Friday, July 10, 2009

Carnies, Cowboys and Salsa Kings

Barbie: hey there!
Winnie: good day my dear
Barbie: had a great time at the local festival last night?
Winnie: fabulous time, felt like a kid again
Winnie: maybe that was because I managed NOT to get sick on the Gravitron or the Merry-go-round!
Winnie: I was smart enough to hit the beer garden only AFTER the rides
Barbie: you went on the Gravitron? You are brave....that is a vomit inducer if I ever saw one!
Winnie: i was good...the ride stopped just in time lol
Winnie: I think we were the only ones on there that were over 16
Barbie: Did I ever tell you about the time that Recordhead barfed on the Tilt-a-whirl?
Winnie: LOL, no surprise
Winnie: I even got a stuffed monkey...
Barbie: did some big strong guy win it for you?
Winnie: yup....
Winnie: he tried winning at the "baseball" and beer bottle game, but couldn’t hit more than one
Winnie: so instead, he kicked my butt at the "whack-a-mole" game....
Barbie: I will leave that one alone.....consider it a
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhhh sicko
Winnie: it’s a carnival game....dodo head! You know…the little groundhogs pop their heads out of the holes and you have to hit them with a big hammer?
Winnie: its' PG 13, you should know it!
Barbie: lol! I don't have much experience with Carnies....
Winnie: Carnies? me either...they're kinda dirty and gross. They never did anything for me ;)
Barbie: Once, when I was little, I won a plastic hand back scratcher and a Carnie said I will give you a free game here if you give me the back scratcher. So I went for it, lost the game and the carnie broke off all the fingers except the middle one and gave it back to me and called me a loser. I have to say that I haven't cared much for them since.
Winnie: LOL
Winnie: did you keep it at least?? lol
Barbie: no. and I bet he wouldn't have done that to me a few years
Barbie: So...tonight I go downtown to try my hand at Salsa dancing...
Winnie: great...sounds like a blast
Winnie: just don’t hurt yourself
Barbie: Like Jerry Seinfeld, I think people just like to say "Salsa"....
Barbie: I can move, not to worry.....I've still got the moves, lol
Winnie: I'm sure but too much info
Barbie: but I'm not sure how good I'll be compared to the Latin men and ladies who have been doing it all their lives...
Winnie: it's pretty hot when you see them dance, wish i could
Winnie: I want pictures tonight
Winnie: of the cute guys there, I mean!
Barbie: Yes, we will be documenting the night...
Barbie: When I was out west, I got conned into going to a country bar to two step and I didn't know how and as it turns out the cowboys LOVE to teach women how to two
Winnie: oh I’m sure they like to teach those
Barbie: Actually, they were very, very polite.
Barbie: We'll see if the Salsa kings can be polite
Winnie: i image them being a bit more forward...i think you have to be
Barbie: Not necessarily. When I was in Brazil, they Samba and Lambada which is VERY close dancing with lots of grinding of unmentionables but everyone was super polite. It is just cultural.
Winnie: whatever...i like the touching and grinding
Barbie: geez woman.
Winnie: what?
Winnie: you don’t?????
Winnie: i'm sure you're not going just for the cultural education!
Barbie: nope. Just to shake it, try something new and have fun with some girlfriends.
Barbie: The evening even comes with a dance lesson! It is totally legit!
Winnie: ya whatever!
Barbie: what? you KNOW I am not going to pick up!!!
Winnie: i didn’t say you would....
Winnie: easy girl
Winnie: Dancing it is!!!!!!!
Barbie: I am not a club girl at all but I love dancing...
Winnie: ok ok...I got it.....
Winnie: I am not a club girl at all but I love looking...


  1. I'd dance with you girls

  2. Please tell me you are in Ottawa tonight Barbie. I am going to a bar that has Salsa Dancing in the market. Maybe I will look for you there.

  3. hummmmm, maybe I'll go to the market tonight too

  4. Me too Jack! DaddyOh loves to "git down" to the latin sounds ... I'll look for you on the dance floor.

  5. you guys are crazy....
    Love it, keep it up xo