
Barbie: The lead singer has a very distinctive voice....kind of young Joe Cocker.
Barbie: Hey Phatboy! Will you sing this one for me next time I'm at the Hut?
Winnie: It's good, I like it
Barbie: you'd like this one too then...
Barbie: I haven't heard a bad song by them yet. And the music is actually good and the lyrics well thought refreshing!
Winnie: I’m sending this one out to all my home folks...Thursday night, open air concert...yea baby!!!!! Can’t wait.
Barbie: Wish I could go too!
Winnie: me too
Barbie: That girl has to be the hardest workin' woman in Canadian music these days.....she tours non-stop.
Winnie: I had tickets for Amanda Marshall years ago when she played at Metropolis in Montreal but I was not able to make it.....I was so I can’t wait to see her.
Barbie: the only song of hers that I don't like is this
Winnie: LOL
Winnie: crazy bitch....marry me? What the hell is that about????
Barbie: I have no idea.....clearly she has never been married
Barbie: Always seems like a good idea before you do it...
Winnie: Ohhhhhhh the romanticism.......
Winnie: how delusional
Barbie: well....we have all been there.....thinking it was a good idea on some level, otherwise we wouldn't have done it.
Winnie: I blame my grandmother
Winnie: I can, cuz she's dead now
Barbie: lol.....I don't know. Society makes girls/women feel like they should do it to be successful in life...
Barbie: but I sure don't think it is necessary...
Winnie: we... I had two kids before I got married...
Winnie: So to make sure my grandmother didn’t burn in hell....I had to do the church and gown thing
Winnie: surprise to her when it wasn’t white LOL
Barbie: well, I got married at West Edmonton Mall, and technically, I feel that I should be able to return him for store credit...
Winnie: and I’m sure he wasn't even worn out!
Winnie: LOL
Barbie: "Hello, this purchase doesn't fit after all....I would like to exchange or get my money back!"


  1. LOL return him for store credit! HA

  2. With your store credit, you could get a great pair of jeans (see earlier posts) .... well, not sure how much you would get back for him, so it might have to be dollar store jeans ;o)